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  1. hello, thanks. we will contact you later, and maybe you can contact me via skype, my skype is epaymarket
  2. hello, it's really a good news for us, can we know your contact details? can we know which website will add Epay as payment processor?
  3. Hello, all, popular hyip monitor http://www.list4hyip.com/ has added Epay as their payment options, any admin who want to cooperate with list4hyip.com can now use epay to pay now.
  4. Tomorrow is China's Dragon Boat Festival, Happy Dragon Boat Festival~~~
  5. Happy Childrens' Day!!
  6. Famous hyip manager "Goldcoders" has added Epay into their website and supports Epay now. Any hyip admins want to use Epay as payment option, just buy the script with Epay integration at goldcoders.com, very convenient!!~~~~~~~~~~
  7. Warm Tips: after customers sign up at Epay and get the bonus, customers can use the bonus to top up their mobile phone at the merchants 2receive.com( minimum $0.26 )
  8. Epay's "Rewards Program for New Members" has started, hurry up to join now. customers can start here:https://www.epay.com?ref=10483 about how to creat an epay account, click here: http://www.wikihow.c...an-Epay-Account
  9. Since we have been frequently asked about details of the visa card and master card, So let us be clear please: we don't offer visa card and master card now, but we will do this thing soon, please pay close attention to our website. Now, theie is only one award program working------awards for merchants Details: If you have a website, accept it as payment option to get $10, and your 1st referral will be rewarded $5. 10000 Epay members are on the way to join your site. LINK: https://www.epay.com/about_activity.html Which is really a good business opportunity, especially for those new websites
  10. Anyone who want to know more about Epay, or have some doutbs about Epay can write down here, any quesition about Epay is welcomed!! i will reply you all as soon as possible.
  11. According to customers' feedback, so many people are apt to confuse epay.info and epay.com. please note that epay.com is really different from epay.info, they focus on different bussniss type as below: Epay.info is an gaming faucet script and faucet list site, a samilar to faucetbox.com, and xapo.com. we can use it to claim various faucets and get paid through epay.info account. just take a look at epay.info for know more about epay.info.. Epay.com is a brand new payment processor which provides global payment service including sending funds, receiving funds, deposit,withdraw, currency exch
  12. Epay is looking for quality market promoters/freelancers to help to promote our payment service, if possible, we also offer part-time job. Anyone who wants to work for Epay with decent pay can contact us via this email: sylvia@epay.com or skype:epaymarket
  13. Good day, dear. New Merchants join in Epay. You can shop online and pay with your Epay now. If you need Forex Trading, please go for: http://cryptoforex.rf.gd/ If you need to recharge your mobile phone online, please go for: http://www.2receive.com/ If you want to find someone to help you activate your PayPal, please go for: http://ahmad-ramdani90.xyz/ if you want to shorten your link or buy traffic for your website, please go for: https://www.epay.com/shops_info.html More and more online Merchants will join Epay in the near future. Pay close attention to: https://www.epay.com/shops_info.h
  14. Warm Tips: an easiest way for Epay SCI integration----add below code into your website script. (need to change some value, check our image) <span style="text-align:right"> <form name="form1" method="post" action="https://api.epay.com/paymentApi/merReceive" > <!--PAYEE ACCOUNT :--><input name="PAYEE_ACCOUNT" type="hidden" value="1441629882@qq.com" size="40" /><!--User’s Epay account --> <!-- PAYEE NAME:--><input name="PAYEE_NAME" type="hidden" value="Three little squirrels nuts" size="40" /> <!--The business name that Merchant wanted to displayed on
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