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  1. Forex is for cool minded people. Being temper you can not win in forex. Particularly relax will be really necessary for any of traders because trading is really stressful business. When I started to trade in the forex market, I really did not know the different aspects of the market. Hence, I did incurred many loses, which was eating up my savings. Eventually at the verge of quitting, I found FreshForex. The education documents and tools available in this site helped me a lot.
  2. I haven't had good experience with EFX. Initially I had Micro account with them and I raised my concern that the spread is too high, sometimes 8 pips for EUR/USD, they said, Oh it's Micro account and during slow market hours the spreads are higher and if you want smaller spread open bigger account. Now I have Mini account with them and it's even worst, here is what is happening. I can guess this is the scam broker I've joined. I think this kind of broker is very harmful for novice traders.
  3. FXCM have unprofessional untrained team members handling your data and transactions, they don't have proper complaint procedures, their customer services is a joke. I tried to fund my account yesterday by following a link one of their staff sent me; they took the money from my card and send me an email 10 minutes later saying they've declined my transaction; when I've inquired about this they've admitted that the person who sent me this link have made a mistake and sent me a wrong link to a different website.
  4. I trade with FreshForex which is the best broker in my view. I select them because they provide amazing platforms to execute your trades. With platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4), Myfxbook Autotrade, MT4 Multiterminal and different mobile platforms, freshforex provides the best trading speculation in the market. These platforms are very easy to navigate through and provide a better insight in the market trends and shifts. It is also NDD broker for sure.
  5. “FreshForex” brand continues its fast growth, winning over international market and gaining new supporters in World traders’ community. There are good reasons for that: excellent trading terms, withdrawal of funds in a matter of minutes and the best possible openness of company to every client. As their trader I can rely on them in every term of forex trading. They offers many things what a trader can expect from their broker. Their unique affiliate program is one of these. Highest payments - up to $20 per a trading lot on all pairs. Higher payment on volumes for active partners. The best promotional tools. An affiliate website with free support. The unique calculator - the best tool for planning a partner's income.
  6. Forex Trading is now the most popular online business. It is now become a trend because of its easiness, no investment required and you can do this from your home or anywhere you want. You just need a computer or a smartphone. I joined this business as a part time trader, and started forex trading with FreshForex which is regulated and dedicated for their clients. They provide all necessary services what I can expect from my broker. To open an account is simple and convenient. A comfortable Personal Area. Transparent online statistics of the major indicators of the company's work. Beneficial contests, rebate and deposit bonuses and promotions. I can recommend them to all traders no matter if you are newbie or a professional one.
  7. We must find a broker in order to get or earn the maximum profits trough our trades, though we can't win all time. The broker without slippages issues in very important to forex traders. As it is said slippage is a kind of technical pitfall. So, every trader must be cautious about this technical term. I trade with a broker called FreshForex who provide no slippage. They are giving high level of forex services. Such as, Team of high-qualified professionals. A Personal Manager for each customer. Round the clock (24/5) customer support forex trading service. Prompt response and settlement of issues. To process a withdrawal request takes less than 5 minutes on average. Dozens of popular payment systems and tools. No fees for deposits.
  8. Nowadays choosing broker is very difficult task. But somehow with my deep research and testing demo accounts I can manage to find out a good and reliable broker who is always stand beside their traders or clients. In order to get in Forex business we obviously need a medium called broker without this bridge we can't cross the Foreign exchange river. The reason I choose FreshForex are Narrow floating spread from 0 p. Instant market execution from 0 sec. No minimum deposit. No fees for conducting transactions. No restrictions for levels of pending orders. ECN accounts with the lowest commission - from 0.003%. Flexible hedging with "Smart Bridge Technology®", which provides the best NDD execution and the most accurate quotations.
  9. Based on the trend line there we are looking that the market has strong sell signal indeed. The market is about to break out the moving average point and to the sellers the entry point is at 1.5418 and the target point is at 1.5368.
  10. EURNZD market we are looking is in the middle position of Bollinger Bands and up to the moving average but act up to the market view and to me it seems that the market will come down breaking all these. So to the sellers the entry point is at 1.6898 and the target point is at 1.6851.
  11. The Momentum as well as trend line showing us that the market has a great possibility to go up. Because the market is much stronger from bull sight indeed. To grab the signal bearish traders should buy at 85.37 and the target point will be at 86.67.
  12. According to the moving average and AC indicator we have buy signal in the AUDNZD chart. Hopefully within a short time the market will start dominating on the market so to the buyers the entry point is at 1.0774 and the target point is at 1.0847.
  13. The GBPJPY market was in the uptrend but now we are looking that the market suddenly broke out it’s range and went down. So still there is sell signal for the retail long time traders. So sellers should take an entry point at 150.03 and the target point is at 147.51.
  14. Act up to the Bollinger bands and moving average analysis there is strong buy signal to the bull traders. Buyers need to be alert there in taking entry. To them the entry point should be at 1.6886 and t5he closing point will be at 1.6941.
  15. According to the d1 chart there is blatantly sell signal in the AUDJPY chart. The market is still crossing the moving average and at the outer side of moving average sellers should put an entry at 87.59 and to them the closing point is at 86.27.
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