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  1. Hello Members! Please be advised that the server move has been completed. We appreciate your patience during this time. For those of you who are getting a page that says We are moving when accessing extremexchange.com that is because you are still pointing to the old server. This will resolve itself in the next 24 to 36 hours but in the meantime you are welcome to reply to this email and I will provide you another way to access the site. All pending exchanges and new exchanges will be completed in the normal very fast time frames you have become accustomed to. Again thank you for choosing Extreme Xchange! Austin & John www.extremexchange.com
  2. Hello everyone! To celebrate our new acceptance of GDP and the overwhelming demand that we have had for it so far we have decided to run a new special until further notice. Sell your GDP to STP or SP for only 1% and GDP to LR for only 3%! This is the best rate you will find anywhere and we hope you will enjoy it and take advantage of it. This special can be cancelled at any time and without notice so dont delay in getting your exchange orders in! As always thank you for being a member of Extreme Xchange! Austin & John www.extremexchange.com
  3. This post is just to let you know that we have added Global Digital Pay as an exchange option on Extreme Xchange. Global Digital Pay is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing payment processors online with their excellet security and good customer support. They have the anonymity of Liberty Reserve while at the same time offering you the opportunity to verify your account to receive higher spending limits. Here are our current rates for exchanging GDP. LR -> GDP 3% fee SP -> GDP 6% fee STP -> GDP 6% fee PM -> GDP 9% fee GDP -> LR 4% fee GDP -> SP 3% fee GDP -> STP 3% fee GDP -> PM 2% fee I hope that you find this to be a useful addition to Extreme Xchange. Until tomorrow we are still running our 500th exchange specials which are STP -> LR at only 5% STP -> SP at only 4% Thank you again for using Extreme Xchange! Austin & john www.extremexchange.com
  4. Hi there everyone! To celebrate the milestone of our 500th exchange which happened last week weve decided to add some special offers for the next couple of days only. ~STP to SP for only 4%~ ~STP to LR for only 5%~ I can assure you that these low rates wont last long because they are the lowest in the industry so be sure to take advantage of them immediately! Also we hope to have Global Digital Pay added as one of our accepted processors by tomorrow as well so keep an eye out for that. Thank you again Austin & John www.extremexchange.com
  5. Hi guys :) Just checking in to say hi. We should cross 500 exchanges here in a week or two and i just wanted to personally thank everyone from here who has used our services. I've again got an email in to Alertpay but no response as of yet. GDP still hasnt responded from weeks ago. I sent 2 emails so Im sure they got it. Oh well... I'll keep yall posted on any progress.
  6. Hi Folks, As of now I'm implementing special pricing to Trade your Strictpay for STP or LR. Until we have met the quota that we need you can trade your Strictpay to LR or STP for only a 4% fee. This is the least expensive that you will find it anywhere so take advantage of it. Once we have met our quota I will move the price back to its normal rate. Have a wonderful week! Austin & John
  7. Doris made us some beautiful new banners this morning. If anyone would like to use these they can be found on our banner page or you can copy and paste the url that is beneath them. http://extremexchange.com/banners/125x125.gif http://extremexchange.com/banners/exchanger728.gif http://extremexchange.com/banners/exchanger120x600.gif
  8. I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and best wishes for the new year!
  9. We still have Liberty Reserve to Strictpay or Solidtrustpay at a 0% fee so you are all welcome to take advantage of that. I will also waive our 2$ minimum fee for anyone selling LR to STP or SP. Just send me a support ticket with your order # and ill waive it.
  10. Happy Holidays everyone! Thank you all for making our first month online so great!
  11. All processor approved exchanges have been completed and RC paid! If anyone is still waiting for their exchange its because we are still waiting on the processor to verify them for us.
  12. All processor approved exchanges have been completed. If your exchange is still pending then we are still waiting on processor approval. Tomorrow we will cross over the 100 completed exchanges mark. Thank you everyone for your wonderful support!
  13. All LR to SP and STP exchanges are currently at 0% fee. This is for an undetermined amount of time so take advantage of it while it lasts!
  14. All approved exchanges have been completed. Anyone with a pending exchange will have theirs completed as soon as they are approved by the corresponding processor. Please keep in mind that STP does not approve exchanges over the weekend.
  15. All approved exchanges have been completed. Thank you all very much for the wonderful support thus far.
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