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  1. The world is moving towards a new global economic crisis, amplified by the abolition or withdrawal of major actors from the free trade agreements that led to growth and efficiency, but also the prospect of the American-Chinese commercial war, postponed in the last moment of the signs of collapse of the New York Stock Exchange by President Donald Trump. The economic crisis caused by wrong policies and the hand of man Service pessimists have made a reputation from all the annual global economic crises, or at least regionals. If it is not a problem, if they come and behind the predictions, there is also a serious theory that meets the requirements of the domain, a Nobel prize can also come. It's the case of Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel prize that predicted the 2008 crisis, and which is famous through the estrogenic announcements of numerous crises and after that moment. Crises that never happened before. On the other hand, the cruel reality translates into clear figures and data which, then, can no longer be challenged. The reduction of economic growth and the braking of economies occur and are announced day by day on various meridians. But the last quarter has brought the most powerful signs of entry into global economic crisis, mainly targeting the most important economies, which are not feeling very well either. Moreover, global Organisa, the IMF in particular, had to keep reviewing overall economic growth, reaching 3.2% for 2019 and 3.5% for next year. This is about the smallest global growth since the global economic crisis of 2008. When over the natural course of economies, come from step-by-step developments, predictable, also comes direct human action – sanctions, leaving trade agreements, Brexit – then entering the recession is more likely and the clearing formulas They're getting tougher. All the more so in the case of the US-China commercial war, between the two largest economies of the world, with the introduction of a 10% tax on 1 September for products worth 300 billion dollars by the US, and in December a new tax on new product categories , on account of the major continuation of the debalancing of the Sino-American trade balance. Recession of 5 major global economies Cutting-edge data sends very disturbing messages. It is not just a repeated decline in global economic prospects and forecasts, but even concrete data, dry that give harsh verdict and show that at least 5 of the first global economies are in the lip of the recession or in the manoeuvre with the figures At the limit of creative budget engineers, to maintain an apparent breath of growth or even economic stagnation, as well as pessimistic to the public. And we're not talking here about US and chine. In the SECOND quarter, Germany's economy, the Fourth of the world, contracted. Germany is a massive exporter in China and the US, the two countries entering the commercial war, which are mainly aimed at manufacturing areas, which advertise fewer products required from Germany. In addition, on the IT area, digitisation, new technologies, Germany is under pressure from the US and the debates on Huawei, technology and partner that could be missing from the 5G market. Moreover, the unreported EU trade war with the American Giants does not help, as it is known that there is no competitive force producer in the continent that is able to compete with the American and Chinese giants. The German automobile industry is in Vrie, bad news for Romanian producers of various subassemblies. In addition, the Brexit prospect, which buries London, fundamentally affects, in perspective, Germany, and the EU entirely, by losing the second economy in the European conclave. Incidentally, Britain is already in recession in the 2nd quarter, for the first time since 2012 and the chance of a miraculous return over the summer, to avoid the formal recession, is very low. Moreover, an unagreed Brexit will blow up the British economy and stronger. Italy encounters the new government crisis, determined by the bind of Salvini, with a debt that is difficult to compensate, and especially with the famous zero growth, with the prospect of entry at any time in a formal recession, if the informal one is still compensated by creative accounts and fireworks. China is at the lowest historical growth, while the prospects of the trade war with the US do not look good, and threats with the sale of American Treasury bills and the game with currency to compensate for American supra-taxes only announce a spiral Constraints and collapse for the two conflicting actors, the US and China, but also for all global players. 800 to puncture the fall of Dow Jones, an infallible indicator until today announcing the global crisis
  2. The Forex trading or online international exchange market can be clarified as a place usually where foreign coins are exchanged. For forex, trading currencies are an important or essential factor. Currencies also play a crucial or important role around the world as these legal tenders need to be exchanged for the purpose of conducting or carrying foreign commerce and business. The market of exchanging foreign exchange has emerged as a worldwide peddle since years where a significant portion of folks is engaged in exchanging foreign currencies. Dealing with forex platform is no longer considered solely as a banking and financial institution activity; rather it is now available to all those who may have accessibility to the Internet and computer. Conducting commerce with the forex or international exchange market from the comfort of your own home has nowadays surfaced as a compelling, potent as well as a dynamic way to make money. In case you are a fresher in the domain, you could be asking, or you might be tensed how will you offer with the market? Right now there is nothing to worry about you can just relax and comfort yourself because to deal with your situation or on your part you can easily hire the services of an online forex commerce broker. Who else is an online forex trading broker? When it comes to defining a trading broker, the profession can be interpreted as being an intermediary or person who buys and sells a particular asset or assets on the basis of percentage on your behalf. The professionals are also called a retail forex agent or currency trading broker. Forex trading brokers can even be companies or company that bestow currency merchandising with access to the business platform and allows them to acquire as well as sell foreign currency. Why should you opt to have an online forex trading agent? You might say that you can train yourself and gain information about online forex business platform. It is quite true that you can do so, but there is a number of ways or avenues that can provide you with reasons to opt for an online forex trading merchandising broker. 1. While dealing with currency trading, you will need to conform with and submit you are financial as well as personal data. Plus to save your personal data, you need to integrate safety measures that you might not be well aware of, and in this case, an online forex broker can definitely help you. 2. Selecting the right platform of business is very much essential. A forex business platform needs to have important features that can make your trading uncomplicated. An internet trading broker of repute can help you in this case. Generally, a broker offers demo balances to provide you with a glance of the trading platforms like this of Meta Trader, mobile trading, interpersonal trading, and so forth. 3. One of the most crucial aspect that an online broker will help you is to consider or choose business or educational tools. On-line forex brokers provide you with a number of tools like an online seminar, videos, online course modules, webinars and more.
