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    20 Top Private Equitiy Firms To Work For in 2021

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    Since 1970, the private equity market has steadily developed into one of the biggest and wealthiest industries in the world, producing a long list of top private equity firms. 

    A private equity company acts as a manager who makes investments in the private sector by using various strategies such as buyout, growth, and venture capital.

    Roughly $3.9 trillion in assets were held by private-equity (PE) firms as of 2019, and that was up 12.2 percent from the year before. Investors seek out private equity (PE) funds to earn returns that are better than what can be achieved in public equity markets.

    As the private equity industry evolved, many successful firms started emerging starting from the late seventies. If you browse through Forbes tops dedicated to the wealthiest people on the planet, you will discover that many billionaires come from the private equity industry.

    As a result of this rapidly growing and expanding industry, there are successful equity firms located all over the world, from Wall Street, New York, all the way to London or even Hong Kong.

    More and more young graduates would like to follow a career path in this field and look for a job in a reputed private equity firm. You need to know some things if you are going to apply for a career in this field.

    Before you are headed for an interview at one of the top private equity firms in NYC, you should know what to expect and what is expected of you.

    The primary position you could apply for in a PE (private equity) is an associate, also known as an analyst. Generally, you must have 1 to 3 years of experience, and you will work under a Senior Associate.

    Now that you know the basics, you can look through our list of the 20 top private equity firms to work for as entry-level employeesin 2021.

    1. Bank of America

    Bank of America is a significant player among the top of both the financial and the investment markets. They also have a sector dedicated to private equity.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Assist seniors with identifying investment opportunities
    • Get involved in leading the due diligence tasks related to private equity
    • Present research results to local committees
    • Prepare and present specific materials and strategies
    • Assist and support assigned clients

    Required: Degree in Accounting, Economics or Finance + over three years of work experience

    Read More: bankofamerica.com.

    2. Providence Equity

    With locations worldwide, from New York to London, Hong Kong, and New Delhi, Providence Equity is one of the strongest global players on the market. These are the required abilities and qualifications for any entry-level PE Analyst.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Create and present a comprehensive analysis of the market
    • Investigate and research the private sector
    • Follow and complete tasks from Senior Analysts
    • Provide periodic reports on your activity

    Required: Master’s Degree in Finance or a related field + 2 years of previous experience in the private equity department

    Read More: provequity.com.

    3. The Blackstone Group

    Among the essential players in the finance market, Blackstone is among the top real estate private equity firms. They also provide services related to hedge funding and private equity, as well as non-investment credit.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Assisting seniors in divestitures, acquisitions, and joint ventures
    • Performing regular analysis using specific tools and provide conclusive results
    • Manage, monitor, and update current portfolios

    Required: CPA/ Graduate Degree + 2-4 years of experience in financing (private or public sector).

    Read moreblackstone.com

    4. Goldman Sachs Investment

    Goldman Sachs Investment is among the top 20 private equity firms on the market, dealing with various financial issues, such as risk management and debt underwriting.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Planning and structuring financial transactions
    • Executing transactions in both public and private sectors
    • Advising client companies on mergers and acquisitions
    • Being fluent in foreign languages

    Required: MBA + 2 to 3 years of previous experience in a related industry

    Read more: goldmansachs.com

    5. Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

    With an impressive portfolio, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts is among the top US private equity firms. They offer quality services in various financial markets, being an ideal place to start your career.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Assist with portfolio monitoring and management
    • Perform data research and analysis and present the results
    • Create and prepare reports and forecasts for clients

    Required: Masters or BA in business management, economics, finance, or consultation + 2-3 years of experience in a similar position

    Read morekkr.com

    6. Oaktree Capital Management

    Oaktree Capital Management is dedicated to corporate and distressed debt, as well as private equities. Among the top private equity firms Los Angeles has ever hosted, Oaktree is an excellent start for a successful career.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Research and analyze products, markets, and new business possibilities
    • Perform extensive high-quality analysis
    • Creating benchmarks after studying the industries where Oaktree is active

    Required: BA from a reputed University + 1-3 years of relevant work in a financial firm

    Read More:  oaktreecapital.com

    7. TPG Creative Capital Firm

    A business that has raised a capital of over $50 billion, TPG Creative Capital Firm is always present in the world's top 10 private equity firms. Located in Fort Worth and San Francisco, TPG covers various industries, from tourism and healthcare to retail.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Extensive knowledge of all TPG activity sectors
    • Perform research tasks about strategic advantages
    • Identify new investment opportunities
    • Present the results to the Senior Analyst
    • Monitor and update the personal client portfolio
    • Use specific tools to Increase daily productivity

    Required: MBA/ Degree in statistics, mathematics, economics, or finance + over two years of experience in banking.

