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Wed, Sep 28 – Premium Membership Preview

VirtaPay is nearly a year old now and we are happy to announce that we will soon be ready to open the VirtaPay currency to be used by all sorts of new outside web services. In preparation for this we will soon make Premium membership available to VirtaPay users who are interested.

What is Premium Membership?

Premium membership is for VirtaPay users who want to earn long-term profits from VirtaPay. These profits will come from the launch of new web services based on the VirtaPay currency, and also from the many new users that will be drawn to VirtaPay as these new services are created.

Premium membership benefits include…

  • Ad Sharing. Ad Sharing will soon be only for Premium members. Important note: Everyone who has already activated Ad Sharing, will be automatically upgraded to full Premium membership!
  • API Affiliate. When VirtaPay launches the new API, Premium members will be our affiliates for the API licenses. As an affiliate, you could earn US$50 per month(or more) for each API license sale you refer. Read below to learn more about the coming API.
  • Increased VP$. Premium members will get an increased allowance of VP$ each day (the exact amount is not yet determined). This will allow you to buy more goods and services with the VirtaPay currency. Once the new services based on the API become available, you will have even more options and ways to spend or exchange your VP$.
  • Upgrades for Sellers. If you sell digital goods on VirtaPay, as a Premium member, you will get a special icon next to your listings to show buyers you are a Premium member. In addition, as a Premium member, your item selling limit will be increased.
  • And More… We are still working out the final details of the Premium membership, and because of that, there are a few exciting benefits coming for Premium members that we haven’t mentioned. We will give you more details in an upcoming blog post.

What is the API?

The launch of our upcoming API (Application Programming Interface) will allow the independent creation of web services that use the VirtaPay currency. Up until now our services have been limited to only those created by VirtaPay. Once the new API is ready, anyone will be able to develop web services based on the VirtaPay currency.

This will allow individuals and businesses to create a range of new services that use the VirtaPay currency, giving our users many more choices in how to spend and use their VirtaPay account balance.

Here are a few ideas of web services that could be built using the coming API…

  • GPT websites. Also known as get-paid-to, these sites could pay their members automatically in VP$ for performing tasks online. Examples may include reading email, filling out surveys, visiting websites, etc.
  • Currency exchanges. Yes, we are planning to remove the restriction on currency exchanges and allow the open exchange of VP$ into and out of any other currency, virtual or physical. We expect there will be several services that come online using the API to provide currency exchange.
  • Marketplaces. We expect some people will surely use the API to create web services allowing people to buy and sell items using VP$. We will remove the restriction on physical items, so these marketplaces may allow you to buy and sell items both digital and physical.
  • Mobile payment apps. Some developers may choose to create mobile payment apps that allow you to easily send VirtaPay payments with your mobile phone. This could make it more attractive for local sellers to accept VP$ as payment.
  • In-game currency. The API will allow online game developers to use VP$ as a currency in their games. This could allow users to earn VP$ within a game and spend it to buy items within the game.

There are countless ways the VirtaPay API could be used for web services, the examples above are just a starting point. Do you have ideas for the API? We will ask for more ideas in an upcoming survey of VirtaPay users.

Get In Now, More Details Soon

If you want to lock in Premium membership right now, sign up for Ad Sharing. As mentioned above, everyone who has activated Ad Sharing will be automatically upgraded to full Premium membership when it becomes available.

We’ll have more details on the API and Premium membership soon. :wub:

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Mon, Oct 3 – Why the API Changes Everything

As mentioned in our last blog post, we are starting development on an API for VirtaPay. This blog post explains a bit of the reasoning behind (1) why we are focusing on the API right now and (2) how the API could dramatically change and improve your experience as a VirtaPay user.

About the API

Our API (Application Programming Interface) will be designed to give programmers a simple and consistent way to access VirtaPay functions from their own websites. This will allow the creation of independent web services based on VP$, such ascurrency exchanges, digital and physical item marketplaces, and much more.

