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  1. im not sure if people are still doing hyip?kinda bizzar in this day and age
  2. aint binance still the largest trading platform? but with the recent crash with russia trying to put pressure on crypto transactions locally, im focusing more on forex on my hotforex account for now. bear markets in crypto are dipressing.
  3. its the holiday season, hope every one is safe, lets pray for a better 2021
  4. has anyone got any insight on usd after the elections, and what might happen during the transition?
  5. I hope everone is doing fine, in these hard times, stay safe everyone.
  6. not yet, still working with mt4, have no reason to transfer or try anything else as of yet. if u do so, kindly let us know.
  7. hopefully they hold more in places like mine, it would be nice to attend one
  8. I think for now most webinars are in english, not so sure if there are local webinars, i think some countries offer local seminars in their language, I hope your freind finds a suitable solution, he can also chec on youtube there should be hf webninars there as well
  9. i havent tried it, lately been busy with btc, and its getting interesting..
  10. i guess it is or through email. not sure if can be done through the site, i mean i rarely keep it open :)
  11. happy easter everyone, lets hve a good holiday season. cheers
  12. yup especially the live analysis, its realy done well.
  13. of course that actually a good start and its not bad at all.
  14. I hope its not only for live, it wold be good to practice it first on demo and get a fine understanding of it, but do let us know if you get to the bottom of it. thanks
  15. https://www.lmfx.com/en/contests/demo-contest.html here is the link of the contest, there is a list of past participants with crazy results and the name of the winner.. good luck
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