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How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in November?


Dear clients!

November has come to an end, which means that it is the right time to familiarize with trading results achieved by “Freshforex” and underline the most significant events of the last autumn month.

November was eventful in the Forex market . European Central Bank reduced the interest rate by 0.25% and acted as a main news maker. Eurozone was threatened by deflation and the regulator decided to make serious steps in its monetary policy. Further to the decision about interest rate, there were rumors on the market about possible introduction of negative rates in the Eurozone. All these factors put pressure on the EUR/USD pair quotation and a flat trend had been witnessed over a month.

British currency, in contrast, markedly increased in weight against its U.S. rival. Positive releases on British economy allowed to install a fresh 2-year high of GBP/USD quotation.

Japanese currency continued to weaken against U.S. dollar in November. Inflation in the country of the rising sun is gradually growing and the Bank of Japan said that it will continue to hold a large-scale stimulative policy in the same volume.

Below we offer you to have a look at results of trading of “FreshForex” clients in November:

Relation between profitable and loss-making trades:

Percentage of profitable trades exceeded percentage of loss-making trades and amounted to 64.9%.

Highest income per month:

Amounted to 1060% of deposit.

The most active client, number of trades per month:

The most active client conducted 1376 trades.

We remind that you can find the most important figures regarding company's operation in «Facts and Figures» section of our web-site.

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Week sketches for three pairs


Monthly chart: the pair is approaching upper Bollinger Band (1.3860), which will be quite able to send the pair to get corrected the area 1.3354. If bulls show strength and will break 1.3860, then the point 1.4260 will become an alternative verdict (marked by red arrow).

Weekly chart: a local support by Bollinger medium band is seen (1.3421). Thus, we either will face rollback to this line from 1.3860 and further growth, or break through 1.3860 to 1.4260 without rollback.


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USD/JPY: fresh high of 2013 is not far off

Review of the past week

The last week was the first trading week of the new month and thus had been very eventful. European currency managed to consolidate strongly against its US associate. EuCB meeting was conducted on December, 5th. As it was expected, European regulator remained discount and deposit rates without changes. Over the last days, there were rumors that negative rates would be introduced in Euro zone and the market received refutation of this information.

On this background, a confident growth of Eur/Usd quote has been witnessed, though provisional GDP for the 3rd quarter received good data. Friday's report on labor market sprang a surprise for market's participants, in particular, it was growth of Non-Farm payrolls index to the point of 203 000. Though European currency reacted this only in the form of technical correction, upon which growth of quotation continued. Also, a notable upsurge took place on leading stock exchanges of the world. To conclude, US positive data was not able to persuade investors that FRS would decide about cutting of QE3 on its nearest meeting on December, 17-18.

British currency had been descending during entire week. Positive data on construction and manufacture PMI did not encourage bulls to storm new hills. Whereas release of PMI for service sector disappointed investors having demonstrated its low for the last 5 months. Also, its rate was pressed by Eur/Gbp growth – this cross-rate consolidated a lot.

BoE meeting was held on Thursday, 5th, and it was decided to remain current monetary policy unchanged. Usd/Jpy had been experiencing correction over the most part of the week, after which it had reached a fresh 6-month's high. Positive data on the US labor market contributed to growth of the US currency. Usd/Jpy pair closed trading week on the point of 102.88. The futures on stock index Nikkei 225 also showed a confident growth further to three days of correction. Correlation between those two pairs is still very strong.

http://freshforex.com/analitics/fresh-forecast/fa/week_94.html'>Forecast for the week 9 – 13 of December

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“New Year Money Bag” from “FreshForex” company!


Dear clients!

We are happy to let you know that Freshforex company opens a season of Pre-New Year trading! “New Year Money Bag” is a big drawing that Fresh Frost magician prepared for you.

Trade actively for whole December and get one of three tickets to enroll money prize drawing held by “FreshForex”: 25 prizes for 300$, 5 prizes for 1500$ and one main prize – 15 000$!

Total prize pool of the promotion amounts to 30 000$! Prize amount and value of the ticket depend only on your trading activity. Everybody will have the chance to win money prize – more than 30 traders will be the winners!