  3. With regards to forex currency trading robots, you may expect them to use at any hour with no human being involvement. These superior systems offer so benefits that these times it is rather uncommon to encounter a trader that will not hire a certain kind of automated tool to be able to enhance his income. In this specific article, we can look at some features of using forex robots. Machine-driven trading systems are highly suitable for your comfort. They run all the time and you will need not to increase concerns regarding disparities with time zones. Furthermore, humans can get worn out, but bots cannot. An automatic robot will keep tabs on the marketplace consistently for your sake, enabling spare time to execute whatever you desire. Forex currency trading robots do not get influenced by feelings. A computer software never activities apprehension, enticement or thoughtlessness as shown by way of a human trader. Many investors have incurred large sums of losses because of their unnecessary greediness or indecisiveness. These systems enjoy a significant advantage upon this front given that they don't get troubled by thoughts. Expert Advisor’s Importance The robotic bots, also called Expert Advisors, are incredibly precise. They employ complicated numerical algorithms to look at the marketplace and distinguish profitable investments. Several advisors may have added up to 97 percent rate of success, which is beyond the reach of humans. They enable you to carry out forex trading from any area of the world. One better thing about these programmed devices is they can implement deals at higher speeds in comparison to what folks are prepared with. An investor might neglect to spot the ideal potential for earning a substantial revenue since he was very slow-moving to react. On the other hand, computer software is not damaged by this shortcoming as it could carry out deals super-fast. It could be back analyzed comprehensively to be able to make sure it is founded on a moneymaking system. Forex trading automatic robot get rid of the necessity for a middleman. You are designed for the marketplace straightaway through a web-based digital exchange approach. They protect you from paying significant commissions. Numerous individuals indulge brokerages and pay lots of money on brokerage charges. By using an efficient forex program, you will keep all the wages together with you and make repayment for the bet/ask to disperse only. Furthermore, you can experience another spectacular advantage. Nearly all programs enable you to to use multiple cases of the software together over a solitary account. This way, you can operate several money pairs at exactly the same time. You can even prefer to use several instances of simply a single currency couple. This attribute by itself can take your earnings for an extreme level. With plenty of advantages, it is no real surprise that forex merchants are being substituted by automatic systems. These programs will be the most excellent methods to heighten success and lower risk without exerting any extra effort.
  4. In a time of difficulty, loss or pain, having a clear perspective is almost impossible for any individual. Losing your loved ones has never been easy. But when you die, your loved ones are left to settle your financial affairs. We all know handling finances is a difficult task. If the main individual of the family who has been taking care of the finances always suddenly passes away, handling finances can become impossible. To make it easier for your family to handle finances after you, here is what you can do. We have tried to include some actionable advice regarding writing a Will, advance directives, power of attorney and living trusts. Creating a File Labelled “My Plan” Store copies of your estate planning documents in a file labelled “My Plan” and put them in your locker. This file should include a copy of your Will End-of-life instructions (such as advance directives and a medical power of attorney) Living trusts Your organ donation list Guardianship decisions Real estate records Financial Records for assets and debts The file should also contain a copy of your official executor signed by you while you are still alive. Later, the copies of this file can be distributed among your heirs, family members, friends and trust. Do not forget to mention your digital estate such as your online accounts and downloaded destinations. Also mention the way you want it all to be handled in your absence. Name Your Executor(s) People usually name a single executor or multiple executors in their Will. An executor is the individual who is in charge of your estate after you die. They are usually responsible for settling your financial affairs, getting your debts and taxes paid and distributing assets. Also, if necessary they have to deal with probate (which is a legal process of authenticating a Will). Couples usually appoint their better half as their executors in the Will. If you are single, then choose someone you trust when writing a Will. An executor can be anyone - your children, a relative or a close friend. On the other hand, having a secondary executor mentioned in the Will means you’re covering all bases. The secondary executor comes will be called upon should your primary executor die or refuse to execute the responsibilities bestowed upon them. Additionally, you are also supposed to inform your family and loved ones about who the primary and secondary executors are. Hence, they would know whom to contact regarding your estate distribution in your absence. If you have any special instructions or wishes to be executed after you die, it is best to inform your executor well in advance. This helps your executor to prepare for any potential risks that may arise and thus can minimise its effects. Add your executor as a co-signer on your financial accounts Having your executor as a co-signer on your financial accounts will make it easier for them to access the money you have in your bank to pay for your funeral and other expenses. The other expenses may include airfare of your loved ones who cannot afford it otherwise or shipping your beloved pet to a distant relative. On the other hand, having a co-signer on your accounts also means that the money will be made available during any probate and is easily made accessible to your heirs. If you do not feel comfortable having a co-signer or rather having your executor to be your co-signer, you can simply give them access to £10,000. This amount of money can be used for your funeral and contracting for home repairs to prepare your house for sale. Rent a safe deposit box In some unfortunate events where your house burns down, it destroys all the records of the estate planning that you have stored. Hence, it is advisable to keep copies of your plan and end-of-life care documents in a bank vault. However, make sure that you have listed your primary and secondary executor as your co-signer for the safe deposit box. Having them as a co-signer gives them a direct access to it and do not forget to give them the keys to the box. Decide an organ donation People usually sign themselves to become an organ donor. So, if you