We expect to have the API ready for launch before the end of the year. As soon as it is ready for testing, we will invite developers to begin creating websites that use the API.

This changes everything. Our users will no longer have to wait for VirtaPay to develop new features. When the API is ready, anyone will be free to develop a website or web service that does exactly what they want, and then make it available to other VirtaPay users.

How the API benefits all VirtaPay users

As we just mentioned, the API will drive the creation of new web services that use VP$. We will sponsor the creation of multiple new types of services based on the VirtaPay API. We even have plans to help start open source projects for different types of services that use the API.

As a VirtaPay user, you will see the benefit when these new services launch. These services could allow you to earn VP$, spend VP$ (on both physical and digital goods) and exchange VP$ for other currencies.

How the API benefits developers / owners of the new web services

If you want to own and operate your own currency exchange, marketplace, online game or some other type of service that uses the API, you will have several options:

  • Program it yourself.
  • Hire a freelance programmer to program it for you.
  • If an open source project exists for the type of service you want to operate, then you will be free to download the open source project code and use that as your starting point. (We’ll have more information on this option when these projects are started.)

Those who develop new services will have an excited audience of 150,000+ active VirtaPay users, which we expect will grow to several million over the coming year. How you profit from your web service is up to you. There are a lot of options. For example, you could:

  • Run ads on your website or web service.
  • Charge access fees (in VP$ or traditional currency).
  • Charge a per transaction fee if operating a currency exchange.
  • Earn with a CPA network and operate a GPT (get-paid-to) website that pays users in VP$ for each action they take. (Make sure the CPA network allows you to use incentives and approves of your offer).
  • Create a game or service where users pay you in VP$ and then you cash out your earnings with one of the currency exchanges that will surely be created.

How the API benefits Premium members

As we just mentioned, the API will drive the creation of new web services. These new services will naturally draw in more and more users. This will benefit our Premium users (those who have activated Ad Sharing) in several ways:

  • As these independent services using the API grow, their users will need VirtaPay accounts. We expect that due to the growth of these independent services, VirtaPay may grow to several million users in the coming year. Every time one of these new users joins VirtaPay, if they didn’t follow a referral link, we will automatically assign them to an Ad Sharing group. That means that there could be hundreds or thousands of new users that “spill over” into your Ad Sharing network over the coming year.
  • In addition, everyone who has activated Ad Sharing will automatically be upgraded to Premium membership as soon as it’s available. Premium members will be our only affiliates for API licenses. These could pay out US$50 per month (or more) for each API license sale you refer. For example, 10 API license sales referred would pay out at least US$500 per month. The great part is that once someone develops a website based on the API, they are likely to keep paying every month for their API license. So, you continue to earn ongoing commissionsevery month for as long as your referred customers keep paying for their API license.

Note: If you haven’t activated Ad Sharing yet, it’s not too late. If you activate Ad Sharing now, you will be automatically upgraded to Premium membership when it becomes available. We will be sharing more details about what’s included in Premium membership soon. But, for now, you can read our previous blog post to get the latest details.

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Fri, Oct 28 – Premium Member Update

Premium membership is now available! Becoming a Premium member gives additional benefits above and beyond what standard VirtaPay members already have.

What does Premium membership include?

Premium members get the following benefits:

  • Ad Sharing. Actually, by activating Ad Sharing, your account is automatically upgraded to Premium membership. Note: If you have already activated Ad Sharing, your account is now upgraded to full Premium membership.
  • Increased VP$. Premium members now get an increased allowance ofVP$100/day added to their VirtaPay account. This amount is pro-rated and will only be added to your account each day you log in. Also, if you go longer than two days without logging into your account, you will not be back-paid for the time beyond two days.
  • Upgrades for Sellers. Premium Sellers get three new features: [1] Premium Sellers can now sell up to 25 items (instead of just 5). [2] Premium Sellers can charge up to VP$50 (instead of VP$25). [3] Premium Sellers will have thePremium Seller icon shown next to the items they are selling on our Buy page.
  • API Affiliate. When our API affiliate program is ready, Premium members will be allowed to participate. This program will pay up to US$50 per month (or more). We’ll let you know when this program is ready.
  • And More… We will be adding more benefits for Premium members in time. We will post about it in the blog when they become available.