Take part in the “New Year Money Bag” promotion and get your happy ticket in the big drawing by “FreshForex”!

Right now you can learn detailed terms of the promo on the-company's web-site.

“FreshForex” company wishes you a happy coming New Year holiday!

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Time is ripe to sell EUR/USD

Review of the past week

Since the last week was the first week of the month, it was traditionally eventful. According to its results, EUR/USD pair consolidated for 1.1% as ECB governor was positive in his comments and labor market report in the USA was weak. Mario Drahgi continues to surprise market with his optimism. On Thursday 6, while speaking in the ECB meeting, he stated that deflation does not threat Europe now and there is no sense to apply measures to cope with it now. Investors were encouraged by this statement and EUR/USD went above 36.

On the last trading day of the week, release on the US labor market was published. January growth of Non-Farm payrolls was 113 000, which is rather below the figure of consensus-forecast. For the second month in a row, US employers are at an easy pace when it comes to hiring. This is an alarm bell for the US economy and served a background for growth of the European currency. Week's trades were closed at the point of 1.3634. In the fight of bulls and bears on GBP/USD pair there is no winner. Over the past week, Markit Economics research center had been releasing PMI for manufacture and construction as well as for the service sector. Amongst all, only construction report was a good surprise for investors wherease two other were below expectations. This negative background encouraged bears who forced quotations down to 1.6251.

Bulls also paid back in their own coin and got out the most of the weak US Non-Farm payrolls report by raising quotations above 64. Nevertheless, in the end of the week GBP/USD lost its symbolical 0.1% and finished at 1.6407.

Japanese Yen followed its upsurge in January and early February by retreat. Only the first trading day of the week was marked by its consolidation against its US rival as sales on leading global stock exchanges was going on. On Wednesday 5, the report on change in salary for December was published. The figure was above consensus-forecast which supported demand in Japanese currency in the first half of a day. Salary growth will provoke increase of expenses in the future and thus enhancement of inflation. On this background, USD/JPY dropped down to 100.77, but bears were not strong enough to get more. Then bulls joined the game who were not discouraged by weak report on the US Non-Farm payrolls in January. Having added 0.3% for the weak, trades were closed at the point of 102.35.

Forecast for the week February 10 – 14

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FreshForex will support you in any situation!


Dear traders!

Technical issues must not be a hindrance for your profitable trading on the Forex market.

We remind you that you can address any question and problem to "FreshForex" support service.

Our specialists work within 24 hours except for a few holidays. Contact your personal manager to solve current issues promptly and efficiently as well as to consult regarding financial operations and trading terms of the company.

How to contact our support service?

• 24/5 client support – On-line chat;

• Skype: freshforex;

• E-mail: info@freshforex.com;

• Ticket in the Personal area.

Rely on us – we will solve any issue!

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Weekly review of three major pairs


Monthly chart: the pair is on the way to Bollinger's upper band (1.3931) and bulls do not have any potential for a further break, because ADX did not exceed "30".

Thus, a main strategic scenario is a bounce down from 1.3931 and movement to the area of Bollinger's medium band (1.3139).

Weekly chart: a long consolidation inside of the ascending triangle is coming to an end. In all likelihood, this accumulation will be continued this week as well, because ADX did not turn its full potential on. Support is on the middle (1.3605), resistance is on the upper band (1.38).

Conclusion: a main scenario is the flat within 1.36-1.38. Another option is the break above 1.38, movement to 1.3931 and a bounce down in the direction of 1.36.


Learn more

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Upgrade of MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal

Dear traders!

Today we held a scheduled upgrade of the real trading server. The goal of innovations is to extend functionality, enhance sustainability and operation speed of the MetaTrader 4 platform.

The most part of changes touched MQL4 programming language. It allowed to increase execution speed and enhance safety of programs by several times. Upon that, you can still use old EX4 files: they continue to work correctly, so you may not be concerned about performance of EA created earlier. Software designers can evaluate plenty of additions to MetaEditor and recompile source codes with new opportunities for the new trading terminal.

One more innovation is the Market for MetaTrader 4 trading platform applications which was earlier available only with MetaTrader 5.

Please pay attention that storage structure of the data was changed. EA, libraries, logs and other useful data is now stored in a special catalog. You can find it in the “File” - “Open Data Folder” menu.

