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  1. Thank you for your interest, Use MegaRebate 2.0 with withdrawable live money paid each week.
  2. Dear traders, still haven't used popular FreshForex Tradable Bonus 101%? Specially for you the Bonus is available till June 5th 2017! What is the purpose of the bonus? It is intended to increase trading volume and to maintain your funds in case of drawdown. How many times can I use this bonus? Bonus 101% is available each time you top up your account and can be used an unlimited number of times. Can I withdraw bonus funds? You can withdraw the profit you gained with the help of bonus funds. Link your trading account to the promo and enjoy all its advanta
  3. A temtping rebate from FreshForex (up to $15!) Dear traders, Summer Marathon of new promotions is in full swing! Today we have launched a new promo with the tempting terms — "Megarebate". Get one of the highest rebates in the Forex market without without any middleman! Apply for the promo until July 31, 2016 and enjoy an unparalled rebate — up to $15! Learn more in the page of the promo. Good luck in trading!
  4. $150 000 to masters and bonus 25% to investors Dear forum members! We are glad to inform you that from 1 to 28 of November we will be holding a new superb contest - “Best Flagman Invest Master”! Not only Masters will receive prizes, but investors will get their share as well! Are you successful in your fund management business? Demonstrate masterful trading on your Master account and obtain investment from “FreshForex” as your reward! prize fund of the contest is increased in 15 times — up to $150 000 number of winning places grew up to 20 prize amount is up to $50 000 for the first place
  5. Dear Forum members! Do you still use Metatrader 4 version under 600 build? We recommend you to update the platform as soon as possible, because from August 1, 2014 support of older desktop versions will be terminated. Upgrade the platform and enjoy below advantages: Fast operation of EAsThanks to improve of MQL4 programming language, all EAs operate several times faster. Besides, the level of data protection was increased. Support of old EX4 softwareDespite the upgrade, terminal still supports EX4 software created by compiler of 509 build and under. New MetaEditorThis editor includes all
  6. "Flagman Invest" a new PAMM service from a credible broker Dear forum members! "FreshForex" company is glad to introduce you to a new Forex investment platform - "Flagman Invest". We have tried to account for all pros and cons of preceding projects and provide you with the service of the highest level combining major advantages of PAMM accounts. Thanks to its following advantages, "Flagman Invest" platform opens unlimited opportunities for both traders and investors: • Excellent trading terms — the possibility to open Master account on the basis of both classic and NDD account, spreads
  7. Eurotrend is against Australian retracement EUR/USD Monthly chart: monthly bar is not closed yet and everything may happen. But all leads to breaking of the upper Bollinger envelope as ADX is growing. It is ten to one that the next middle-term objective of bulls will be 1.4260. Upon that, one more preliminary rollback to average's Bollinger band zone is probable (1.3057). If it happens, it can be a promising setup for entrance to purchases before 1.4260, which consists more than 1200 pips. It is obvious, that one scenario is unlikely to be placed into one bar (that is to say, traders will
  8. EUR/USD - Weekly chart: the scenario is very close to above-mentioned, but support is more localised (1.3264 - Bollinger's average). ADX is in a very active bullish phase, that is why we may not find the pair below 1.3264 Euro. Read more
  9. A serious advantage of bulls appears EUR/USD Monthly chart: upper Bollinger's band moved above to 1.3753. Taking into account pressure from ADX, we can assume that upper trend is shaped very well and has two possible paths: either a direct way to the subsequent level (1.4285), or rollback from Bollinger's average band (1.31), from where a strong impetus to 1.4285 will take place. Failure of this scenario is only possible under 28th figure (blue arrow) and there is almost no technical sense to consider this option within the frame of weekly forecast.
  10. Default in the USA: what to expect from the US dollar? Dear Clients! The most discussed and significant news of this month is political, budget and debt problems of the USA. The situiation came to an end of its tether but despite the fact that default was prevented, the major reserve global currency was damaged in a long run. Main rivals of the American currency responded to that by a strong upsurge in quotes' values. We remind that destiny of the American budget was decided on 17th of October. Investors had been edgily waiting for the result of negotiations in the Congress. US Senate manag
  11. How to start acquaintance with the Forex market? 15 October 2013 Dear Clients! Recently joined the Forex market and are not sure, where to start from? Start from learning fundamentals! We offer unique educational projects considerably saving your time and money over the course of acquiring the art of currency trading. “Trader's Path” guide is intended for traders making first steps on the Forex market; Our “Fresh Forecast” reviews provide you with up-to-date market analysis, which is helpful at all stages of your acquaintance with the currency market; Information service will consolidate
  12. New type of market analysis in "Fresh Forecast"! 16 October 2013 Dear Clients! Our “Fresh forecast” service is expanding so you could perform market analysis using the latest market approaches. We are glad to introduce you to a new type of market analysis based on “The Point and Figure” charting! This method of analysis had been known a long time before computer era started. Unlike other methods, it does not represent “price against time” mode, but shows tendencies in how price rises and drops. Application of “The Point and Figure” chart allows you focusing on price changes and abstract y
  13. Dear Clients! We are pleased to inform you on extension of the “Double benefit” duration till December 31 of 2013 year! Switch your trading account to the promo, trade actively and get up to +20% of interest per annum! Monthly we pay you per cent for both margin and spare funds. The higher your trading activity is, the more benefit you get. “Double benefit” promo is available to each client of "FreshForex" company regardless of deposited amount and type of account. Let us remind you that you can learn detailed terms of promotion and get a full information about all active promotion plans
  14. "FreshForex" web-site is now available in the most popular languages of the planet! Dear Clients! "FreshForex" company is growing and developing, tens of thousands of traders from Russia and CIS already joined us. We are glad to inform you that from now on, web-site of our company is also available in the most popular languages of the world – English and Chinese. Both versions of the web-site are now supplied with all tools required for a comfortable work of traders and partners of “FreshForex” company. The most beneficial promotions and bonus plans, immediate withdrawal procedure, qual
  15. “FreshForex” prolongs “Double benefit” promotion 26 August 2013 Dear Clients! As per your numerous requests, we prolong popular promotion “Double benefit” till September, 30! “Double benefit” promo is still available to each client of “FreshForex” company regardless of deposit amount or account type. Just connect your account to promo, actively trade and get up to 20% of interest per annum! In the end of every month, we pay you per cent for both free and margin funds. The more active your trade is, the higher benefit you get! We remind you that you can always learn detailed term
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