How do you get all the benefits of Premium membership? Just activate Ad Sharing. If the previous link doesn’t work, just log into your VirtaPay account and click the link in the main menu titled: Activate Ad Sharing.

API Update

The launch of our upcoming API (Application Programming Interface) will allow the independent creation of web services that use the VirtaPay currency. Up until now our services have been limited to only those created by VirtaPay. Once the new API is ready, anyone will be able to develop web services that integrate VirtaPay payments.

This will allow individuals and businesses to create a range of new services that use the VirtaPay currency, giving our users many more choices in how to spend and use their VirtaPay account balance.

Our developers continue to work on the API. We will release more information as it becomes available. :wub:

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Wed, Nov 9 – Update on the API

We have some good news to share in today’s blog post. Version 1.0 of our new API (Application Programming Interface) is nearing completion. It looks like it will be ready to go live nearly a month before we expected!

If you’re a new user and haven’t read about how the API could benefit VirtaPay users, you may want to read this blog first.

What’s left to finish?

There are two main areas that need work before the API goes live:

  • Our developers have created all of the API functions for Version 1.0 of the API. They are now doing some final testing before it goes live.
  • We are preparing documentation to explain to programmers how to call the API functions and how to process the results.

What’s planned next?

Once those things are finished, we will make the API available to all VirtaPay usersat no cost for a while. This will give people and companies a chance to build web services that integrate VirtaPay payments. It will also allow us to do further testing and get feedback from API users to make sure the API is operating properly.

We don’t have specific plans for how long the API will be available for free. But, we eventually plan to make the API only available with a paid subscription for an API license. When the API becomes a “paid only” service, our Premium members can earn US$ from this as our exclusive affiliates. Learn more in this post.

Who can use the API?

The API will be available to all VirtaPay users. However, to create a web service that uses the API to integrate VirtaPay payments, you will either need web programming knowledge or you could hire a freelance web programmer.

An early tip for those eager to get started… the API will be a RESTful interface that returns results as JSON objects. You will only need to know what that means if you plan to develop a web service that uses the VirtaPay API.

What can the API be used for?

There are many useful services that VirtaPay users are hoping to see and just waiting for someone to develop using the API. Here are a few ideas: currency exchanges; get-paid-to websites; marketplaces (for both physical and digital items); mobile payment apps; in-game currency, etc.

We recently posted a more detailed answer to the blog. Be sure to have a look at this post if you are interested in developing a web service that integrates VirtaPay payments, or if you’re just interested to see what’s on the horizon as a VirtaPay user.

At this point, we expect Version 1.0 of the API to go live near the beginning of December. We’ll post more details as they become available. :wub:

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Mon, Nov 28 – API Version 1.0 is ready! :wub:

The new API is now ready for testing. As we have mentioned in previous blog posts, we expect the API to open the door to new web services that will integrate VirtaPay payments.

Who is the API for? How do I use it?

To get a better understanding of the API, who it’s for and how to use it, visit the API Details page. To create your own API key, visit the API Access page.

IMPORTANT: The API is intended for users who know how to program web services. If you choose to create an API key, keep it a secret. Never share it with anyone you don’t trust. If your account has an API key, anyone who has that key will have the power to access your account, and even send payments. Again, be sure to keep it secret, like you would any password.

What functions does the API allow?

Version 1.0 of the API has the following functions available:

  • Get your account balance.
  • Post a payment from your account to any VirtaPay user.
  • Get transaction details on any transaction in your account.

We may add more features in future upgrades to the API.

What benefit will the API bring to VirtaPay users?

Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing that yet. But, we hope to see many new services begin to integrate VirtaPay payments using the API. This could include “get-paid-to” websites, currency exchanges, marketplaces for both physical and digital items, use of VP$ as an in-game currency, and more. The API opens the door for web services to integrate VirtaPay payments in a way never before possible.

How will developers know what people want?

Coming soon, we will post polls to find out what services our users want most. These polls will be shared with developers who want to create services based on the API.

In addition, we will soon begin accepting submissions from developers who have created services that use the API. We will review these submissions and notify VirtaPay users (using the blog) about the services we think you’ll like the most.

So, if you’re a web developer who already knows what you want to create using the API, get started today! There are over 150,000 VirtaPay users waiting to start using your new service. :rolleyes:

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Fri, Apr 27 – An Apology and a Vision for the Future

It’s been a while since our last post — please accept our sincere apologies. Don’t worry, VirtaPay is alive and well and ready to push into new territories.

Where we’ve been…

Once we released the new Open Payments framework and the API, we wanted to let things run for a while as we watched for any problems or issues that may have arisen. We are happy to report that everything is running smoothly with both Open Payments and the API.

During these past months, we were also working on new plans for moving VirtaPay forward in a big way.

Where we are headed…

We have been working behind the scenes, deciding the best way to take VirtaPay to the next level. The final level. We are now ready to begin working to bring the VirtaPay currency into worldwide acceptance as a universal payment method.

What does this mean for you?

Provided our new plans are effective…

  • You will be able to spend your VirtaPay balance as you would any other world currency on any product or service available online, and eventually even offline.
  • You will be able to exchange your VirtaPay balance freely into or out of any world currency of your choice.

More details soon

In this post, we wanted to let our users know that VirtaPay is alive and well. In our upcoming posts, we will provide you with more details about our new plans and the changes coming to VirtaPay as we begin our new drive forward.

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Wed, May 2 – Big Plans for Big Changes :wub:

As mentioned in our last blog post, we are preparing to take VirtaPay to the next level… the final level. Our goal is to bring the VirtaPay currency into worldwide acceptance as a universal payment method.

Step 1: Facebook becomes optional

While it’s true that many people love to use Facebook, there are also many who don’t like it and refuse to use it. There are also people who are unable to create or use a Facebook account for various reasons.

Just because someone doesn’t like or can’t use Facebook does not mean that they shouldn’t be able to use VirtaPay. Limiting our users to a Facebook login works against our current goals of becoming a universal payment method.

And so, our first step will be to bring back a standard login, while leaving the Facebook login as an option for those who want to continue using it.

The master plan begins…

Once the Facebook login has been made optional, we will begin work on a long list of changes that have been carefully calculated to transform the VirtaPay currency into a worldwide universal payment method. We call this our “master plan”.

As part of this transformation, you, our current EarlyBird users, will have multiple opportunities to earn significant sums of VirtaPay currency.

This is especially exciting when you consider that our plans are designed to let you eventually spend or exchange your VirtaPay currency as you would any other world currency.

When will these changes happen?

We are beginning immediate work on the new master plan. The plan consists of multiple phases and as each phase is developed, it will be added to the VirtaPay website and put into immediate use.

Because each phase of the master plan builds on the previous phase, we expect it will take 4 or 5 months to reach the final phase. According to our current timeline, the master plan should be 90-100% complete, developed and in action by the end of September 2012.

We will post more information soon.

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Fri, May 11 – Facebook Login is now Optional :wub:

The first step in our master plan is now complete. Facebook login is now optional.

How this affects things…

This change will open up VirtaPay to a wider audience worldwide. Not everyone likes Facebook, but even those who do may not be able to use it for various reasons. So, starting now…

  • New users will have the option to log in with a username and password or using Facebook.
  • Existing users can now create a username and password to use instead of—or along with—Facebook. Note: To do this, click on the new “Account Settings” link when you are on the main “My Account” page.

