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  1. ❤️Today we gonna talk about business in frames of new economic reality 👆 All the companies ask people to work at homes. So people now work remotely. Some companies keep paying, some went bankrupt. Since all the business is going to become remote, we propose you to look closer to the network marketing. You can do your job and at the same time earn extra money for promoting AlysDax! ...How to promote it? ✅Very easy AlysDax is an awesome platform. You do not need work hard to attract people. Just talk about it 😄You will see the reaction. 😂Show me a person who would refuse getting 30% per month on the deposit. Greedy banks offer 5-10% Do you know how much they earn? 100% from what you put in bank on your account. And how much they share with you? 10% so they keep 90% for themselves. Not cool. 👎 All the companies share miserable part of their profit with you! AlysDax shares up to 50% with you! Open a deposit, share the info, it will promote itself and you will get money 💰💴
  2. some people that the project is a scam, other one makes a post of a payment receive. Personally, I have invested in AlysDax and already getting good profit.
  3. Wow, I am definitely in. Let's rock together)
  4. Hi, guys. Let's share experience with each other where everyone invests. Personally, I have joined AlysDax and already got my first profit there yesterday P.S. It is not a promotion, just sharing my portfolio
  5. Guys, thank you all I liked the event and looking forward to seeing you once again
  6. wow, I definitely come if I have. Actually it is very good that a project holds such events.
  7. Nice project as I see Personally I also invested in one, called AlysDax and already got my first payment P.S. It is not a promotion, just sharing new experience
  8. wow, it is good that a project pays its investors. In terms of my experience, I have recently joined one - AlysDax. P.S. Do not take it as promotion. I just share my point of view.
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