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    10 Life-Saving Hacks for Financial Freedom

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    1. Debt Relief

    Debt relief is when your creditors totally or partially waive off the debt. It also stops or slows down the growth of debts that you owe to individuals or corporations. This is the case if a person has no equity in assets and cannot pay the debts at all because of the low income.

    Debt relief has its own benefits and disadvantages. Let's start with the disadvantages. The debt relief program is mostly designed for the loans and bills that are unsecured. The bills that are included are student loans, medical, credit cards and of course dental bills.

    Debt relief program will also be applied if the value of your house is exceeded by the value of your mortgage owed. You can't just sign up for debt relief program, you have to qualify to avail it.

    It is important that you prove that your income is very low that you can't even afford to pay the minimum payments. Also, your debt amount should be more than a certain amount that is fixed. If your debt is less than that then you may not be able to qualify.

    The benefits include a better living for the people under debts. The payments that were supposed to spend on debt payments are now being spent on necessities like health, education etc. This is especially beneficial for the indebted countries.

    2. Leave credit card at home

    Going out without a credit card feels as repulsive as going out without your telephone. Imagine a scenario in which I get kidnapped. Whatever reason you concocted, discover a counterattack and leave the credit cards at home, it’s better to avoid keeping it with you.

    You should only use your credit cards for special payments, for example, shopping for food, oil changes, expense installments, charge installments, and so forth. It's simpler to monitor what you're paying and the amount of a spending you have on your credit cards.

    3. Credit card limits

    Credit card organizations adore expanding your credit limits. They make you have an inclination that you've earned this stipend of invisible cash. As a general rule, they're making it simpler to trap you into spending progressively and in this way spending more on loan costs and late charges.

    Give yourself a practical credit card restrain. Consider what your most costly installment is, basic need or car installments, and twofold that. Or, on the other hand, make a financial plan for the considerable number of things you need to utilize your credit card for and make that your credit restraint.

    4. Don’t save card details online

    Make sure you don't have your credit card information saved on online websites especially your App Store. Once you've pressed a button by mistake, the purchase has been made and cannot be returned.

    Also, if the information is not saved, whenever you think of purchasing, you'll have to add the details so, it will make you think twice before actually ordering it. This way you will not be overspending and you will get a chance to think more rationally.

    5. Consequences of overspending

    It's always better to keep in mind about the consequences that you'll face with the result of overspending or spending irrationally. It is best for you to keep in mind that what are you going to face, for instance, the high rate of interest. Too many due payments, debts etc.

    There will come a time when you won't have enough money to pay them all. So, you'll have to cut back the expenses and look for ways to get debt agreement. If you think about all this, I'm sure you'll think twice before spending irrationally. Credit cards are beneficial if you're good at managing it and make regular payments but it will become a burden if you don't take care of it.

    6. One credit card only

    It's always best to keep one credit card. The more credits cards you'll have the more you'll use it and in result the more liability you'll be in. This will also cause stress as you'll have more bills to worry about. If you have one credit card it will be easier for you to handle it. In case you finish the limit of one card you won't be having another one to use hence, your credits will be controlled.

    7. Freeze credit card

    Another option is to simply freeze your card. Actually, freeze it! Whenever you need it just defrost it but obviously, it will take time, by the time it is maybe you’ve changed your mind, you no longer want to buy whatever you wanted. It gives you time to think before spending.

    8. Debt help

    Debt consolidation is a good way to get freedom from your debts this is also known as ‘debt help’ by consolidating your debt the different interest rates eliminates and becomes only one. You can do it by combining all your debts and taking out a loan to pay all of them once and for all. You’ll only be paying the interest rate for the loan you’ve taken to repay.

    9. Debt solution

    Debt solution’ can be referred as a settlement or agreement like debt agreement. A debt agreement is when you and your creditor decides on an agreement to make monthly payments in accordance with your ability to pay and income.

    10. Don’t buy things on contract

    It's better to buy things like a mobile phone or gym membership when you have more than enough money. If you’re unable to pay your monthly payments, you’ll be charged with interests which will ruin your credit history.


    Life-Saving Hacks for Financial Freedom are very important. You need to keep them in your mind all the time to keep yourself safe from all the troubles the 10 hacks to save from financial issues are; debt relief, debt solution, debt help, freeze your credit card, leave credit card at home, don’t exceed credit card limit, keep only one credit card, keep in mind the consequences of overspending and don’t save card details online. If you follow these you’ll stay safe from any financial problems.

    Edited by Daniel#MD

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