    Read moretpg.com

    8. Apax Partners

    Apax Partners has a solid investment plan that involved only four significant industries: Services, Consumer, Health, and Technology. They are among the top private equity firms in the US.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Perform tasks related to multiple transactions assigned to you
    • Consult clients and manage their portfolios
    • Consult, work with and advise team members

    Required: BA or Master’s Degree in Finance, Mathematics or Engineering

    Read more: apax.com

    9. The Carlyle Group

    With investors from all fields and backgrounds, from individuals to families to public or private funds, The Carlyle Group is among the world's top energy private equity firms. They are active in a lot of other markets such as real estate or telecommunications.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Expert knowledge related to acquisition and buyout opportunities
    • Studying, researching, and analyzing the industry using specific tools
    • Preparing and presenting internal reports
    • Being able to provide and present formal documents

    Required: BA or MBA in a finance-related field + over two years of work experience in a similar position

    Read morecarlyle.com

    10. Apollo Global Management

    Apollo Global Management is a private equity company that works in a variety of sectors and industries. They are always featured in the top 50 private equity firms globally due to their performances in the field.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Knowledge of and ability to work with Microsoft Office Pack and Bloomberg Terminal
    • Provide analysis on the required subject
    • Be creative and turn ideas into easy-to-understand concepts

    Required: BA or Master’s Degree in Finance or Business Administration

    Read more: agm.com

    11. Bain Capital

    Bain Capital is a top private equity firm dedicated to various fields from Retail, Consumer to Healthcare, Telecom, or Media.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Research and perform analysis
    • Structure and present recommendations to a variety of clients
    • Work closely with consultants, partners, and clients

    Required: Undergraduates with a background in consulting

    Read More: baincapitalprivateequity.com

    12. CVC Capital Partners

    Dedicated to fulfilling the financial needs of more than 300 institutions and private investors, CVC Capital Partners is a significant private equity firm. Their headquarters are located in Luxembourg City.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Perform analysis related to client’s portfolios
    • Handle trade support and specific operations
    • Work closely with seniors and assist their daily activities

    Required: BA or MBA in a finance-related field + relevant experience in private equity

    Read morecvc.com

    13. Cerberus Capital Management

    Cerberus Capital Management is one of the top private equity firms in the world. They are highly specialized, focusing on distress investing.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Work closely with Seniors to provide analysis
    • Research and compile data reports
    • Manage assigned client’s portfolios

    Required: BA or Master’s Degree in finance or economics-related field + 1-2 years of previous work experience.

    Read more: cerberuscapital.com.

    14. Hellman & Friedman

    Hellman & Friedman invests in financial services, digital marketing, and software while being one of the top healthcare private equity firms on the market.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Create spreadsheet analysis related to the specific activities
    • Find new opportunities for clients
    • Create and present the data results of research to senior team members

    Required: BA or Master’s Degree in Economics, Engineering Business Administration or Mathematics

    Read More: hf.com

    15. General Atlantic

    General Atlantic is a private equity firm that focuses mainly on retail, consumer, and financial services. They are one of the top global private equity firms currently active on the market.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Work in fields related to Merger and Acquisition strategies
    • Research and prepare data analysis
    • Create various modeling structures to be presented to clients
    • Assist Seniors with valuations and prospective opportunities

    Required: BA in Computer Science, Economics or Engineering

    Read More: generalatlantic.com

    16.  Advent International

    Advent International is a Boston-based company that ranks among the top private equity firms in the world. They are dedicated to mid or upper mid-markets, focusing on buyouts and growth capital.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Research the mid and upper mid-markets for investment opportunities
    • Work closely with related teams on strategies and techniques
    • Offer feedback and periodically reports to Seniors

    Required: BA or Master’s Degree in Finance or Economics + 3 years of relevant work experience

    Read More: adventinternational.com

    17. Lone Star Funds

    Lone Star funds are one of the top private equity firms of 2020, being among the best global firms that invest in equity, real estate, and various other financial assets.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Follow instructions and work closely with seniors
    • Ability to work independently, as well as in a team
    • Research the market and identify prospective opportunities
    • Manage clients’ portfolios

    Required: BA or Master’s Degree from a reputed institution + 1-2 years of previous experience.

    Read Morelonestarfunds.com.

    18. Northern Trust Corporation

    Northern Trust Corporation is among the top private equity firms Chicago-based, and their activity covers a variety of fields. They offer investments and financial planning for clients in over 20 international locations, being an ideal starting point for your career.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Work with fund transaction data
    • Establish new accounts and deal with clients directly
    • Identify, find solutions and resolve daily problems
    • Work effectively within a team and also independently

    Required: College or University degree + relevant work experience

    Read More: northerntrust.com

    19. Leonard Green & Partners

    Located in Los Angeles, Leonard Green & Partners is one of the oldest American equity firms. They are still managing an impressive portfolio of clients, remaining among the world's top middle-market private equity firms.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Work closely with Senior Analysts
    • Provide research and interpret resulting data
    • Investigate and identify possible business opportunities
    • Manage clients’ portfolio

    Required: Master’s Degree from a reputed institution + 2-3 years of experience in a related position

    Read More: leonardgreen.com.

    20. Golden Gate Capital

    This San Francisco-based company has a value of over $12 billion in committed capital under management. Golden Gate Capital is among the top 100 private equity firms globally, being an ideal place to start your career.

    Job description PE Analyst (entry-level)

    • Assist Seniors with their daily tasks
    • Manage and monitor clients’ portfolios
    • Work closely with all related teams
    • Fluency in foreign languages is a plus

    Required: BA or Master’s degree in Economics, Finance or Mathematics + at least two years of experience in banking or finance

    Read More: goldengatecap.com.

    If you are searching for a fulfilling job that will turn into a successful career and if you are passionate about finance, the private equity business is ideal for you. Look through our list of top private equity firms, and you will find some of the leading private equity real estate firms, as well as the essential US private equity firms.

    Look through our 20 entries in the top private equity firms and discover which one best fits your abilities, requirements, and beliefs. 

    Apply for the opening and get your successful start in a fruitful and fulfilling career.

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