You can read about this and other innovations on the official forum of MQL4.

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FreshForex is the media partner of ShowFxWorld conference

Dear traders!

“FreshForex” company became the media partner of one of the brightest events on the Forex market - “ShowFxWorld” conference.

“ShowFxWorld” is a notable event dedicated to the most vital issues of financial markets.

This time, the conference is being held in Riga – the city which has been taking an active part in global financial relationship for long years. Thanks to its modern infrastructure, the capital of Riga is an ideal place for the events of the highest level.

Events under the auspices of “ShowFxWorld” brand has always fascinating and interesting to any trader. Participants of the conference include representatives of all spheres related to financial markets including leading brokers and dealing centers.

The conference will take place on February, 22, at 10.00 am of local time.

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ECB states "There are no deflation signs in Eurozone"



We should not expect a strong drop in prices now - the world's leading stock markets have shown a strong growth the other day, that indicates a renewed demand for risky assets and will provide some support for the single European currency. In general, during the day we can expect the development of a side trend.

The support level is 1.3698.

Trading recommendations

The situation remains the same: while the euro is traded above 1.3719-1.3685, the chances of testing the 38th figures remain. Fall below 1.3685 opens the way to 1.3618-1.3600. Rising dynamics of the pair do not inspire us with a confidence.

Learn more

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Stay in trend - read "ForEXpress"!


Dear traders!

Do you want to stay tuned about news of the Forex market? Subscribe to “ForEXpress” - a weekly electronic digest of “FreshForex”!

Fresh “ForEXpress” release reaches e-mail box of our traders every Monday. Weekly digest consists of 4 sections, each devoted to a specific topic.


Forecasts of price movements, opinion of “FreshForex” analysts on market and digest of the most important events of the last week which impacted on the market.

To trader

Previews of upcoming webinars and interesting articles of the Forex Encyclopedia “CleverFX”. Discover new trading systems, alternative methods of analysis and the most successful methods of earning.

About the company

Contests and promotions held by “FreshForex”, special offers for our subscribers. Be the first to learn about the opportunity to get bonuses and gifts!

Social networks

Fresh news of social networks, communication, humor - anything that will help you to escape from everyday routine. Just open real or demo account with “FreshForex” and get the latest news releases automatically.

Read “ForEXpress” - stay tuned!

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"FreshForex" participates in IAFT Awards 2013!


Dear traders!

We are pleased to inform you that "FreshForex" company takes part in IAFT Awards 2013. Voting will begin on March 1, 2014 and will last for 2 months. Cast your vote for "FreshForex" - it only takes one minute, but thanks to your help we can win!

Our company will fight for the leadership in the following categories:

Best Broker of the year;

Best broker of Asia;

Best broker for trading with advisors;

Opening of the Year;

Dynamic development;

Innovative broker;

Best IAFT Partner

Last year "FreshForex" became a winner in the "Opening of the Year” category. We are very grateful to all the traders who will support our company this time as well. Help us to become a leader and prove our advantage! IAFT Awards is a unique prize organized by the International Association of Forex Traders. IAFT traders and website visitors annually choose the best broker in each category.

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The dollar falls in the light of rising oil prices

The weather can distract players from Ukraine and China. The weather peak is expected on Tuesday, when the first of the four central banks is planning to organize the meeting - the Reserve Bank of Australia will announce changes in its monetary policy. The Bank of Canada will hold a meeting on Wednesday, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank will meet on Thursday. Carl Weinberg, the chief international economist of High Frequency Economics in New York, suspects that all four central banks are "largely paralyzed and will not change its monetary policy."

The ECB as the Central Bank " may surprise us as the ECB is in uncharted waters now. While "no one can predict how ECB will react ", HFE expects that the bank's policy is likely to remain unchanged.

We expect a number of important news from the USA this week. The market's attention will be riveted on Monday to ISM manufacturing index for February release, the ISM index for the services sector and the February employment report publication on Friday.

The euro closed Friday at the 1.3807 that is at the upper range of the last week from the 1.3643 (Thursday) to the 1.3824 (Friday). The pair shot upwards after Friday’s preliminary data on inflation in the euro-zone, which raised questions about the prospect of the ECB monetary policy easing this week.

