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  1. As I know it's still actual. I'm curious to trade with Zulutrade or VertexFX Account Mirroring anyway. Does anybody have positive experience with them?
  2. Thank you for your answer. I found out from your website about 35% bonus. Give me more details, please. Can I use other bonuses with this one? If I can, which bonuses?
  3. Give more details about no deposit bonus, please. Are there any limits of trading certain currency pairs? Can I trade USDJPY and USDCAD using this bonus?
  4. Thanks for sharing your experience! I have never heard about mayzus broker. What does 100% bonus mean? Can you withdraw it?
  5. Yeah, it's easily to get confused while your a newbie and have to choose a broker, but if you are experienced you needn't stop looking for some more profitable conditions, I think. What do you think about bonuses which brokers give if you open an account in their company? I'm quite curious about no deposit bonus and bonus for changing a broker from FreshForex. Any experience?
  6. I quite trust my broker (it sounds a bit strange from a trader, I know), but I trade with it for about half a year and don't have any problems with it. Freshforex is regulated, has no any problems with withdrawal and provide satisifying conditions.
  7. One of main idea in forex trading is reducing risks, because you can't avoid it. A trader should use money managment and risky managment (in addition to his/her trading strategy) to make his or her trading more safe, but it's not enough. Many risks depend on a broker, for example widespread problems with withdrawal. I'm with FreshForex now and withdrawal takes a few minutes, fortunately.
  8. Trading with a high leverage is highly recommended,as I know, if you account is about $200. Even if you have 1,000 $ it's better to use a lower leverage like 1:400 or 1:200 if your broker allows that.
  9. I agree. I can't concentrate properly using my mobile phone so I prefer doing trading from my computer.
  10. I know that some brokers offer more than 100 pairs but I don't need so many, I'm satisfied with EURUSD :)
  11. I can't imagine my trading without learning from other traders and forums are the right places to do that. How can I learn really complicated things from technical and fundamental analisys by myself? An opportunity to learn some experience is quite important, I think.
  12. Robert Kristofer welcome on Collective Investments Forum. Nice to have you here with us.

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