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  1. Hey there! ♥️ How much can you earn with AlysDax? ❓100$ daily, 300$ daily, 1000 $? How? ❓Do you need to invest? I will tell you all the hints. ❗️1. Invest 3000$ in ALYS MONEY for 90 days. You will get 6510$ at the end of portfolio term. Which is 80$ daily ❗️2. This deposit gives you chance to upgrade your status to MP3 and get increased referral commission. If every day your partners open at least 1 portfolio for 1000$ you get 30$ daily. ❗️3. Your partner will also get daily profit and you get % of this amount also daily. For example you have 50000 $ team turnover. Your partners receive 1.3% per day and you receive 10$ daily. So total your daily income is 120$. And what if you are a big leader with 1 Million USD turnover? Than your daily incomes is 120$ x 20 which is 2400$ daily. ✅80 000$ per month and 960 000 $ per year. That is a usual income of our Top leader. ♥️ Join AlysDax today!
  2. 🤝♥️Bogor Team AlysDax table talk! 💰Just finished the meeting with leaders and the team! Join AlysDax global community and earn up 💰to 80 000$ per month.
  3. 30.05.20 07:02 Receive Received Payment 10.31 USD from account U20628430 to account U12829299. Batch: 316621408. Memo: API Payment. alysdax.com.
  4. BRAZIL ALYSDAX LEADERS HOLD ZOOM CONFERENCE Brazil Leader Eduardo Del Corralwill hold First AlysDax Online Conference in their region! At the webinar, the leaders will present the AlysDax project, talk about how and how much you can earn on portfolio investments and using an affiliate program. You will also learn more about the recently presented internal banking system and ALYS Coin, bonuses and preferences for AlysDax leaders. The online meeting will take place on May 30 at 18:00 (Brazil time). You can take part in the event, simply follow the link >> ZOOM << (Conference ID: 749 0953 1992; Password: 2w6XeT). Remember the time difference! The start of the conference will take place at the following time in different countries: 23:00 h ESPAÑA 22:00 h CANARY АН 22:00 h PORTUGAL 22:00 h. REINO UNIDO 18:00 h. ARGENTINA 18:00 URUGUAY 18:00 h. BRAZIL 17:00 CHILE 17:00 h VENEZUELA 17:00 h Bolivia 17:00 h. DOMINICANA 17:00 h New York EEUU 14:00 h Los Angeles EEUU 16:00 h PANAMA 15:00 h Costa Rica 17:00 h CUBA 16:00 h. COLOMBIA 16:00 h. ECUADOR 16:00 h PERÚ 16:00 h CDMX 17:00 h PARAGUAY Announcements of online and offline events taking place in various parts of the world are regularly published on the AlysDax website. Follow the convenient format of the meeting and join the event! https://alysdax.com/news/news-68
  5. Indonesian AlysDax leaders daily meetings! Thousands of new clients join AlysDax daily. AlysDax is an innovative platform which is created to bring mutual profit for cryptocurrency holders and traders! We have just updated our referral program to make it more profitable! Join now!
