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  1. Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in value this year has outstripped even high-performing technology stocks tempting more investors to capitalise on the volatility while others steer clear fearful of a crash When the Wall Street Journal’s headline reads Bitcoin: Even Grandma Wants In On The Action you can’t ignore it. Bitcoin’s price swings have been prompting volatility-starved investors to join the biggest speculative boom since the 1990s dotcom fever. Just six minutes into Bitcoin futures trading, the contract expiring in January which opened at $15,000 rose to $16,600. Trading on Monday morning (December 11th) in London the contract was changing hands at $17,500. Bitcoin itself was at $16,635.05 according to CoinDesk. Right now there is no hotter ticket having started 2017 at $968.23 For More Detail : Bitcoin mania: Join the rush or beware the bubble?
  2. Successful traders from around the world have chosen the MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platform for trading Forex, exchange instruments, futures, and CFDs. MetaTrader 5 is an effective, multi-functional platform that provides everything you need to trade the financial markets. MT5 platform can be used by advanced traders as well as beginners since it can be expanded to incorporate additional programs and instruments. Functions The platform offers advanced financial trading functions as well as advanced tools for technical and fundamental analysis. MetaTrader 5 can also trade automatically by using trading robots and trading signals. It is a trading platform that is able to process different financial instruments with a range of trading activity. Traders may use a wide selection of pre-installed technical indicators and graphical objects to analyse the markets. For More Detail : Why choose the MetaTrader 5 trading platform
  3. Bitcoin’s value surged past $7000 on November 2 setting a new high on the back of news that CME Group will offer a futures option later this, the move may be a pre-curser to Bitcoin becoming an exchange-traded fund and acceptance by mainstream finance CME Group’s October 31 announcement to offer futures on Bitcoin this month sent the cryptocurrency surging past $6,400. The move brings Bitcoin closer to mainstream finance, placing it alongside CME’s futures on interest rates, indices, commodities and currencies. Bitcoin’s price has soared. It started the year at $966, broke $5,000 on October 11 before settling at $6,362.65 on October 31. For More Detail : Bitcoin takes a big stride away from fringes of finance
  4. Samsung reveals plans to create mining chips as it officially enters cryptocurrency arena Samsung have announced that their foundry business makes chips designed for cryptocurrency mining. The move was reported by Korean newspaper The Bell who revealed the chips will be application-specific integrated circuit (Asic). It marks the first official move by Samsung into cryptocurrencies. Garrick Hileman, a cryptocurrency researcher from the University of Cambridge, said the move indicates that Samsung does not see Bitcoin as a bubble that is about to burst. For More Detail : Samsung joins cryptocurrency bandwagon
  5. Forex is actually not difficult, but it takes hard work, it's my way of thinking, learning forex is very easy, the problem is in the right application. If anyone wants something, actually he works hard to achieve it, the same thing happens in forex, if you give up quickly then believe me it's not your way, and try joining FXB Trading to solve the problem you have about forex tradi...
  6. FXB Trading focuses on delivering the best possible trading experience in order to help your money grow. There’s no greater way to boost your trading account than by gaining an extra 6% withdrawable interest p.a.* on your deposit while you are trading. Earn 6% Interest per annum* with FXB, payable monthly.
  7. My broker is a very simple broker. but very luxurious, because my broker gives me comfort in providing services and giving what I want. including the benefits I get from this forex trading. the advantage I receive is not small, it is very much. then let's join FXB Trading!
  8. do not bother trying my trading strategy in FXB Trading. We have compiled a list of basic trading terms and definitions to help you understand and introduce you to different instruments, tools and strategies for different markets. Register an FXB account to gain exclusive access to this mandatory trading tool!
  9. Retail foreign exchange trading as we know it now will not exist. It can not be without the internet, and forex brokers are a unique online business. Unlike stockbrokers, who have the ability to engage in the so-called paper trade if they want it, or share trades themselves, where stock certificates can be filed with investors as physical evidence of their ownership, forex traders by definition have no physical evidence of trading activity and their investment. I joined the broker FXB Trading is the best broker in forex.
  10. Just try the bonus that is in my broker. FXB Trading focuses on providing the best trading experience to help grow your money. There is no bigger way to increase your trading account than get an additional 6% interest that can be withdrawn p.a. * on your deposit when you are trading. Earn 6% interest per annum * with FXB, paid monthly.
  11. in my broker, it is FXB Trading. Sometimes I often use leverage. But in my broker this may be able to add interest. but if you want to know or curious you can join with my broker. and make sure there is any leverage that adds interest
  12. At FXB Trading, you have the maximum flexibility to increase your trading strength with leverage starting at 1: 1 and continuing to a large 1: 1000.
  13. I always read all about analysis, but not graphical statistics, I read the fundamental analysis, because from the analysis of reading we can know the position and potential of the next market. so we can be master trading. and do not forget to join FXB Trading
  14. FXB Trading focuses on delivering the best possible trading experience in order to help your money grow. There’s no greater way to boost your trading account than by gaining an extra 6% withdrawable interest p.a.* on your deposit while you are trading. Earn 6% Interest per annum* with FXB, payable monthly.
  15. Robot trading is a very bad thing, because the discipline is perfect and does not make too many mistakes if the robot is programmed properly. The main difference between human forex traders and robots is the way they work. Trading robots also kills our decision-making power. I am proud and successful trading manual trading with FXB Trading brokers because my broker is using the results of great and successful human work
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