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  1. [b]FAST AND PROFITABLE STRATEGY FOR BEGINNERS[/b] [img]https://freshforex.com/netcat_files/Image/fcf1a7989c02225aa83f7e84c3b1accf.png[/img] Dear clients, If you are immersed in trading in one way or another, then you know that the strategy greatly simplifies the process. If you are looking for a simple, yet profitable strategy, then this information is for you. Join the webinar on January 20 at 12:00 GMT and you will learn about a profitable 15 minutes strategy you could use for live trading. This webinar is suitable for everyone. You may ask FreshForex analyst any questions
  2. [b]TRADE INDICES WITHOUT SWAPS[/b] [img]https://freshforex.com/netcat_files/Image/11f8df6c50a914f586dbdf5a87a21df3.png[/img] Dear clients, This month, there are new favorites among the instruments, it's stock indices. For example, the Nasdaq-100 and S&P 500 renewed their all-time highs several times in the past year and already set new records in the new one. On the wave of indices success, we decided to cancel swaps until February 18. By trading these instruments, you are investing in the shares of several companies at once — this significantly increases the chances to make
  3. [b]FALSE BREAKOUTS IN YOUR TRADING[/b] [img]https://freshforex.com/netcat_files/Image/c74cc9a1d53484031cf5180d26b63773.png[/img] Dear clients, This theme connected with a previous webinar on how to trade breakouts. But this time, will be looking at how to trade false breakout. We’ll open the secret of successful false breakout trading. Join us on January 13 at 12:00 GMT! You may ask FreshForex analyst any questions about the market situation or discuss the latest analytical news on the webinars. You can also see all the previous webinars [url=https://freshforex.com/trai
  4. [b]WE EXTEND CANCELLATION OF CRYPTOCURRENCY SWAPS[/b] [img]https://freshforex.com/netcat_files/Image/e413c7e6b9d7df5d61b35356db6452a4.png[/img] Dear clients, We are pleased to announce that we have extended the cancellation of swaps on CFDs on cryptocurrencies until January 17, 2021! The instrument showed unprecedented demand against the background of the recent rapid growth. We remind you that when trading digital currency, you do not pay for the transfer of positions to the next day. Terms: 1. Promotion is valid from December 29, 2020 to January 17, 2021. 2. When
  5. [b]SIMPLE STRATEGY BASED ON ADX INDICATOR[/b] [img]https://freshforex.com/netcat_files/Image/0a3461ae449a6d6b5ed8a3a5e0191422.png[/img] Dear clients, On webinar, which will start on December 23 at 12:00 GMT, we will focus on the trend indicator Average Directional Movements Index. You'll reveal for yourself a simple strategy based on the ADX Indicator, that anyone can follow and make money in the Forex market. [url=https://freshforex.com/training/master-class/master-class-list_23675.html]Join us[/url] on Wednesday! You may ask FreshForex analyst any questions about the
  6. [b]WIN PRIZE OF 2021 USD[/b] [img]https://freshforex.com/netcat_files/Image/d582ab343e17e940d96380766d8d1b30.png[/img] Dear clients, New Year fast draws near — it's time for gifts! FreshForex starts the contest with 50 prizes of $2021 each to the account. Make a deposit of $300 or more and become a participant in the contest. Fund your account an unlimited number of times: this will only increase your chances of winning. The won prize can be used in trading, or you can keep it and withdraw it. Read the detailed terms here. Maybe you exactly become lucky! [b]EFFECTI
  7. [b]¢300 TO CENT ACCOUNT AS A GIFT. WITHOUT ODD CONDITIONS![/b] [img]https://freshforex.com/netcat_files/Image/850e671a2fce8d7557e99ce5886c974b.png[/img] Dear clients, Try your hand at trading on a cent account and get 300 cents as a gift, they are equal to $3. Everything you earn can be withdrawn. No investment is required from you, so you risk nothing. Arm yourself only with your skills and analytics — everything is just like in regular trading. Open an account using [url=https://myfreshforex.com/en/create/mt5trade/procent]this link[/url] and start making money right now! T