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How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in February


Dear traders!

We suggest you to check results of trading of the past month as well as to refresh the most interesting economic events of February.

U.S. dollar finished February with losses against its major competitors. EUR/USD added 2.3% for the month and closed trading slightly above the 38th figure. Before the ECB meeting on February 6, many investors had been expecting from it the release of quantitative easing that would be introduced to cope threat of deflation. But while speaking at the press conference, Mario Draghi said that in the Euro area there was no danger of deflation and now there was no sense to apply this tool to address this issue. Against this background, there was a sharp rise of the quotations of the common European currency. Weak macroeconomic statistics from the United States also played into the hands of "bulls" as applied to the euro. Bad weather of the first winter months affected economic growth that had put a pressure on the U.S. currency.

In the second month of the year, GBP/USD gained 1.9% in its weight and closed trading at around 1.6744. British regulator increased its estimation of economic growth of the United Kingdom with 2.8% to 3.4% in 2014, which was welcomed by investors. In February, an event occurred which had been long awaited by market participants: BOE designated an approximate date of a possible rise of the interest rate - April 2015. This factor was the main driver of growth for the British pound in February.

No winner was revealed in the battle of "bulls" and "bears" as applied to USD/JPY. A long-term trend for this pair is ascending, but, to continue growth, we need serious drivers. While summarizing its meeting results, Central Bank of Japan announced extension of the credit program to banks provided at a discounted rate. This fact was perceived by investors as additional measures to stimulate the economy and on this positive background, quotations rose to the level of 102.73. As a result, USD/JPY completed trading month with a symbolic reduction at the rate of 0.1%, at around 101.79.

Below we offer you to have a look at the results of trading of “FreshForex” clients in February:

4541% of the deposit for the month - the most successful client earned it using multicurrency trading advisor working along the trend;

3972 - this is the number of trades made by the most active trader for the month. He received an increase in the rate of 35% without using advisors;

59% of traders ended February at a profit - is the proportion of customers with deposits of $ 10,000 and above.

$250,365 - the best performing client obtained a profit thanks to the active movements of EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

We remind that you can find the most important figures regarding company's operation in "Facts and figures" section of our web-site.

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"FreshForex" took part in the conference dedicated to financial labor market


Dear clients!

On February 28, experts of "FreshForex" company took part in the 5th conference named "Labor market in financial sector", held at the Financial University under the Russian Federation Government.

One of the main topics was the issue of selection of professionals for financial institutions. Today, most universities train specialists of a general profile and organizations need to train new employees on their own.

During the discussion, the issue of high competition in financial labor market was raised several times. This problem is related to revocation of licenses from some banks. Now many former employees of banks are in search of job and they can successfully use experience and knowledge obtained in the field of investment and the forex market.

As it was noted by Yan Art, vice-president of the Association of Russia Regional Banks and chairman of the National Association of Credit brokers and financial advisers, "forex brokers has a certain demand in staff. These brokers are coming out of shadow now and have been evolving in their way to license for the second year in run."

"Specialists for forex companies are not prepated by any university. Dealing systems and brokerage are partially studued by students of economic specialties in courses of securities or risk management. In this regard, brokers prefer staff having experiencem whereas s specialist after college does not have a proper idea about the specifics of work and he has to be trained for a long time, "- says President of KROUFR Alexander Kuryashkin.

"FreshForex" company is always glad to see young and ambitious professionals looking for an interesting, promising work in its rows! A list of current vacancies can be found in the special section of our site.

Photos are provided by the Bankir.ru news agency

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Weekly review of Majors

Dear traders!


Monthly chart: As you can see, the bulls are gaining speed and ADX on their side. The last frontier before jerk to 1.50 is the upper Bollinger band (1.4034).

Weekly chart: Buyers have a strong advantage. 1.3871 resistance level will be broken and the road is open to 1.4034. In theory, there is one more rollback to the average (1.3713), where purchases are very attractive.

Day chart: We can see, that the rollback is really possible. Catch signals to shopping in the 1.3713 area.


Conclusion: main plan is a rollback to 1.3713 and a sharp rise to 1.40, with medium-term prospects of going to 1.50.