want to become an organ donor, you need to inform your executors, family and close friends. Additionally, you even have to state it in writing and sign the document and preserve it, along with your other important documents. If you want to be buried, buy a grave site If you want to be buried after your death, you can buy your grave site. All you have to do is to mention it in writing and provide the location of the site to your executor, family and friends. Consider Legacy gifts People usually leave some amount of their estate for charitable trusts. However, you can either leave that amount of money for one or more organisations as a gift. Just remember, whatever you decide you give, mention it clearly in your Will. Update your estate plan regularly Not everyone makes a Will or an estate plan early in life. If you are among the few to draft their Will early in life, then you may need to update it. Certain situations in life change over time, if you are married you can get a divorced or you may marry again. For this purpose, keep it a habit to review your estate plan at least once a year. Also, keep the documents updated, including investment and bank statements. This will help you make sure there is no confusion regarding your assets and wishes. We understand that your death can be difficult for your family to overcome. But to make it easier for them, there are few things that you can do while you are still alive. Remember that the key is to make life easy for your family and friends in your absence.
  5. Several business owners take debts for buying assets or expanding their business operations. However, when the debts go out of hand problems, and tensions arise. The question of closure of business operations and bankruptcy might also arise. Therefore, it is critical for you to ensure that you get the best guidance for business debt settlement with the aid of a company that evaluates your business debts and creates a strategy for repayment. Experienced professionals to help you out Most businesses especially small to medium scale business houses do not have qualified financial managers to assist you with financial and debt management. The result is that these companies are not able to manage the revenue and the cash flow of the organization properly. The result is debts. If you carefully examine the market today in the USA, you will almost find 49 percent of small business owners facing hardships with their debts. These companies do not know how to manage their debts effectively. Only small businesses that are in the financial niche have the experience and the professionals to manage their accounts. If you take a look at general businesses, you will find that most of the business owners do not have the financial expertise, but they end up making major financial choices. These options might be good or bad. If it is the latter, the company pays the price for the decision made. Many business owners believe that the hardest part of a business is to get started, but those that have debts to clear are of the same opinion that getting rid of business debts is the most challenging part of the company. Do not be afraid of business debts- solutions are at hand Again, most business owners and people associated debts with failure and they do not wish to bring up the topic at all. Some business owners while dealing with daily operations of their business take the extra step and completely ignore the fact that they have debts. It is not a healthy sign for the company at all. It is here that business owners have to step up and actively manage their debts. If your business falls on tough times, the only resort you have is bankruptcy. Here, you cannot pay the debts, and you have no other choice but to shut down your business and file a bankruptcy case in a competent court of law. Business debt settlement- the ultimate solution to all your woes Business debt settlement is the final solution for all your woes when it comes to the elimination of debt. These companies have experienced and qualified professionals that will step in to help you and strategize a plan to clear off all the debts with your creditors. It means you no longer have to worry about winding up your business at all. These business debt settlement companies have experts that are aware of debt management. They will evaluate the debt situation in your business and create a repayment plan. They will negotiate on your behalf with your creditors, and these company debt help specialists will help you and your business get back on your feet. The good news is that when you are facing debt issues, you just need to contact them for an affordable debt relief solution that will help you terminate debts in an organized and legal way. Do not consider bankruptcy as the last option Bankruptcy should never be considered an option when you have business debt settlement specialists by your side. To avail their expert services, you do not have to be a huge business. You may be a small business owner, but these experts will step in to help and guide you when it comes to the eradication of debts. You do not have to wind up your business and call it quits! Now, if the thought of bankruptcy has crossed your mind, it is imperative for you to explore all the available options that you have when you take steps to address the matter. Business debt settlement along with corporate debt restructuring are practical solutions to the whole issue that you can consider. It is obvious that you are not aware of the procedures and the ways via which you can start. However, business debt settlement agencies and experts will explain to you the whole process so that you understand it before incorporating it. With the aid of these two business debt settlement solutions, you can reduce the amount that is due to your creditors. You can reorganize business and debt by giving your business a second chance to recover and bounce back on its feet. Your assets as a business owner are protected as the firm can manage its own debt woes. Your creditors engage in discussion with the target of debt reduction. It helps you maintain a positive and healthy long-term working relationship with your creditors. Get the best solution for your business The experts here state that when it comes to the eradication of debts, closure of your firm on the basis of bankruptcy is the last option that you need to consider. There is help on hand and all you need to do is ask for it. The experts will analyze the scenario and provide you the solution you seek. If you wish to reduce debts, improve cash flow, and improve revenue, these experts are there for you. When you rely on them, you should be honest and transparent with your communication so that they can understand the business scenario of your organization better and give you debt relief solutions with a long-term positive effect! Therefore, if you have pending business debts that you cannot manage anymore, it is important for you to consult experienced and credible business debt settlement companies to help you out. In this way, you will be able to find a viable solution for your debt situation and aid your business bounce back to business again!