If you created your VirtaPay account last year, before we went to 100% Facebook logins, you can now use just your VirtaPay username and the original password you used to sign up. Just use the new login button found at the top of the VirtaPay website… btn-login.png

The next steps…

We are now preparing to move to the next phase in our master plan. As we talked about in our last post, our master plan has been designed to bring the VirtaPay currency into worldwide acceptance as a universal payment method.

We’ll have another post soon to explain more exciting details of what’s next for VirtaPay.

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Wed, Aug 8 – A Higher View

Posted on August 8, 2012 by VirtaPay

A recap of our current situation.

The goal of our master plan is to bring the VirtaPay currency into worldwide acceptance as a universal payment method. We are now working on the first stage of this plan, which includes growing our service to 100,000 Premium members. Once this goal is achieved, we plan to begin testing our debit card system.

We are making steady progress toward the Premium member goal and as this growth continues, we expect it to accelerate in an exponential fashion.

A higher view…

We are working toward a day when you can spend your VP$ to buy physical goods, pay for a vacation, buy tickets for a concert, eat at a restaurant, pay your rent and more. We want to enable small business owners to purchase all the supplies and services they need for their business using VP$. Ultimately, we are working to make VP$ just as easily spent and exchanged as any major world currency.

What’s next in the mid-term?

We have several features planned for the near to mid-term future. These plans are designed to help accelerate the growth of our Premium membership and bring us to the point where we can begin testing the debit card system.

In the coming months, we plan to begin to introduce phase two and three of the master plan. This will be the beginnings of our efforts to bring aboard merchants who are interested in offering physical items and offline services (not just digital items). In addition, it will be the starting point of our efforts to set up an exchange system between VP$ and other world currencies.

Please help us get there!

As mention in previous posts, there are ways you can help us speed up progress toward our goals. Your actions can help us begin testing the debit card systemsooner, and much more. We can’t do it without your help! Here are some ways you can help…

  • You can use your personal referral link, found at the bottom of the “My Account” page. All you have to do is share your link with friends and family. If you want to get a lot of referrals, you can share your link on traffic exchange websites or by using other forms of advertising. Just be sure you don’t spam, or you will lose your VirtaPay account.
  • If you haven’t already, you can sign up for Ad Sharing/ Premium membership. As a new Premium member, you will be counted toward our growth target. In addition, you will qualify to earn from the ads on the VirtaPay website (through Ad Sharing).

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Wed, Aug 22 – Debit Card System

Posted on August 22, 2012 by VirtaPay

About the debit card system

As you may know, we are planning a debit card system which will allow you to spend your VirtaPay balance with any merchant worldwide where VirtaPay payments are accepted. In addition, it may be used for any type of legal goods or services—not just digital items.

Progress continues

We are very excited to see continued steady progress toward the time when we begin testing our planned debit card system. As mentioned in previous blog posts we cannot properly test our debit card system until at least 100,000 Premium members are ready to participate. At the time of this blog post that target is 4.4% complete and growing steadily.

The next step

Upon achieving the above mentioned growth target, we will begin beta testing our debit card system. During the beta testing phase, the debit card system will only be available to Premium members. This is a special reward for Premium members because they have given a higher level of participation, contribution and identity verification.

How you can help

VirtaPay grows only when our members share it with others. If you want us to begin beta testing the debit card system sooner, then simply share your personal referral link with friends and family… and anyone you know who hasn’t already joined VirtaPay. (You can find your personal referral link at the bottom of the “My Account” page when you first log in.)

Further acceleration

We are working on a new system to reward the users who help the most toward reaching our Premium member growth target. This new system is still in early development. We will give you more details as soon as it becomes available.

Get on board!

If you haven’t already done so, please consider upgrading to Ad Sharing / Premium membership. By upgrading…

  • You help us reach our Premium membership goal.
  • You get to participate in the beta test of the debit card system.
  • You qualify for lifetime earnings from the ads on the VirtaPay website. If you don’t know about Ad Sharing, click here to learn more, or log in and click the “Ad Sharing” link in the top menu.

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