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  1. Ever since the last site problem down time, I can not get logged in and ofcourse it was the weekend, so no one was there... It's Monday late afternoon and still have not gotten my new passward so I can get logged in... Been waiting three days now to get my upgrades made, I'm just going to move my funds to my bank and put in StrictPay... They get back to you fast and much easier to login, plus their solid security is unbeatable... {would've been nice if PAC gals could've just deposited in SP for me} I've been with STP for many years, but they've lost their connection to their customers... ...sad, but true... skylady By the way, anyone I KNOW, that has SP or AP they want to exchange for STP, contact me on TopGoldForum... Thanks, skylady :)
  2. skylady


    Found one :flag_of_truce: Poor little guy
  3. Dorky, we'll meet again, my friend... for sharing your life with us... ...one of your friends...
  4. Thanks Mary good info. !!! :D
  5. We'd like to hear your thoughts Austin... They would be good for newbies and old timers... :v_SPIN:
  6. SurfNLive review and some thought... By CIFBlog on March 3, 2009 Hello everyone Sorry for the delay in getting an article done over the last couple of days. It’s been a crazy week so far and I’ll be sure to tell you guys more as time goes on. Also I think one of these days here I’m just going to writ... (more…) CIF Blog
  7. Wanted to say, you'll meet some really friendly folks here on CIF, miseinen !!! Welcome again to ya ;)
  8. ... and it's good to have you here dragonheart !!! WELCOME to our Home away from Home... :D
  9. ProjectSurf review and other News By CIFBlog on February 28, 2009 Hello everyone! Well it’s been a crazy couple of days in the online world and I really believe that everyone is looking for the next great thing to come along. Let’s talk about a new program that has recently popped on the block that I m... (more…) CIF Blog
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  12. k... I'm here... ...now maybe owl ??? It's pretty late, should be out... lol :D
  13. AggeroInvestment Review and Updates! By CIFBlog on February 23, 2009 Hello everyone and I hope that you all had a very nice weekend. Today after multiple requests we are going to do a review of one of the most popular programs out right now , AggeroInvestment . I know what some of you are thinking, “What ... (more…) CIF Blog
  14. ..sorry js hit the wrong tab... Read the Article and am wondering if in me2everyone we are able to change our shares to CHFs - do you know ??? I'm going to check it out, but can always use your brains for help... Thanks, skylady
  15. Good to have you here with us badluckme !!! WELCOME to CIF... :D
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