  6. Smart investors do not put all their eggs into one basket. They spread their equity around a few smart investment opportunities where they can exponentially grow. Experienced investors suggest all future prospects to diversify their investment portfolio, so they can maximize their chances of creating a profit. The main objective of investing is to buy what’s hot, outsmart the stock market and beat other investors. However, investments can be risky because there is an equal chance of success and failure. Which is why it is important to remain objective and up to date with current market trends. If you start investing, you will need to know what kinds of opportunities can provide you the highest return value. If you are interested investing in 2018, here is where you should start: Stocks Leading companies like Apple, Yahoo, Nike and among many others offer investors a share of their company. Simply, the stock market offers stocks or individual shares of a company. The more time a money is invested, the more time the money has to grow. Which is why many people turn to stocks to gain some additional revenue. Investors buy stocks they believe will increase in value. The more shares you own, the larger the portion of profits you will receive. Over time, stocks have continuously returned the most for potential growth. This reasoning is why people are so interested investing in stocks. Before you enter the market, research and compare companies on their current rate, volume, and overall stock history. Real Estate Investing in real estate is another effective way of creating wealth and building equity. It is a unique way to diversify your investment portfolio outside the traditional stocks and bonds. Real estate investments have the opportunity to appreciate in value with inflation. In other words, investors can receive a greater amount than started as the property matures. Many people who are interested investing in real estate will purchase rental properties at the value price. These buildings are typically missing specific features or could use moderate improvements. Smart investors would research and calculate estimated costs of repair. If the value exceeds the cost of the repair, the amount of equity in the property will increase. Therefore, the return of their investment (ROI) will be high. Bonds Bonds are a considered a low-risk investment because the money invested will be safely returned, and then some.Investors have the opportunity to invest in bonds, which allows a company or government to borrow your money to finance projects or refinance debt. Investors can assume their money will be returned because bonds follow a fixed-income installation, which also issues a specific interest rate. Investors can expect the total balance or principal to be repaid in full by a set maturity date. CD Ladders This investment strategy allows investors to divide a specific amount of money to be invested in equal amounts to certificates of deposit (CDs) with different maturity dates. Investors use CD laddering to decrease both interest and reinvestment risks. A traditional CD ladder divides your investment evenly over the course of five CDs, with one maturing CD each year. CD laddering also provides investors several benefits, for example: Accessibility – Your money will be more available at frequent intervals Flexibility – You can decide how you want to split up your investments Higher interest rates – You can choose longer CD terms with higher interest rates and still have certificates regularly maturing Dividing your investment into separate certificates can significantly help your money grow. Traditional IRA Saving up for retirement as early as possible will benefit you in the long run. Like mentioned before, the longer money is invested, the more time money has to grow. When you are nearing the retirement age, you will already have adequate funds to fall back on, stress-free. Retirement accounts, like a traditional IRA, can make you eligible for tax deductions, depending on your yearly contributions. In addition, your earnings can grow tax-deferred until you need to withdrawal for the next chapter of your life, retirement. This is considered a long-term investment and is proven to effectively benefit investors who are thinking about their future. If your appetite for risk is higher you should take a look at binary options brokers like IQ Option
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  10. There are plenty of things you can invest in: Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, mutual funds etc. It depends on your tolerance for risk and the desired profit you want to make.
