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  1. Check top best forex brokers here: https://goo.gl/KQgXCL
  2. Bitcoin is now 10k, could it get back to 19k?
  3. LMFX could be a good choice for anyone want various account options with good spreads.
  4. Is this a broker of HSBC :D The name also logo are really hinted
  5. Here is some good broker names I recommend for new traders https://goo.gl/yU8yfX
  6. I thought all binary options brokers are scam now. No regulation and brokers act as a gambling banker.
  7. Hopefully this link can help you: https://www.earnforex.com/scalping-forex-brokers/
  8. Anyone using mobile trading on hotforex? Is it possible to use MT4 app (common app for trading with all MT4 brokers) to trade hotforex? or we have to access the web to trade?
  9. I see Android and iOS devices are much popular now. And if a broker doesn't provide mobile platform on those devices, it could be a scam broker.
  10. I trust more in comparison spread of third-side as this http://www.myfxbook.com/forex-broker-volume, however, can we trust this, many yellow brokers and I know for sure they paid money for yellow ones
  11. How can we perform a manual comparison? Do you have a tool to do it?
  12. how's about this link, anyone can led me some insights about this spread comparison: https://www.hotforex.com/mu/en/trading-products/spread-graph.html
  13. I did make around 5% a day as average dposit but I cannot make it last for over month, just a few few weeks and all my trades went wrong. I think we should manually close trades.
  14. Looks like you gained a lot of money with your broker, binaryowner?
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