  6. Eduardo Del Corral is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Saturday May 30 AlysDax Presentation for Leaders America and Europe timetables 23:00 SPAIN 22:00 h CANARY ISLANDS 22:00 PORTUGAL 22:00 UNITED KINGDOM 18:00 ARGENTINA 18:00 URUGUAY 18:00 BRAZIL 17:00 CHILE 17:00 VENEZUELA 17:00 BOLIVIA 17:00 R. DOMINICANA 17:00 New York USA 14:00 Los Angeles USA 4:00 PM PANAMA 15:00 h COSTA RICA 17:00 CUBA 4:00 pm COLOMBIA 16:00 ECUADOR 16:00 PERU 16:00 CDMX 17:00 PARAGUAY Join the momentum of the fastest growing company Room link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/74909531992?pwd=cnNOU29qUGZtWnpSMG1RenBVbTBpZz09 Meeting ID: 749 0953 1992 Password: 2w6XeT
  7. UPDATED PRESENTATION OF ALYSDAX In the presentation you will find the most complete information about the AlysDax project, including the new AlysMoney and AlysBank tools: basic principles of working with investments, an investment calculator and the calculation of planned income for a specific portfolio. Also in the presentation there is a description of the updated marketing program of the project and all the bonuses available to participants and leaders of the project. You can download PDF files on our website at the following links: ● English: How to earn with AlysDax English.pdf ● 漢語: How to earn with AlysDax China.pdf ● 한국어: How to earn with AlysDax Korea.pdf ● 日本語: How to earn with AlysDax Japan.pdf ● Tiếng Việt: How to earn with AlysDax Vietnam.pdf ● Bahasa: How to earn with AlysDax Indonesia.pdf Also in the presentation in your language you will find links to the most popular channels and chat rooms of the project, where you can always ask your questions and get even more information. By integrating new solutions and becoming more comfortable AlysDax enables partners and system participants to earn even more! https://alysdax.com/news/news-67
  8. AlysDax increases the return on investment of cryptocurrency https://blog.naver.com/virgilrhodes/221981137985
  9. ALYSDAX is committed to becoming an industry leader https://blog.naver.com/virgilrhodes/221977443336
  10. WHY AM I PART OF THE AlysDax PROJECT? HOW MUCH DO I EARN? https://medium.com/@davidsparro7/why-am-i-part-of-the-alysdax-project-how-much-do-i-earn-ca1a3f5c525f
  11. NEW ALYSDAX LEADERSHIP OFFICE IN CHINA! ALYSDAX is actively developing, its leaders hold a large number of meetings, as well as online events. A large amount of work with investors, participants and leaders of structures requires close personal communication. For easy contact, quick assistance to new participants and growing leaders, regional project partners open consulting centers. Partners and members of the ALYSDAX community can visit the office at 2QHP + 66 Qinhuai District Nanjing, Jiangsu, China and get all the interesting information about the project! We thank the top leaders from the Chinese team for the active development and promotion of the project in their region. https://alysdax.com/news/news-66
  12. SECOND YOUTUBE LIVE FROM ALYSDAX LEADERS IN JAPAN Hosting YouTube LIVE is becoming a weekly tradition for Japanese leaders: the first live webinar last week received an excellent response from viewers, and a second stream is already planned for this week. Top leader Hajime Onozato will broadcast on Wednesday, May 27, at 21:00 (Tokyo time) and you can become a member simply by clicking on the link https://youtu.be/3Z7Ql2uWOAg If you wanted for a long time to know more about ALYSDAX and ask questions to experienced leaders, this broadcast is for you. You will learn about how much and how you can earn by becoming part of the project, how to become a leader and what additional bonuses gives leadership status. You will hear how to work with an affiliate program and what is the most profitable portfolio period. In addition, viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions in a special chat broadcast, where they will be surely seen by the presenters and give answers. Participation in the online events of ALYSDAX is your chance to change your life without leaving your home. Hundreds of leaders around the world are ready to share their knowledge with new investors, who have just joined or are still thinking about making money with ALYSDAX. Participation in all webinars is free. The information you can get there is priceless! Follow the schedule of our online events on the project website and in the Telegram channel and you will always be up to date with all the latest ALYSDAX news! https://alysdax.com/news/news-65
  13. AlysDax German / It's great fun to be there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTGIw9Bd_FA&feature=youtu.be
  14. Hey guys! Let me give you one ☝️ important hint! Open your portfolio 💼 in Alys Money. I really want you to use maximum opportunity. Compare 2 calculations 1000 ALYS gives 1.31% per day 1000 USDT gives 1.12% per day Remember that is Alys Bank 🏦 you can easily convert ALYS to any other available cryptocurrency. So if you are attentive that will bring you extra cash 💵 Stay tuned! [url=https://ibb.co/yRrB76W][/url] [url=https://ibb.co/HnwsFXp][/url]
  15. AlysDax Alice project drives investors to earn more wealth https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/7K092fGMFEfWtM8s9UWUMA
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