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HYIP.Bar - Get One HYIP Pack For Life

More than 700 Fully ready Responsive Gold Coders HYIP Templates in one Pack
+ Latestest Gold Coders HYIP Manager Script with Updates + EC Verified Accounts

SALE! Limited time offer!
Less than $1 per template

You can purchase:

Verified EC Accounts Pack
100% Fully Verified EC Accounts. Ready to use. All steps verified. KYC succesfull.
One ID, One Email, One Phone number.
Perfect Money: no limits at all, minimal fees, more trusted among investors
Payeer: no limits for transactions, no limits for withdrawals
CoinPayments: no limits at all, may convert etc.
Perfect Money + Payeer + CoinPayments (email with pass, ID scan, logins with pass.)

Ready GC HYIP Templates Pack
Fully ready Responsive Gold Coders HYIP Templates + Latest GoldCoders HYIP Manager Script (NULLED / can be used unlimited time and domains (fixed Getting adress error)

Mega Pack / All Included
704 templates / Fully ready Responsive Gold Coders HYIP Templates + Latest Gold Coders HYIP Manager Script (NULLED / can be used unlimited time and domains (fixed Getting adress error) with all feature updates from Gold Coders + Verified EC Accounts Pack (Perfect Money + Payeer + CoinPayments)

10% Cashback program


cheap hyip templates, verified accounts, free hyip manager script

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Great service!

Received Verified Accounts Pack in 10 minutes after purchase.
100% Fully Verified EC Accounts. Ready to use. All steps verified. KYC succesfull.
Registration on One ID, One Email, One Phone number. 
Consists of Perfect Money, Payeer, Coinpayments, includes email + backup email with passwords, ID scan, logins with passwords and pins.

Cashback arrived almost instantly. Received X2 amount for forum support. Thank you HYIP.Bar!

Operation date: 09 Nov 2021 14:09
Operation ID: 1535315209
Operation type: transfer
Status: success
Amount: 49.00 $ 
Comment: Cashback from HYIP.Bar Get One HYIP Pack For Life http://hyip.bar
From: P1060494529

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Best service in the net! I have received download link in less than an hour.

Purchased MegaPack with all hyip templates, verified accounts, hyip manager etc.

Checked all already. Works great. Script works correctly, no bugs or errors. Admin requested my email so I will get whole new updates from Gold Coders for free.

Templates are great. There are realy more than 700 items. 

Tried some - they are attractive. They have to cost thousands of $.

Easy to install. All instructions are in th pack.

Many thanks to HYIP.Bar

You are a best seller.

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Today my friend decided to try this seller.
The task was to buy high-quality HYIP templates as cheaply as possible.
He is very pleased with the result.
He bought HYIP Pack Part #1 and to his surprise, in addition to almost 350 bright and interesting templates, he received the latest working version of Gold Coders HYIP Manager Script for free.
Fully working with no errors.
The ordered package was received less than an hour after payment was confirmed

In total: Legit service with high quality items. Trusted seller.

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Very satisfied. Great professional hyip templates for cheapest price in the internet.
All you need to make your own hyip in one pack.
Working without errors gold coders hyip manager script included.
My purchase was sent to me very quickly.
Trusted admin replies to all questions.
Highly recommend.

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There GC HYIP templates have high-quality professional design.
Extremly fast delivery.
All bugs are fixed in this script. All payment gateways work fine without errors.
I'm very satisfied with my choice.
Thank you very much.
Can strongly recommend.
HYIP.Bar - The Best!

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