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  1. I don't agree if bonus deposit is bad. You have to know that each broker absolutely have deposit bonus, BUT its different. one broker do not help the margin and the other can help our margin. In liteforex, its deposit can improve our margin. so it's very helpful. Guys, let's open new account and make deposit in liteforex, they announce new bonus promotion, 100% bonus guys!!! Check it out NOW...!!!
  2. I've just know this autochartist, and i've download it. But, I can't test t because its saturday now.. It seems that its good tool for improving our trading.
  3. If you a scalper, i recommended you join and open NDD account in Lite forex broker.. Sure, you won't dissappointed with...
  4. Absolutely 100% is right... Time Frame is the basic to gain profit in forex if you are using technical analysis..
  5. Hehe.... It's not new bonus guys. After 2nd september, opening NDD account will not get bonus because its services and ecn technologies improved.. it already fast and quick on execution...
  6. There are so many technique to enter the market financial and it's make the trader little confused which the good strategy to be adopted.. I'm beginner trader and have tried many strategy and regularly it's make me confused... Please share your about this..
  7. money makes money is just on PAMM account.. We can make it come true with investing some our fund in there,, PAMM account is designed for any traders, with this account you can ask the manager to traded your fund. for more information you should go in www.liteforex.com Let's our money make money guys...
  8. lite forex is the best broker,, they always cover up the weaknesses and change it with the best one... They work very professionally,, i'm really like it so much... Salute for lite forex... Go ahead..!!!
  9. Yeah, forex is modern system of buying and selling currency... I've trade and making money with this system in lite forex, it's very great job than others.. but i used this job as my second part time job..
  10. i dont think so,,,there are many worse broker and very danger for us... So we should choose the right one. i recommend you to join in lite forex, they are very fair broker..... swear!!
  11. Hmm.... There is something make me do not understand. lite allow scalping, hedging, using EA in trade. BUt why there are some brokers that do not allowing it.. Can anyone here tell us about this??
  12. Hello girls.. I'm indonesian too.. If you want to learn about EA.. Lets go to kaskus.co.id friend.... And find in forum about EA,,, That's very great forum there... You will got free EA there...
  13. Yes of course...., LR is only payment systems. But i've heard from some friends. There is some broker that do not allow to make withdraw using another payment systems if they used LR in first deposit. It's funny broker i think.... lite have make good policy here... succes for all......
  14. safitri welcome on Collective Investments Forum. Nice to have you here with us.

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