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Euro reached 2 year maximum



Leading economies of the currency have already submitted reports on industrial production, only France has published a negative report. The industrial sector growth in January investors may take as the Mario Draghi’s right course, who said that there was no need for additional quantitative easing at the last meeting. In the light of this we can expect a moderate demand for the pair.

Strong demand will hinder geopolitical tensions, which again returns. If the Crimea becomes independent that may push two countries to a new conflict.

The support level: 1.3810-1.3772 and the resistance level: 1.3892-1.3914.

MACD is going down, indicating the current correction movement.

Trading Recommendations

The technical picture remains unchanged. The pair keeps growing. The pair broke 1.3910 up and is heading towards 1.3980. A consolidation above 1.3900 will open the way to 1.4050.

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«I'm Siberian» project received recognition of experts!


Dear traders!

We are pleased to inform you that the project «I'm Siberian», the general partner of which is the «FreshForex» company, entered a shortlist of "Silver Archer" prize in the field of public! The jury appreciated the originality with which the creators of the movement came to the idea of uniting all the Siberians.

«FreshForex» company actively supports the «I'm Siberian» movement. One of the most high-profile joint projects was the great expedition to Elbrus, in which the team of the Siberian climbers made traverse climbing to the highest point of Europe. At the top has been set the flag, composed of many of the expedition participants’ photos, including «FreshForex» customers. The photo-report of the expedition results can be found on our website.

We wish the creators of the «I'm Siberian» project continued success and development!

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The market holds its positions



The Eurozone will publish the final consumer price index data for February. There are no prerequisites for the revision indicator upward, therefore, the release of data on the level of consensus- forecast is expected. Everyone expects full-scale geopolitical crisis between Russia and Ukraine which can put pressure on a risky assets.

The support levels: 1.3910-1.3860, and the resistance levels: 1.3914-1.3980.

MACD is turned up, indicating on the current uptrend, if the indicator is developed downward, it can start a downward movement turn.

Trading Recommendations

Generally, the situation remains positive. Nevertheless, fundamentally, it is difficult to find a good reason for buying the single currency. That’s why it’s not the fact that the pair will move above 1.3937-1.3966.

The loss of the support in the 1.3845-1.3833 will lead to a fall down to 1.3740.

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Catch a 33% bonus to your trading account!


Dear traders!

We remind you that the popular promotion «33x3» from «FreshForex» ends on March 31! Hurry up to take part and get a unique bonus to your account!

«33 x 3» bonus will give you the opportunity to trade without restrictions and stops! Just refill your account for the amount over 200 USD / 6000 RUB / EUR 150 and get a 33% of restocking fee!

Bonus «33 x 3» will allow you to:

• Increase the volume of deals

• Protect your account at drawdown

• Withdraw bonus money

Hurry up, there are only 6 days before the end of the promotion! Please, read the detailed terms and conditions before participating.
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"FreshForex" took part in the "Financial Brokerage" conference


Dear traders!

We are glad to inform you that experts of "FreshForex" took part in the 4th "Financial Brokerage" conference, which was held on 12-13th of March at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation. An important theme of the conference was the financial brokerage problem on the Russian market, in particular, the issue of legal regulation in this area. As it was noted by speakers, there is a need for a special legislation that will regulate work of forex brokers. However, regulations should encourage companies to develop, rather than reducing market opportunities. Now the State Duma is actively developing such legislation.

Among the speakers there were representatives of organizations that act as regulators of the Forex market. Deputy Chairman of the self-regulatory organization "CRFIN" noted the importance of developing professional standards for financial brokers. He stressed that "CRFIN" has already adopted the standards and rules that are required to be complied by each SRO-member company.

"FreshForex" company is ready to work in the legal field and supports the initiative of the Forex market regulation by the government. As a member of ‘KROUFR" and self-regulatory organization "CRFIN", we stand for a full transparency of work of financial brokers and control of their activities.

Photos are provided by the Bankir.ru news agency.

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"33 x 3" bonus plan has been prolonged for 3 months!


Dear traders!

We are glad to inform you that the popular "33 x 3" promotion has been prolonged till June 30! Activate the promotion on your account and get the unique bonus!