  11. Established in 2016, Circle Markets provides foreign exchange traders with a high-quality trading environment. With Circle Markets you can trade in any one of 144 different currency pairs, in 7 different commodity markets, in one of 10 leading world stock market indices and cryptocurrencies. We provide user-friendly account management tools that make it easy for you as a professional trader, account manager or investor to manage your accounts. Circle Markets provides access to the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. This platform contains a number of technical analysis tools; allows you to carry out trading from your smartphone, tablet or personal computer; gives you access to the latest financial news and market analysis, and allows you to connect to the interbank market. https://circlemarkets.com/
  12. StarFX vision is to become the absolute best and fairest global brokerage in the industry. We want to provide the absolute best service, including as much accurate and reliable information as you can handle, with the most cutting-edge technology and the most competitive advantages. StartFx website and trading platform are operated by LLC L.A. INVEST, a company incorporated in Georgia, registration no. 430034811, having its registration office and principal place of business address at Georgia, Tbilisi, Sandro Euli №3 (the “Company“), licensed by the National Bank of Georgia (“NBG“) to provide the financial services contemplated in these terms and conditions. https://startfx.com/
  13. When so much work is dedicated to operating a small business, it can be easy to overlook certain essential elements. Too often small business owners forget to necessitate the importance of separating business and personal expenses. Opening a business account is crucial for any new endeavor. It’s a critical step in legitimizing your business idea into a real business. It also makes it easier to manage budgets and expenses. Not to mention tracking business cash flow and capital. A business bank account is also recommended for tax purposes, building business credit, debt liability, and to designate business write-offs. With so many options for your business needs, opening up the right business bank account for your needs can be a daunting task. To understand where to start, here are five important tips to get your business ready for its new business bank account. 1. Determine what business bank account you need It’s important to first setup your business administration by creating your business name and legal structure as well as company files, before shopping for the right bank account. The way you structure your business will have implications on tax payments, potential liability, and future funding. Once your business has been formally registered with the appropriate local and federal agencies, you’re afforded the ability to open up a business bank account. Your business structure will determine the right business bank account. With several to choose from, such as a business checking account, business savings account, and business certificates of deposit (CDs). It’s advisable to first open a business checking bank account before segueing into a savings account. The transition to a savings account reinforces the focus of saving once the business is cash-flow positive. Certificates of Deposit is a long-term savings account that reduces liquidity, something most small businesses require in the early offset, making this a limited first bank account option. 2.Be aware of fees The depository institution you choose will dictate certain factors such as number of available locations, online and mobile experiences, customer experience, bookkeeping integration, and overall costs and fees. Be mindful of fees once your business has decided on the right type of bank account it requires. Most banks will be structured similarly with the exception of their overall costs and fees. There are banks that provide free business checking bank accounts while other will charge. Generally, banks with required fees provide more services than those without. Besides, certain banks will waive their fees if specific criteria are met. These can include maintaining a minimum balance, spend, and bill payments. Bank account fees are assessed according to the structure of the bank account. The typical bank account costs to look out for, particularly with checking and savings accounts are, monthly service and balance transfer fees, cash deposit fees, wire transfer fees, and minimum balance fees. Typically, CDs come with early withdrawal and broker commission fees. 3. Find the right bank to build your credit Once you’ve prepared your documentation and are ready to open your business bank account, be mindful of the opportunity to request a corporate credit card. A corporate credit card provides your business the platform necessary to build a credit record. It’s important to find the right bank account that will provide your business with a secured credit card. Not every depository institution provides a secured card, so it’s important to compile this research while you shop different financial institutions. A secured card is ideal for business owners with little to poor credit history. Secured cards operate similarly to personal debit cards in that they are backed by funds available in your account. This card can be used to for small business expenses. Just remember to pay it back in full monthly so your business can build credit. 4. Understand the support your business needs The relationship your business has with a financial institution is vital to the future success of your business. Therefore, it is crucial to think about the support and aid your business requires as it grows and changes. Different institutions will provide various support systems. Some banks have specialists that will cater to managing and growing your business. Others will provide advisors in fund growth and business expansions. Some can assist with tax and payroll issues. Accessibility is also essential to note. Does your business require a lot of online banking and does your bank provide the necessary technological structures to manage your business finances on-the-go? Are you able to make deposits through your mobile device or automate your accounts online? It's important that the bank you choose has the platforms necessary to support different business needs. 5. Get your paperwork ready Your business name and structure will format the paperwork to necessitate opening an account. Different institutions will have different requirements, so it’s vital all your paperwork is in order. Often, when opening a business account, banks require a business license with both the business and owner’s name. They will also require your business name filing document. Check with your local and federal agencies for other necessary documentation. Most request your business registration forms as well as valid forms of ID. Exact documentation differs according to your business structure. Additional documentation will be required for a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that may not be necessary for a sole proprietorship business. You must ensure all additional corporate documents are on hand with your business license when submitting your paperwork. No business should function without a business bank account. Finding the right bank is a crucial step in your new endeavor. But as business structures vary, so do bank accounts. It’s important to note which banks work best with your corporate structure and business needs. But just the same, your choice of financial institution is not permanent. If your business requirements are not being met, you are unhappy with their services or have simply outgrown your selected bank, you can choose to change it up.
