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0.00200000 BTC Minimum Cashout!
All payments are instant.
Weekly Lottery and Big Prizes!
Up to %10 Referral Upgrade Bonus!
Up to %5 Referral Earning Bonus!
Weekly point and referral contest!
How to earn bitcoin with my bees?
It's very easy, just register and login your account, then buy a new slot for 30 days and collect bitcoin everyday! You can also collect a lottery ticket every 10 minutes!
You can earn 0.00020000 Bitcoin everyday from each of your slot at your account page. If you're a standard member, you can buy up to 6 slots; if you're a Silver member you can buy up to 12 slots; if you're Gold member you can buy up to 18 slots.
All memberships have a different ROI rates. For example you're a golden member, so your ROI is %400. This mean, if you deposit your account 1 bitcoin, you can cashout up to 4 bitcoin (%400 of your deposit). After you reach your ROI rate, you can deposit 1 btc to your account and cashout +4 btc again. You can see ROI rates for each membership type at "Upgrades" page.

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You can buy packages and get more bees with more profit rates! If you want to buy more bees at once, don't miss this chance!

Here is the package details:

Honey Package
- This package has 5 Honey Bees.
- Each Honey Bee's price is 0.0046 BTC instead of 0.0050 BTC. This mean, you'll get monthly %30 pure profit instead of %20 from your each Honey Bee!
- Package price is 0.0230 BTC

o purchase a package, just click "Buy More Bee with Packages!" button at your "Account" page

Instant payment


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