"Bonus 33 x 3" is the trading on the most favorable terms without any restrictions! Just refill your account with the amount over 200 USD/150 EUR and get 33% of deposited amount!

What does "33 x 3" bonus give?

Increase the volume of trades

Protection of your account against drawdown

The possibility to withdraw bonus money

Get 33% bonus and trade to the maximum!

Please read detailed terms and conditions before participating.

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"FreshForex" improves the terms of partnership program


Dear traders and partners!

We are glad to inform you that from April 1 of 2014 "FreshForex" company improves the terms of partnership program. New terms will allow you to get maximum income while applying less efforts.

From now on, to earn up to 50% of spread (10$ per lot), you only need to engage 2 clients per month!

To earn up to 75% of spread (15$ per lot), you only need to engage 3 clients per month!

And finally, to earn up to 100% of spread (20$ per lot) it is only enough for you to engage 7 clients each month!

We invite you to have a look at new improved rebate system on the page “Conditions of partnership program” and amended version of partnership agreement.

Get even higher profit with new partnership program of "FreshForex" company!

Let us remind you that partnership program of "FreshForex" company was recognized the best on the Forex market according to the results of the affiliate marketing exhibition "Russian Affiliate Congress and Expo". It was not a surprise, we offer the most profitable terms, transparent scheme of work and guaranteed rebate to our each partner.

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Upgrade of MetaTrader 4 platform


Dear traders!

We are glad to inform you that today the demo server of MetaTrader 4 has been updated to 625 build. Update of the real server is scheduled for 7th of April.

Most of the changes are related to the trading terminal:

Functionality of the button "Allow EA" was changed to "Allow automatic trading". Now all EAs cannot miss events dedicated for them no matter what the button's status is.

An additional function to disable automatic trading upon change of time frame or chart symbol was added.

Strategy tester was improved: extra functions was added, support of optimization of user result was activated.

The "Magazines" category appeared in the ‘Market’ tab. Now along with purchase of commercial applications, you can buy magazines devoted to finance and trading.

More information about these and other innovations can be found on the official MQL 4 forum.

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How clients of “FreshForex” company traded in March


Dear traders!

We suggest you to familiarize yourself with the most important economic events and March results of "FreshForex" traders.

The first month of spring was full of important events. Political conflict between Ukraine and Russia led to the exit of investors from risky assets, whereupon quotations of stock markets dropped as well as the rate of major currency pairs. In the second half of the month U.S. regulators gave the market a little surprise - in addition to reductions of purchases of bond by 10 billion dollars per month, it was announced that a more rapid cut of unemployment is expected. On this background, EUR/USD pair was in a big sale, in one moment quotations dropped down to 1.3704. The trading month ended with a symbolic increase in EUR/USD rate by 0.1%, at the point around1.3768.

Over the first half of the month GBP/USD had been remaining under pressure because of institutional investors sold Pound as geopolitical tensions were increasing. Another negative factor for British currency was a cut of inflationary pressure in the UK in February to 1.7% in annual terms. As a result, the trading month for theGBP/USD finished with 0.3% reduction, around 1.6662.

Following to a calm February, in March there was a confident victory of "bulls" over the "bears" in the USD/JPY pair. Long-term investors were buying U.S. dollar at rather low and attractive levels expecting continuation of upward trend for the USD/JPY. In case of a serious GDP decline, Japanese regulator can increase stimulative measures, which is also negative for Yen. In March, USD/JPY gained 1.7% and closed trading period at the point around 103.22.

Efficiency of trading activity of “FreshForex” clients in March:

702% of the deposit for the month - the most successful client earned it using USD/JPY cross-rate

3250 is the number of trades made by the most active trader for the month. Trading with stocks of "Hewlett-Packard", "Altria Group Inc" and "Merck & Co Inc", he got48.5% of deposit growth.

52% of traders ended Marc at a profit is the proportion of clients with deposits from $ 1,000 and above. Result of traders with a deposit from $ 10,000 was higher - 56%.

$ 190,040 - the most profitable trader has received such profit in March.

We remind that you can find the most important figures regarding company's operation in "Facts and figures" section of our web-site.
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