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  • Make money with us

    There are several ways you can make money by being an active InvestOpen member:

    1. Earn points for posting in forums and change them for cash
    2. Participate in Contests ran by InvestOpen. Check Contests and Rewards forums for fresh cash contests.
    3. Write articles or reviews for us. Check Contributors / Write for us section
    4. Earn affiliate commissions from advertising. Check our advertising store for details.


    Earn points for posting

    reward-points.png We reward our members with points for posting interesting content here on InvestOpen.com. You can redeem your points to cash or purchase goodies from our store. When your balance reach 200 points you may redeem the points to cash by posting your request in Payments Center forum.

    Note 1. Your posts should meet our posting guidelines otherwise you will get warned and repeated offenders will have their postig rights suspended. Please read this topic about posting rules.

    Note 2. You are allowed to make max. 4 posts per category in 24 hours in order to prevent spam. After 24 hours you will be able to post again in same category. As we have 38 categories you can make max 152 posts daily.

    Note 3. Monitors, Forex Brokers or Business Owners that mostly post updates about their business will not be able to redeem points to cash.

  • points_to_cash.jpgDetails about redeeming points to cash

    • Payouts will be completed within 5 Days of request!
    • Min. payout per member is 200 points.
    • There is no maximum payout per member.
    • If you redeem your points to cash, each point is worth .01$ (1 cent)
    • You will get your payment using Bitcoin, PayPal, PerfectMoney or Payza.
    • All payouts will be verified by our staff! Once yours has been verified it will be moved to the verified forum and then processed.
    • If you do not speak english well and your posts are of a very low quality then you wont be paid for your activity. We are an english speaking forum and we are paying for high quality posts.

    Useful resources:

    Payments center -  I've been paid Proofs - Completed payments list - Ask for help - Posting Rules

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