  14. There are many ways to start building a portfolio of valuable investments, but not everything is right for everyone. How a person wants to invest their money, how much they have, and what kind of rate of return they desire all matter. Additionally, it is important for people who want to invest to focus on where their money is and how quickly they might need that money in an emergency. If they need quick access to their investment dollars, some strategies may not be right for them. Many people focus on real estate and forex investing, but which one is right for you? Could both work? Here are pros and cons to consider before making an investment in either one. What Does Forex Have To Offer? Forex involves the purchasing of foreign currency, in much the same way a person would purchase stocks. Then the buyer waits for the value to rise, and resells the currency. They make money on the difference between what they paid and what they sold it for. This can allow people to make a lot very quickly, and to buy and sell rapidly if they need the cash – but only if the value of a currency rises fast from what they paid when they purchased it. The benefits of forex include: Not needing a lot of money up front to get started. Having a high level of liquidity for any money invested. A lot of conveniences, since forex can be done from any place with an internet connection. But even though forex trading might sound like an easy way to make money, there are challenges that also have to be considered. Investors who overlook these risks can end up losing the money they invest quickly. Are There Cautions With Forex Investing? The risk of loss is the biggest caution when it comes to forex investing. Like stocks, this type of investment is not guaranteed in any way. There are also other risks, like: Purchasers can lose some or even all of their investment. There can be fraudulent transactions in this market. If the broker someone is using goes bankrupt it could mean they have no way to collect any money they would have otherwise made, and they may not even be able to get their initial investment back. What is The Value of Real Estate Investment? When most people talk about real estate investments, they're almost always referring to long-term investments rather than the flipping practices that have been popularized by television. Investing in real estate has generally been seen as safe because properties are more static than stocks, forex, and other types of investments. Additionally, real property can be insured so there is a lower chance that there will be a loss if something goes wrong. Still, buying at the top end of the market has its risks, and people who buy real estate are not guaranteed a good income or a good investment. Some of the perks of buying real estate as an investment include: • A lasting value based on a tangible asset. • Flexibility to do different things with the asset (buy, rent, etc.). • Some control over the value, through repairs, improvements, and changes. Is Property a Safe Investing Strategy? While buying property can be a relatively safe investment strategy for most people, there are still concerns to be aware of. One of the main worries for real estate investors is liquidity. Properties are not able to be turned back into cash quickly if money is needed, and not having a liquid asset can make it difficult for people who are trying to invest if their money is tight. Other issues can occur, too, such as: Keeping properties attractive. Trends can change relatively quickly, and design plays a part in determining value and how sellable a property is. The ongoing costs of maintenance and repairs. Insurance and other requirements that new investors may not be aware of. Tenant risks for investors who purchase properties to rent them out. So which should an investor get involved in when it comes to forex and real estate? There is no right or wrong answer to the issue, because both are sound strategies. It will generally come down to what the investor is specifically looking for, in order to get a strategy that meets their needs.
  15. In a few years’ time, traditional investments will still be around but judge by the market trends as they stand today, alternative investments will be on the rise, and for a good reason. But what exactly are alternative investments, and which ones promise the highest return with minimal risk of loss? By definition, alternative investments are financial ventures which don’t involve bonds, stocks, and cash, and as such allow investors to diversify their portfolios and achieve high yields. Still, newbies to the alternative investment game should watch their step as these ventures can be extremely volatile, illiquid, and they also entail long lock-up periods, which is why they can end in massive losses rather than fast and easy profits. If you’re still eager to expand your portfolio with the help of alternative investments but aren’t sure which of these ventures promise a high and safe return, here are four of the most common non-mainstream financial ventures you can try for peak yield and minimal loss risk in tow. 1. Fine art If you don’t mind waiting to cash in on your alternative investment, fine art is probably the best option. Investments in rare artwork will add value and variety to your portfolio and at the same time allow you to avoid excessive market fluctuations and loss risks. As a rule, oscillations in the fine art market are significantly lower compared to stocks and bonds, which makes this type of alternative venture perfect for young and up-and-coming investors. If you want to get high yield fast, though, you should look into other alternative investment options: artwork prices change at a relatively slow rate, which means you might have to put the sale off a little if you’re looking to get the biggest return for your buck. 2. Real estate Real estate investments are another area which holds huge profit potential, and the appeal of this type of alternative financial ventures has been on a steady rise among investors worldwide for a few years now. High yield and market stability make real estate trading one of the safest alternative investments you can add to your portfolio whether you’re a seasoned investor or a greenhorn in the game. Even if you’re not an experienced realtor, you can still earn a decent profit through fix-and-flips or resale of residential or commercial property in hot locations. Still, be sure to think through the investment and pick your estates carefully: real estate investments can bring in millions, but not every plot of land is truly worth its weight in cash in the long run. 3. Precious metals Even though money has been the customary payment instrument for a couple of centuries now, gold, silver, and precious stones still have an irresistible appeal for investors. One of the popular alternative investments that promise high yield and low volatility, gold can add credibility and diversity to your investment portfolio, but it shouldn’t account for 3% of your ventures because it doesn’t promise fast profits. In addition to that, silver and gold are a synonym for luxury and status in the finance world, which is another reason to buy precious metals and list the venture in your portfolio even if you’re not looking to use the alternative investment to raise wealth by buckets over night. 