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Cryptex24.com - Bitcoin, Btc-e, Bitstamp, BTER, PM, PayPal, Webmoney, Paxum, Skrill, AdvCash,eCoin, WU,MG

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Who are we?

Cryptex24 is a service for working with e-money and cryptocurrencies. We offer the widest range of opportunities for buying/selling/exchanging most popular payment and crypto system as well as attractive conditions and convenience of cooperation.

What do we offer?

Our main services are selling, buying and exchanging of cryptocurrencies and e-money. Today we offer the following types of operations:

Bitcoin sell & buy. You can use Wester Union, MoneyGram, Unisterm, Contact etc;

Bitcoin exchange for PerfectMoney, EgoPay, PayPal, Webmoney.

Recharging and withdrawal at popular exchange platforms BTC-E, BTER.

E-money selling, buying, exchange (WebMoney, QIWI, PayPal, Perfect Money, EgoPay, Paxum).

Choosing us you will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies and e-money at favorable rates without wasting time for long waiting.

What are the advantages of Cryptex24?

We have tried to implement intuitive interface and the simplest process of order placement. At the same time our service has the highest level of reliability guaranteeing safety of operations and personal data.

What about individual offer?

We have individual approach to a customer always staying in touch with him. Please, contact us and we will prepare a profitable offer for you.

How to find us?

Our adress - cryptex24.com

Skype - cryptex24com

ICQ - 678-706-590

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We improved our rates - our new tariffs are better for you!

Best price for buying Bitcoin:

WebMoney WMZ > Bitcoin - 3%

WebMoney WMR > Bitcoin - 3%

PerfectMoney > Bitcoin - 2%

EgoPay > Bitcoin - 5%

WesternUnion ,MoneyGram, Unistream > Bitcoin - 2%

Best price for buying BTC-E USD:

WebMoney WMZ > BTC-E USD - 2%

WebMoney WMR > BTC-E USD - 7%

PerfectMoney > BTC-E USD - 2%

EgoPay > BTC-E USD - 5%

WesternUnion ,MoneyGram, Unistream > BTC-E USD - 3%

Best price for sale of Bitcoin:

Bitcoin > PerfectMoney - 2%

Bitcoin > WebMoney WMZ - 4%

Bitcoin > WebMoney WMR - 1.5 %

Bitcoin > PayPal - 3%

Bitcoin > WesternUnion ,MoneyGram, Unistream - 4%

Best price for sale of BTC-E USD:

BTC-E USD > PerfectMoney -2%

BTC-E USD > WebMoney WMZ -2%

BTC-E USD > WebMoney WMR -2%

BTC-E USD > EgoPay - 0%

BTC-E USD > PayPal - 3%

BTC-E USD > WesternUnion ,MoneyGram, Unistream - 3%

>>> CRYPTEX24.COM <<<

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Selling Bitcoin at the best price!

Dear customers! You can sell your bitcoin at the best prices using our service!

Get Western Union or Money Gram for 4%

We recommend also to use money transfers "Unistream" or "Contact"

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Limited time offer!

Our best price for buying BTC-E USD, PM and Bitcoin:

Western Union to BTC-E USD or Bitcoin - 1.8%

Money Gram to BTC-E USD or Bitcoin - 1.8%

RIA to BTC-E USD or Bitcoin - 1.5%

Unistream to BTC-E USD or Bitcoin - 1.8 %

MG,WU, RIA or Unistream to PM - 1.5%

Please visit our site!

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Dear customers!

We are glad to inform you about great Perfect Money sale!

You can deposit your PM account with Money Gram, Western union or RIA only for 1% (0.5% service fee + 0.5% PM transfer fee).

Best market deal! Please do not delay. We have limited amount PM for this deal!

Please visit our site

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Dear customers!

New exchange options available!
You can exchange
Advanced Cash to Bitcoin, Perfect Money, PayPal and others

And we still have good prices on directions:
Bitcoin to WU,MG
MG, RIA and WU to PM, BTC, BTC-E

Edited by Cryptex24

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Dear friends!
We glad to inform you that Cryptex24 version 2.0 is released! We redesigned our website to be more customer oriented. We have implemented new standarts of security. Cryptex24 became more reliable and convenient. Process of exchange for you still the same as in old version. All orders are processing in usual mode.
Waiting for your orders! Hope to see you soon!

Edited by Cryptex24

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Great Bitcoin sale on Cryptex24!

Dear customers! Due to upcoming bitcoin rally we start to sell bitcoins for cash transfers(WU, MG, Ria, Golden Crown) with best market price. Prices for other cryptocurrencies are also best on the market. Please visit our website and check it out. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact livechat on our website to get instant answer.

Waiting for your orders!

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