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nTrust is the first global peer-to-peer online service

that lets you send or receive money in a host of currencies,

in any amount, at any time, anywhere on Earth... Instantly.

nTrust Features

1.) Free Transaction Between nTrust Members

-There is no fee for sending and receiving money no matter how much the money is; domestic or overseas.

2.) Create an Online Social Financial Community

-Buil a neighborhood! Save emails or other nTrust account members (friends, families) for fast, easy, and simple transactions.

3.) The nTrust Cash Card

Instant access to over 1,700,000 ATM locations worldwide and millions of other merchants. Bank level security, Private data encryption, 24/7 access, No minimum transfer limit, Unlimited free Vault-to-Vault transfers, Instant & real-time operations, Multiple currency accounts (very cool feature), Alerts on account activity, Personalized nTrust cash card, Rewards and perks as a user,Private network of trusted people.

4.) Security - 256-bit SSL encryption

Encryption that meets or even exceeds every known international banking standard for online transactions. Data are protected and validated by VeriSign and TRUSTe. Virus free through McAfee

5.) Stand-Alone Trust Account

No "run on the bank". Your money is yours and can not be touched by and is separated with operating accounts of nTrust Corp. You can acces it

6.) 24/7 Dedication

Receive email and SMS alerts about any large purchases, transfers, unusual Vault (account) activity, large transactions or pending approvals. Set alertthresholds and manage the alerts to keep informed.

7.) Financial Standards

The nTrust technology platform is certified as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Level 1 (PCI) which the highest technical and operational security standard imposed by VISA, MasterCard and American Express. Technical and procedural safeguards are continuously reviewed, quarterly assessed and annually audited.

8.) Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Fraud, Anti-Terrorist Financing and Anti-Serious-Scary Stuffs

Highly trained personnels, sophisticated behavioral modeling, real-time analytics technologies, government and intelligence agency databases (real-time reports of suspicious transactions and politically exposed persons provided to national and international law enforcement and regulatory agencies)

9.) Micro Transactions - No mimimum

nTrust enables the world’s first truly usable micro-transaction platform. Because nTrust Citizen transactions are free (fee-free), it does not matter how much your transaction worth is - you get any and every cents.

10.) Quick Transactions

Transactions between nTrust citizen vaults are instant, as in speed-of-light, wherever you are.. wherever both parties are.

11.) Incognito

Hide your financial details to prevent fraud. Use nTrust Cash Card to complete online purchases.

Review: nTrust Platform allows you to receive funds in different currencies (USD, AUD, CAD, PHP; and aggregated total). It also allows you to convert between currencies. It has employed superior technology (you will know it when you visit the site and eventually use the platform itself). It is also a platform to remit money online for overseas workers. There are no transaction fees between members and the lowest fee I've seen for wire transfers and debit cards in both deposit and withdrawal (see fees below). nTrust itself is in Beta Stage but ready for use. This could be a significant reformation in the payment processing world.

Transaction Fees And Limits

Send funds between nTrust members - Free

Direct bank deposit - Free

Deposit by internet bank transfer - Free

Deposit by cheque - Free

Deposit by wire transfer - Free

Direct bank withdraw - $7.99

Withdraw via bank transfer - $7.99

Withdraw via nTrust Cash Card - $7.99

nTrust is owned by nTrust Corp. You may contact them at "contact@ntrust.com".

Join the nTrust Nation and become a nTrust Citizen!

Click Here to Sign-Up at nTrust

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