4. Hedge funds The most encompassing type of alternative investments, hedge funds represent money pooled together by multiple investors which can then be invested in other non-traditional commodities or assets. Unfortunately, hedge funds often entail low liquidity and high minimum investments, which makes them a better tool for seasoned investors looking to add interest to their portfolio. On top of that, investors with hedge funds in their portfolio also need to pick the right strategies to ensure peak return, or else their cash might easily be flushed down the drain. The list of most common hedge fund deployment strategies you can look into includes distressed assets, equity long-short, arbitrage, and macro-trends. 5. Start-ups and private companies Since technology is developing quickly it is always a good idea to invest in companies specializing in those fields. So, as an investor, you cannot make a mistake if you directly invest in a private company or a start-up. What is more, investing seed capital in such companies is often called angel investing. There is always a high return strategy and a high risk for investors, but not all start-ups end up failing. Also, besides the new and growing companies, you can turn to more mature ones, since they always seek investment capital during their life cycle. 6. Fund of funds Such investments include investing in large vehicles. However, those are not just any large vehicles, but the ones that form funds to invest in some other alternative. As an investor, you can often acquire more gain diversification if you invest in several asset classes, strategies, or managers. 7. Private equity Today, private companies are outnumbering the public ones, and that is why many of them will seek for investors. These types of firms usually raise their funds and take investments from both institutional and non-institutional investors. Further, those funds are used to place investments in promising companies and the capital is thus returned to the investor upon exiting event. This term, private equity, is broad and it includes private companies that can include start-ups, financing through phases of a growth of a company, venture capital and so on. 8. Private placement debt This is also one big market in the space of alternative investments. It is similar to equity, but there are no private placement bonds issued or traded in public. Also, they do not have to be rated by an agency for credit rating. For example, mezzanine debt and promissory notes are often used to fund private companies, but the investors are given steady cash flow. If you’re looking to boost investment portfolio diversity and ensure high and safe yield, you can invest in fine art, real estate, or precious metals, or you can pool your cash with other investors into a hedge fund and hire an expert to keep an eye out on your interest. Each of the alternative investment types listed above has its advantages and downsides, and not each and every one of them will fit your bill in the long run. Nevertheless, if you think through the venture before you make it, the high return will certainly find its way into your piggy bank within a few years’ time.
  16. 1. Debt Relief Debt relief is when your creditors totally or partially waive off the debt. It also stops or slows down the growth of debts that you owe to individuals or corporations. This is the case if a person has no equity in assets and cannot pay the debts at all because of the low income. Debt relief has its own benefits and disadvantages. Let's start with the disadvantages. The debt relief program is mostly designed for the loans and bills that are unsecured. The bills that are included are student loans, medical, credit cards and of course dental bills. Debt relief program will also be applied if the value of your house is exceeded by the value of your mortgage owed. You can't just sign up for debt relief program, you have to qualify to avail it. It is important that you prove that your income is very low that you can't even afford to pay the minimum payments. Also, your debt amount should be more than a certain amount that is fixed. If your debt is less than that then you may not be able to qualify. The benefits include a better living for the people under debts. The payments that were supposed to spend on debt payments are now being spent on necessities like health, education etc. This is especially beneficial for the indebted countries. 2. Leave credit card at home Going out without a credit card feels as repulsive as going out without your telephone. Imagine a scenario in which I get kidnapped. Whatever reason you concocted, discover a counterattack and leave the credit cards at home, it’s better to avoid keeping it with you. You should only use your credit cards for special payments, for example, shopping for food, oil changes, expense installments, charge installments, and so forth. It's simpler to monitor what you're paying and the amount of a spending you have on your credit cards. 3. Credit card limits Credit card organizations adore expanding your credit limits. They make you have an inclination that you've earned this stipend of invisible cash. As a general rule, they're making it simpler to trap you into spending progressively and in this way spending more on loan costs and late charges. Give yourself a practical credit card restrain. Consider what your most costly installment is, basic need or car installments, and twofold that. Or, on the other hand, make a financial plan for the considerable number of things you need to utilize your credit card for and make that your credit restraint. 