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  1. A financial crisis is one of the most dreaded buzzwords which is heard or read around the world. Either an economy is facing a recession or even a financial crisis, or there is a fear that it may be headed towards one, depending on several macroeconomic indicators. These indicators are marked declines in the per capita consumption, GDP, trade, money flow, energy consumption, and employment rate. Even the most powerful and economically strong nations in the world have gone through some devastating recessions in the past. Let us look at some of the worst global financial crisis t
  2. Real estate investment banking is considered a fantastic career choice for many undergraduates or graduates who desire to work in the finance business. Although they do have an insight into the day-to-day life of a real estate investment banker, few know for a fact what it is and all its details, such as job opportunities, salary, and which are the top investment banks in real estate. Therefore, we have created this comprehensive guide to real estate investment banking to help you on your way to becoming the best banker in the business!
  3. Are you ready to jump into the world of investing? Are you already investing but looking to improve your knowledge on the subject and, in turn, improve the performance of your investment decisions? Look online for investing advice, and you will be hit with a mountain of tips and tricks. There are investing books, blogs, forums, and social media groups that all make various promises about investing. Of course, you only have limited time to spend on learning and research. If you tried to read every resource out there, then you would spend the rest of your life reading and no time
  4. Brokers are usually individuals who deal with customers’ orders to buy and sell securities. Trading brokers are intermediaries operating between the securities that trade on the market and the investors that buy them. Investors must find the best trading brokers to handle their transactions. This article will review the firms that have recruited these talented people and how they can help you with trading securities. We will also detail each firm’s commission costs per trade, minimum balance requirements, and what type of investors they fit best. The Best Trading Brokers You Ne
  5. Many of us have seen a company declare bankruptcy. With the financial crisis of 2008, many companies went into the chaos of the market crash. However, many bounced back from their initial distress and went on to become profitable investments again. This is why investing in distressed companies is a popular idea. If you can find the right company to put money into, you can reap a great reward for your time and risk once the company rebounds. Why Invest in COVID19 Distressed Companies? Investing in distressed companies is different than investing in penny stocks. The differenc
  6. Whether you’re just starting or looking to relocate, one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your adult life is where you’ll live. Housing is typically the largest monthly expense for most Americans, so you’ll want to make sure you’re considering all options carefully. However, to know what to look for, you’ll need to decide how much of your income you can designate towards rent each month. How much is too much? So, how much money should you be paying towards rent? The traditional rule states that your rent should not exceed 30 percent of your income (before taxes).
  7. The idea of investing is exciting to most people. We want to dig in, get our feet wet, and start making some money. But, unfortunately, new investors I talk to are often making a huge mistake when they start. Instead of having a healthy nest egg stashed away for a rainy day, new investors often take whatever excess cash they have and immediately place it all in whatever investment they wish to make. This sometimes has no ill effect. Investor continues to invest their excess cash in the stock market, and life is amazing. The profits are rolling in, and their net worth continues
  8. Your 20s are a time of big changes in people’s lives. Starting a job, starting a family, sometimes buying your first house. This might be the decade with the most changes you will ever encounter! But beware of the multiple traps caused by an increased cash flow from a new job. Of course, some caveats and some good lessons can and should be learned before turning 30. Here’s a list of 9 money lessons I learned in my 20s (sometimes the hard way) and which are based on my personal experience, which I hope some other people will learn too while there’s still a lot of time to catch up
  9. Real estate investment banking is considered a fantastic career choice for many undergraduates or graduates who desire to work in the finance business. Although they do have an insight into the day-to-day life of a real estate investment banker, few know for a fact what it is and all its details, such as job opportunities, salary, and which are the top investment banks in real estate. Therefore, we have created this comprehensive guide to real estate investment banking to help you on your way to becoming the best banker in the business! What Is Real Estate Investment Banking?
