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  1. AUD/USD continued the journey into bullish zone; it is hard to see it stopping anytime soon. So the ideal opportunity is absolutely into going for buy, but just got to ensure we make the entry right, as everything is going to be dependent on it.
  2. EUR/JPY continued the week into bullish zone and opens up good opportunity to go ahead with buy. It could be nice chance that we could go for long, but it is better that we get into it once there is come dip to be in much better situation ahead.
  3. USD/JPY went down heavily with Dollar not in good shape at all. With the way things are going far with working, it is highly likely that we will see similar situation continuing ahead as well. It could be a good opportunity to go for sell but bit pick up is necessary.
  4. GBP/USD has gained pretty well, as we saw Dollar getting hurt badly, it made sure that this pair continued on with the climbing and we are very much sure that similar pattern is going to ahead as well. It might be perfect opportunity to get into things.
  5. EUR/USD has really gained massively in last 24/48 hours. It is highly likely that we will see similar trending ahead as well. So, it could be good opportunity to go for buy, but only after there is some kind of drop to manage.
  6. It’s so amazing to be with this company. I don’t understand how you guys come up with such unique and likeable offers on routine basis, it truly makes you guys the BEST broker out there!
  7. Are you currently looking for a viable business or program where you can invest your hard-earned income and get a good Return on Investment (ROI)? Well, there are several startups and other existing businesses out there. But would they really give you what you want? Not all of them would, of course. However, you should not be discouraged because of that. Cryptofancy is out to give you the best possible ROI in the shortest time. Cryptofancy promises to provide you a direct access to advertisers, and help you buy the property and car of your choice. Investing in this program would be the w
  8. There is little doubt about the future belonging to Cryptocurrencies, it’s exactly why 55Cancri (also known as “The Diamond Planet”) offering the greatest opportunity that runs around Blockchain technology! UROC, Inc. is the sole Ambassadors for the rightful owners of the 55 Cancri planetary systems located approximately 40 Light-Years from Earth. The company is selling Extraterrestrial Property ($25 per acre) on 55 Cancri E, "The Diamond Planet". Which means having 75% discount from the actual price of $100 per acre, but this discount will remain only for short period, as the price
  9. Learning about an ICO early and interesting into an option that can be life turning if the selection is right. That is exactly where Bittxcoin is the rising star! Bittxcoin is an innovative decentralized cryptocurrency incorporating the best advanced technologies and satisfies the needs of all market players whether users, investors or business owners to best advantage. This universal payment tool significantly from other cryptocurrencies due to a number of innovations, but at the same time has such important qualities as decentralization and anonymity.
  10. I got in very late, so it was not a really memorable entry. However, I have gained fair bit from Ethereum where I was not exactly late. I also got benefitted by Dash and other such stuff. Now, my entire focus in on with upcoming ICOs as they are life changer kind and my current pick DFS which is based on online fantasy sports platform built on Ethereum blockchain. So, huge potential there with able to get 5,000 tokens o their DFS for just 1 Ethereum!
  11. Electroneum is an ICO that is going to be talked about in years to come. As they have done something that NO other ICO has done. They have made history by reaching $40M hard cap in shortest time. The presale which was supposed to be finished by 31st is now closed 11 days earlier on 20th October due to the tokens getting sold out. With such response, it is fair to say sky is the limit for this one. Are you already in? Join now https://my.electroneum.com/join/B8B96E
  12. This was something that was never thought before but FreshForex has made sure that we have every option at our disposal to use. And, that’s why this $20 for writing an article is available here. We can get $20 bonus for an article, so try it now!
  13. No one hates the EXTRA thing and thanks to FreshForex, it’s now possible to get EXTRA with Megarebate 2.0 promotion. With this, it is possible for us to get up to 20 USD per lot size trade which is just unbelievable and really makes life easier for all involved! So try it today and make working easy.
  14. Having to pay commission has always been very frustrating, but now thanks to FreshForex, it’s no longer an issue. With them there are no commissions on deposit which makes our work a lot easier and we can trade confidently without any other worry in our head!
  15. Starting was always difficult but it has become a lot easier now which is only thanks to FreshForex with offering $200 No Deposit Bonus, it’s sensational and makes it all so easy to work with especially for beginners. So, this is what allows us to begin in ideal way!
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