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1Katoshi has an automatic withdrawal system that sends you your earnings every Sunday of every week
Earn up to 1000 satoshi every 5 minutes!!
The timer is 5 minutes.
Output threshold per bitcoin wallet 100.000 satoshi
Payments are automatically and are issued by the system every Sunday evening.
Inviting friends with your referral link allows you to earn 5 to 33%. This percentage varies depending on your level and the number of invited friends.
Daily Bonus
A day bonus is a bonus given to you if you log in for one or several days in a row, up to 7 days. The bonus increases exponentially day after day, reaching a maximum on the seventh day.

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Earn up to 30 satoshi on every 3 minutes!!

1Katoshi now supports FaucetHub
Now you can ask your withdrawal on 1Katoshi through FaucetHub.
FaucetHub withdrawal is the fastest one, your withdrawal request will be automatically processed in few minutes after you sent it.

FaucetHub Details

Withdraw Threshold: 300 satoshi ( 0.00000300 Btc )
Processing Time: 1 minute

Claim up to 10 times per day!

Admin decreased waiting time between claims to 3 minutes and increased daily claim limit to 10 claims / day!


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