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  1. Santa Paying! 15:38 06.01.18 Transfer Sent Payment 11.00 USD to account U12829793 from U12249***. Batch: 200981385. Memo: Withdrawal order 78 to moniq.
  2. Santa gives you a money for the whole 2018 Year! Santa Claus delivers presents to all the good peoples in the world. The most pleasant Gift is a money... MUCH MONEY! Put a few dollars into envelope and send letter to Santa. After that you will receive from $9 to $15 every day. Santa makes you rich in 2018 New Year! Let Santa to fulfill the wishes of people in 2018. Tell about magic letters to all your Friends. Earn 5% reward from every letter which were send by your Friends. Investment Plans: Send $2018 / earn $5475 after 365 days / $15 daily Send $1000 / earn $1680 after 120 days /
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