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    Where to invest your money in 2018

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    Smart investors do not put all their eggs into one basket. They spread their equity around a few smart investment opportunities where they can exponentially grow.

    Experienced investors suggest all future prospects to diversify their investment portfolio, so they can maximize their chances of creating a profit.

    The main objective of investing is to buy what’s hot, outsmart the stock market and beat other investors. However, investments can be risky because there is an equal chance of success and failure.

    Which is why it is important to remain objective and up to date with current market trends. If you start investing, you will need to know what kinds of opportunities can provide you the highest return value.

    If you are interested investing in 2018, here is where you should start:


    Leading companies like Apple, Yahoo, Nike and among many others offer investors a share of their company. Simply, the stock market offers stocks or individual shares of a company.

    The more time a money is invested, the more time the money has to grow. Which is why many people turn to stocks to gain some additional revenue.

    Investors buy stocks they believe will increase in value. The more shares you own, the larger the portion of profits you will receive.

    Over time, stocks have continuously returned the most for potential growth. This reasoning is why people are so interested investing in stocks. Before you enter the market, research and compare companies on their current rate, volume, and overall stock history.

    Real Estate

    Investing in real estate is another effective way of creating wealth and building equity. It is a unique way to diversify your investment portfolio outside the traditional stocks and bonds.

    Real estate investments have the opportunity to appreciate in value with inflation. In other words, investors can receive a greater amount than started as the property matures.

    Many people who are interested investing in real estate will purchase rental properties at the value price. These buildings are typically missing specific features or could use moderate improvements.

    Smart investors would research and calculate estimated costs of repair. If the value exceeds the cost of the repair, the amount of equity in the property will increase. Therefore, the return of their investment (ROI) will be high.


    Bonds are a considered a low-risk investment because the money invested will be safely returned, and then some.Investors have the opportunity to invest in bonds, which allows a company or government to borrow your money to finance projects or refinance debt. Investors can assume their money will be returned because bonds follow a fixed-income installation, which also issues a specific interest rate.

    Investors can expect the total balance or principal to be repaid in full by a set maturity date.

    CD Ladders

    This investment strategy allows investors to divide a specific amount of money to be invested in equal amounts to certificates of deposit (CDs) with different maturity dates. Investors use CD laddering to decrease both interest and reinvestment risks. A traditional CD ladder divides your investment evenly over the course of five CDs, with one maturing CD each year.

    CD laddering also provides investors several benefits, for example:

    • Accessibility – Your money will be more available at frequent intervals

    • Flexibility – You can decide how you want to split up your investments

    • Higher interest rates – You can choose longer CD terms with higher interest rates and still have certificates regularly maturing

    Dividing your investment into separate certificates can significantly help your money grow.

    Traditional IRA

    Saving up for retirement as early as possible will benefit you in the long run. Like mentioned before, the longer money is invested, the more time money has to grow. When you are nearing the retirement age, you will already have adequate funds to fall back on, stress-free.

    Retirement accounts, like a traditional IRA, can make you eligible for tax deductions, depending on your yearly contributions.

    In addition, your earnings can grow tax-deferred until you need to withdrawal for the next chapter of your life, retirement. This is considered a long-term investment and is proven to effectively benefit investors who are thinking about their future.

    If your appetite for risk is higher you should take a look at binary options brokers like IQ Option

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