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Yetti EA - Robot Tournament Winner

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Yetti Expert Advisor with free access

This is one of the new trading robots from the Simple Invest Group developers, which has already won several expert advisor tournaments, showing a +236% result with risky settings.

Yetti is an automated trading algorithm that is a collaboration of martingale and scalping. The Expert Advisor works on all available time frames and is multi currency. The Expert Advisor comes with a set of proven settings that the user can choose and download himself, without an initial immersion in the subtleties of trading.

The profitability of the algorithm depends on the settings you choose. The average return on the optimal set is 12-25% per month, on the conservative 5-15%, on the aggressive from 30 to 150% per month.

Features of the Yetti robot
• Convenient info panel with quick access to functional buttons;
• Use of Trailing Stop
• Dynamic order opening step
• Locking positions in automatic mode
• Many filters for entering and maintaining orders.

Yetti has built-in protection and position recalculation functions, which protects the adviser from a set of unnecessary orders and a failure of the main grid cycle during terminal reboots, VPS, a long communication absence between the VPS and the server, a ban on opening an order from the broker, and so on.

EA Yetti monitoring on myfxbook:

The project has formed a healthy community of people striving for financial freedom and 24/7 developer support.

Telegram: @mysimpleinvestments
Learn more about the Expert Advisor and how to buy the Yetti Expert Advisor on the developers' website: https://si-group.store/en

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[b]ATTENTION! Update 3.11.1 has been released for the Yetti robot[/b]

- Fixed a critical error with the work of the trawl
- Changed dynamic step mechanics
- Optimized information panel

Today Yetti shows +353%! Monitoring and discussion in the developers' Telegram chat, join:[url=t.me/SIRobots]t.me/SIRobots[/url]

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