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  1. Luck does not exist in the forex market, if you have a good strategy and you are disciplined you will get good results in a regulated manner, I do not mean that you will not fail, if not, your profits will always be higher to achieve it I advise you a foreign exchange training course and we will be successful
  2. Strongly agree, mainly because in this platform you can have mt4 signals to invest in the market with better returns. that's why for me mt4 is still the best platform in the market
  3. Yes, I definitely agree with Joy Bahadur about that a forex forum can help many traders.
  4. The spread is one of the basic concepts of the Forex currency market, without knowledge of which it would be difficult to imagine the work of a trader. The spread is the difference between the price of selling and that of buying a financial instrument and is the fundamental source of income for online forex trading broker, who take a small part of the spread as a kind of commission for their services.
  5. A trading account that allows an investor the practice online trading to review and test the features of a trading platform before funding the account or placing trades. A demo account is typically "funded" with simulated money, which allows the investor to conduct fictitious trades in order to become familiar with the ins and outs of the platform.
  6. On Wednesday the 10th of January, trading on the euro closed slightly up after Bloomberg landed a blow on the dollar during the European session. The news agency reported that China is planning to reduce or stop its purchases of US government bonds. The dollar dropped as bond yields rose due to the fact that China is the biggest holder of US debt. According to the US Treasury, China currently holds 1.189 trillion dollars’ worth of US government bonds. The news about China sent the euro up to 1.2018 against the greenback. Since there were no official announcements from any Chinese officials, however, there was no further impetus for the dollar’s decline. In the US session, the euro dropped to 1.1941. Due to the unexpected news on China, yesterday’s predictions didn’t come off. Sellers erased yesterday’s gains, bringing the exchange rate down to 1.1941. At the time of writing, the euro is trading at 1.1952. Considering that on Wednesday, the euro/dollar rate corrected by nearly 90 degrees, and that the rate returned to the LB balance line (sma 55), for today, I’m predicting that the euro will slide against the dollar to the 112th degree at 1.1881. To trigger this decline, the bears need to break through the 1.1930 support. At the moment, the following crosses are getting in the way of this: EURJPY, EURGBP, EURCHF, and EURCAD. If the euro continues to trade above 1.1915 up to the 15th of January, then from Monday, I’ll be expecting the euro/dollar pair to rise again. Source: forex broker
  7. Of course, the demo accounts are very important to learn how to operate in the forex market, trading in online demo trading allows you to practice your strategies, master your emotions, learn about leverage, having a practice is vital to learn to operate in the forex market
  8. According to terminology of forex trading the Stop Loss is up to where you want to lose if your trade goes against your operative. so it is important to place it in each operation. The risk has to be controlled independently of the strategy we use to operate. A good stop loss helps a lot in our operations.
  9. The trading in not easy, we need have knowledge, skills, expertise about the currency market and currency trading for to successfully in Forex
  10. You can operate Bitcoin through CFD contracts in the currency markets, see more about how to work in forex, as well as in the futures market. As it is an emerging product, it will be available in all markets
  11. Bitcoin's price set a new record on Saturday as the virtual currency rose above $19,000 for the first time on the Bitstamp exchange. The gains came just hours after the currency crossed the $18,000 mark. Bitcoin's value has doubled over the last three weeks, and it's up more than 20-fold over the last year. When you understand foreign currency trading basics it is hard not to see a gigantic bubble about Bitcoin's value keeps rising despite a growing chorus of experts who say the currency value is an unsustainable bubble. "A lot of bubbles historically involve some kind of new financial technology the effects of which people can't really predict," said William Deringer, an historian at MIT
  12. Since Litecoin is making everyday new alltime highs. Currently at $250. Its algorithm line is moving well we can invest in currency exchange above 70. A close below 70 in the next few days will indicate that a retracement or even a new downtrend could be in effect.
  13. This morning, the price of bitcoin rose to 17,171 USD on the Hong Kong exchange Bitfinex. This marks a new all-time high for bitcoin and an increase in its price by a factor of more than 10 since the beginning of 2017. Many experts claim that this growth is the result of reduced hype surrounding the US dollar. They believe that this is more a case of the dollar depreciating in fx trading basics than the price of bitcoin rising. Crypto-analysts claim that the US Federal Reserve has printed so much money in the last 10 – 20 years that not even the regulator actually knows how much USD is in circulation around the globe.
  14. On Monday the 11th of December, trading on the euro/dollar pair closed slightly down, leaving a wick with a high of 1.1812 before dropping to 1.1769. With a bare economic calendar, market activity at the beginning of this week has got off to a slow start. Traders based their decisions mostly on the dynamics of US bond yields. In Europe, US 10Y bond yields dropped to 2.354%, before recovering to 2.391% in the US session. Growth for bond yields means growth for the dollar. Yesterday’s predictions didn’t come off. With the euro crosses rising and US 10Y bond yields dropping, the euro broke up the A-A channel. The euro’s rise against the dollar was stopped in its tracks by the 67th degree. The EURUSD rate dropped to 1.1765. The 45th degree has shifted from 1.1730 to 1.1758 as a result of the 1.1812 high being formed. I think the euro is going to move upwards from the 45th degree towards 1.1811. On the daily timeframe, two candlesticks with diverging tails have formed a range of 1.1730 to 1.1812. The euro will continue to move in whichever direction it breaks out of this range. Markets await the FOMC meeting and Janet Yellen’s press conference on the 13th of December. They’ve already factored in a 25-base-point increase to interest rates, so euro bulls shouldn’t waste their energy trying to push the price up here. I’m thinking about opening a long position with a BuyStop at 1.1780. If the euro renews the 1.1764 low, then it may be worth risking a long position from 1.1758/60. These are preliminary values, they may need adjustment later. Source: https://alpari.com/en/beginner/
  15. In the forex market terminology the Forex is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world. The good in this market is currency. The price of currency is defined by the level of supply and demand and is formed on the basis of an agreement between market participants.
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