  10. For anyone interested in the investment and finance market, an important topic to discover is related to the largest hedge funds in the world. These companies are dedicated to insurance and investments, and they all deliver high-quality services on a global scale. If you want to discover everything there is to know about hedge funds and the significant names of hedge funds, just read through our top 75 largest hedge funds in the world. 75. Nephila Capital Owner: Nephila Holdings Limited Based: Bermuda Founded: 1977 Assets: $10 billion Website: neph
  11. Since 1970, the private equity market has steadily developed into one of the biggest and wealthiest industries in the world, producing a long list of top private equity firms. A private equity company acts as a manager who makes investments in the private sector by using various strategies such as buyout, growth, and venture capital. Roughly $3.9 trillion in assets were held by private-equity (PE) firms as of 2019, and that was up 12.2 percent from the year before. Investors seek out private equity (PE) funds to earn returns that are better than what can be achieved in public equity
  12. The world is moving towards a new global economic crisis, amplified by the abolition or withdrawal of major actors from the free trade agreements that led to growth and efficiency, but also the prospect of the American-Chinese commercial war, postponed in the last moment of the signs of the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange by President Donald Trump. The economic crisis caused by wrong policies and the hand of man The pessimists have made a reputation from all the annual global economic crises, or at least regionals. If it is not a problem if they come and behind the predictions
  13. The Forex trading or online international exchange market can be clarified as a place usually where foreign coins are exchanged. For forex, trading currencies are an important or essential factor. Currencies also play a crucial or important role around the world as these legal tenders need to be exchanged for the purpose of conducting or carrying foreign commerce and business. The market of exchanging foreign exchange has emerged as a worldwide peddle since years where a significant portion of folks is engaged in exchanging foreign currencies. Dealing with forex platform is no l
  14. With regards to forex currency trading robots, you may expect them to use at any hour with no human being involvement. These superior systems offer so benefits that these times it is rather uncommon to encounter a trader that will not hire a certain kind of automated tool to be able to enhance his income. In this specific article, we can look at some features of using forex robots. Machine-driven trading systems are highly suitable for your comfort. They run all the time and you will need not to increase concerns regarding disparities with time zones. Furthermore, humans ca
  15. In a time of difficulty, loss or pain, having a clear perspective is almost impossible for any individual. Losing your loved ones has never been easy. But when you die, your loved ones are left to settle your financial affairs. We all know handling finances is a difficult task. If the main individual of the family who has been taking care of the finances always suddenly passes away, handling finances can become impossible. To make it easier for your family to handle finances after you, here is what you can do. We have tried to include some actionable advice regarding writing a Will,
  16. Several business owners take debts for buying assets or expanding their business operations. However, when the debts go out of hand problems, and tensions arise. The question of closure of business operations and bankruptcy might also arise. Therefore, it is critical for you to ensure that you get the best guidance for business debt settlement with the aid of a company that evaluates your business debts and creates a strategy for repayment. Experienced professionals to help you out Most businesses especially small to medium scale business houses do not have qualified financi
  17. Smart investors do not put all their eggs into one basket. They spread their equity around a few smart investment opportunities where they can exponentially grow. Experienced investors suggest all future prospects to diversify their investment portfolio, so they can maximize their chances of creating a profit. The main objective of investing is to buy what’s hot, outsmart the stock market and beat other investors. However, investments can be risky because there is an equal chance of success and failure. Which is why it is important to remain objective and up to date with current
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  22. There are plenty of things you can invest in: Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, mutual funds etc. It depends on your tolerance for risk and the desired profit you want to make.
  23. Established in 2016, Circle Markets provides foreign exchange traders with a high-quality trading environment. With Circle Markets you can trade in any one of 144 different currency pairs, in 7 different commodity markets, in one of 10 leading world stock market indices and cryptocurrencies. We provide user-friendly account management tools that make it easy for you as a professional trader, account manager or investor to manage your accounts. Circle Markets provides access to the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. This platform contains a number of technical analysis tools; allows
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