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Modern realities dictate the trend of transition from offline to online meetings conferences and webinars. We support this initiative and launch ongoing webinars from leading experts of the company. You will be able to gain new knowledge, skills and earn money without leaving home.

Partners of the international AlysDax Community will conduct webinars twice a week at 06:00 PM.

Every Wednesday, topics of webinars are dedicated to AlysDax: how to make money using various tools, how to get bonuses when participating in an affiliate program for developing the system, what are the optimal portfolios for making a profit. Fresh news will be announced  by the top leaders about the development of the company. The communication process will involve the audience and will provide the feedback.

Every Saturday, a discussion will be organised of the latest trends and market news. The topics will cover the volatile cryptocurrencies, online economics, forecasts of professional investors, so on and much more. It will be discussed what is a must have for anyone who wants to keep aware of the hottest financial news. This is an exclusive opportunity to ask your question to the speaker in the chat and get the answer!

Speaker: Kielas

Broadcast Language: English

Time: Wednesday and Saturday, 6pm

Broadcast Location: >> Youtube.com <<

The crypto community is not scared of the crisis! Watch AlysDax webinars!

Special offer! Are you ready to host events online?
Write to Technical Support on our website and get promotion in the news feed and social networks of the AlysDax community!



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The close attention of the South Korean media is another indicator of the high level of the AlysDax project and the results of the work of its international team.

New publications on earning opportunities in the AlysDax project have been published in such well-known publications as:

















The editors of all the listed media agreed that AlysDax is a unique project in the field of margin trading. It has got everything that every new investor in the community needs for successful development:  the leaders and financial consultants, technical services and active marketing, professional traders and the most advanced technological solutions. Also, trusted partners and reliable investment tools provide a stable and high income for everyone who joins the platform.

AlysDax is developing and looking for new partners not only in South Korea. The news about the special status of the “National Leader” of his country has already spread all over the world and there are still some vacant places to go. If you are ready to join the project just find out more details on our website. Plus, if you are a leader and people are following you just get your Team Manager to show you the 100% advantages of AlysDax.



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Hey hey ❤️📡AlysDax announcement📡


Online course - March 28 - today!

Time: 20:00

Topic: AlysDax Project

Speaker: Teacher Dai

Contact: Chen Xi

wechat ID: panont777


Although the AlysDax team is unable to come to the market to assist in the promotion, it still meets you online and everyone can operate at home.



AlysDax makes you fall in love with you!


💋 xoxo 


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❤️Today we gonna talk about business in frames of new economic reality 👆


All the companies ask people to work at homes. So people now work remotely. Some companies keep paying, some went bankrupt.


Since all the business is going to become remote, we propose you to look closer to the network marketing.


You can do your job and at the same time earn extra money for promoting AlysDax!


...How to promote it?

Very easy


AlysDax is an awesome platform. You do not need work hard to attract people. Just talk about it 😄You will see the reaction.


😂Show me a person who would refuse getting 30% per month on the deposit. Greedy banks offer 5-10%

Do you know how much they earn? 100% from what you put in bank on your account.

And how much they share with you? 10% so they keep 90% for themselves.  Not cool. 👎  All the companies share miserable part of their profit with you!


AlysDax shares up to 50% with you!  Open a deposit, share the info, it will promote itself and you will get money 💰💴



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The AlysDax community decided to provide one-time support to existing partners who opened personal portfolios in cryptocurrencies BTC / ETH / XRP / EOS until March 10, 2020 (inclusive). In these portfolios, + 15% will be added to the daily accrual of profits starting from April 1st 2020.

An increased percentage of the indicated crypto portfolios will be given until May 1st, 2020 or until the end of the portfolio, if it occurs earlier than May 1st, 2020.

For users with portfolios in USD and Tether USDT, the profitability will remain at the level of daily accruals.

AlysDax is ready to launch similar support programs in the future to minimize the risks of community users using investment strategies in cryptocurrency assets. Follow the events and official news of the project.

We care about you! Our aim is to make work with us profitable!


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