  8. [b]TRADE CURRENCY OF FUTURE WITHOUT SWAPS[/b] [img]https://freshforex.com/netcat_files/Image/e685330105b11b53367a8504be696187.png[/img] Dear clients, A few days ago, a significant event took place in the cryptocurrency market: bitcoin updated the historical record of 2017 and rose above $19 000. The mark has been held for several days! Cryptocurrency attracts the attention of many traders around the world. Digital currency is characterized by fast and significant price movement, which allows you to get an impressive profit in a short time. Meet first new year promotion from
  9. [b]IT IS TIME FOR CURRENCY PAIRS[/b] [img]https://ff-fresh.org/netcat_files/Image/bba85ee4cd53294eceb3bb2b2c4dcbd1.jpg[/img] Dear clients, On December 4 at 13:30 GMT Non-Farm Payrolls is to be released. This report shows changes in the number of people employed in USA non-farm sector. Total number of people employed in this sector are about 80% of workers producing USA GDP. If the data increase, the dollar price rises too. Therefore, it is also called the "indicator that moves the markets". Learn what FreshForex analyst tells about it: Leading empl
  10. [b]HURRAY, BLACK FRIDAY! TRADING STRATEGY AT VERY LOW PRICE[/b] [img]https://ff-fresh.org/netcat_files/Image/ac86a62911c236750f4cdfb342b5f22d.png[/img] Dear clients, We are bursting into Black Friday and giving the trading strategy to everyone ready to shake up their trading. The consistent, effective strategy relies on in-depth technical analysis, charts and indicators to help you to make trading success happened. Get your strategy in three easy steps: 1. Make a deposit of $9.99 to your [url=https://myfreshforex.com/en/deposit/auto?utm_source=forum_op&utm_medium=fo
  11. [b]US ECONOMY SUPPORT FROM THE FED[/b] [img]https://freshforex.com/netcat_files/Image/56664f6139b8c273c5d43f2ef0ee8a1d.png[/img] Dear clients, On November, 20 the US Federal Reserve will purchase Treasury bonds. This ensures to support the country's internal economy and, in particular, the stock market. This is an important event for the dollar exchange rate. Read trading commentary by the FreshForex leading analyst: Tonight, the US Federal Reserve will double the volume of transactions in the Treasury market. The volume of purchases will amount to $12.82 billion, which is t
  12. [b]CORRECT SETTING OF STOP LOSSES[/b] [img]https://freshforex.com/netcat_files/Image/2bf0508469c872a54a6d838368ee87d2.png[/img] Dear clients, Limiting of losses is an important part of trading. How set these protecting orders correctly? On the webinar, which will start on November 18 at 12:00 GMT, we look at the best way to set your stop losses. Besides, you'll learn the reason why stop loss is important and why it must be your number one priority before you enter any trade. Join us! You may ask FreshForex analyst any questions about the market situation or discuss the lates
  13. TODAY ONLY! ACCESS TO CLOSED TELEGRAM CHANNEL AT HALF PRICE Dear clients, We are giving a 50% off on a closed Telegram channel with signals in honor of Biggest Shopping Day! Get access in two steps: 1. Make a deposit of $50. 2. Send a request to a manager in your Client area titled “Telegram analytics”. Almost done! You'll get access right after your request approved. Save time searching for analytics and focus on trading: for the channel, we select only those signals and news that really affect the course of trading. We wish you profitable trades!
  14. WHAT WILL US FEDERAL RESERVE DO ON THE INTEREST RATE? Dear clients, On November 3 at 19:00 GMT US Federal Reserve System announces its rate decision. This event will influence the financial markets and give an excellent opportunity to earn! Traders always look forward to the decision to get signals for future interest rate changes. Check out trading forecast of the leading FreshForex expert: The US Federal Reserve may announce an increase in its Treasury and mortgage bond buyback program to help the US economy cope with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Thursday
  15. ECB INTEREST RATE: WHAT TO NOTE? Dear clients, On Thursday, October 29 the ECB Interest Rate Decision is to be released. The main Bank's goal is to support the national currency and stimulate economic growth. This event impacts on the global financial markets and makes fluctuate the volatility strongly. Check out the trading forecast of FreshForex analyst: Deflation in the eurozone is forcing the ECB to increase the volume of bond purchases, which will have a positive impact on European stock indices. Consider buying #DAX30, #CAC40. Make the most of your trading opport
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