4. Don’t save card details online Make sure you don't have your credit card information saved on online websites especially your App Store. Once you've pressed a button by mistake, the purchase has been made and cannot be returned. Also, if the information is not saved, whenever you think of purchasing, you'll have to add the details so, it will make you think twice before actually ordering it. This way you will not be overspending and you will get a chance to think more rationally. 5. Consequences of overspending It's always better to keep in mind about the consequences that you'll face with the result of overspending or spending irrationally. It is best for you to keep in mind that what are you going to face, for instance, the high rate of interest. Too many due payments, debts etc. There will come a time when you won't have enough money to pay them all. So, you'll have to cut back the expenses and look for ways to get debt agreement. If you think about all this, I'm sure you'll think twice before spending irrationally. Credit cards are beneficial if you're good at managing it and make regular payments but it will become a burden if you don't take care of it. 6. One credit card only It's always best to keep one credit card. The more credits cards you'll have the more you'll use it and in result the more liability you'll be in. This will also cause stress as you'll have more bills to worry about. If you have one credit card it will be easier for you to handle it. In case you finish the limit of one card you won't be having another one to use hence, your credits will be controlled. 7. Freeze credit card Another option is to simply freeze your card. Actually, freeze it! Whenever you need it just defrost it but obviously, it will take time, by the time it is maybe you’ve changed your mind, you no longer want to buy whatever you wanted. It gives you time to think before spending. 8. Debt help Debt consolidation is a good way to get freedom from your debts this is also known as ‘debt help’ by consolidating your debt the different interest rates eliminates and becomes only one. You can do it by combining all your debts and taking out a loan to pay all of them once and for all. You’ll only be paying the interest rate for the loan you’ve taken to repay. 9. Debt solution Debt solution’ can be referred as a settlement or agreement like debt agreement. A debt agreement is when you and your creditor decides on an agreement to make monthly payments in accordance with your ability to pay and income. 10. Don’t buy things on contract It's better to buy things like a mobile phone or gym membership when you have more than enough money. If you’re unable to pay your monthly payments, you’ll be charged with interests which will ruin your credit history. Summary Life-Saving Hacks for Financial Freedom are very important. You need to keep them in your mind all the time to keep yourself safe from all the troubles the 10 hacks to save from financial issues are; debt relief, debt solution, debt help, freeze your credit card, leave credit card at home, don’t exceed credit card limit, keep only one credit card, keep in mind the consequences of overspending and don’t save card details online. If you follow these you’ll stay safe from any financial problems.
  17. New Zealand is such a spectacular country that, no matter where your business is located, you’re guaranteed a picturesque or exciting neighborhood. While it’s easy to find an address that looks great from the outside, it’s trickier to get the rest right. There are all kinds of things to think about, from transports links to internet speeds, cost, lease duration, and more. Therefore, when considering office space for rent, it’s a good idea to have a checklist of priorities. The better you know the needs of your business, the easier it will be to secure them. There is, of course, the traditional long-term lease on offer, but it isn’t the only option. There are virtual, serviced, and coworking offices in all the major cities in New Zealand. This guide to selecting a suitable office space will give you some tips on where to start. Be Location Specific Location prejudice is a more powerful force than you might realize and not just for your customers. Investors tend to limit their interest to the busiest urban neighborhoods because this is where most of the money gets made. It provides a rich variety of profitable ideas. So, if you want to get noticed and build up a strong presence where it counts, consider moving to a city like Auckland or Wellington. The retail and financial districts are full of amazing office spaces. They boast superb transport links, easy access to local talent, and iconic addresses. Find a Perfect Fit As already mentioned, a traditional three or five-year lease isn’t the only option. Flexible workspaces are becoming increasingly popular with entrepreneurs in New Zealand, as they offer custom packages. With a virtual office, you don’t even need to make physical visits. It’s a great model for home-based businesses, as the resources are available in a virtual form. Members ‘check in’ to a centralized facility and monitor phone messages, mail, and other responsibilities from any location. In other words, it’s a good idea to consider all the options. Check the Price Tag Obviously, the cost is a major consideration at all stages of the search for an office. It’s an important factor because you’ve got to think about more than the present. Often, businesses are tripped up by a lack of foresight. They forget that market conditions change fast. The best rental arrangements are those that are inherently negotiable. For instance, serviced vendors offer opened ended contracts. Tenants can stay for as long as they like, but they’re not penalized for terminating an agreement early, particularly if they need to downgrade. Make the Team Comfortable If you’ve got employees to lead, they should be a big influence on your choice. The level of accessibility and ease of use will have a direct impact on their performance. Little things like proximity to train stops, number of parking spots, and local amenities all make a difference. If you’re a young company, with a small team (1-10 people, perhaps), you could try coworking. It provides a flexible balance between full time remote (offsite) work and structured, office routines. Instead of renting privately, you become a member of a shared workspace. Why Starting Out Doesn’t Have to Mean a Tough Start It’s certainly true that money reigns supreme in the world of business. The more you have, the easier it is to get started and build up a buzz around your brand. However, don’t mistake cash for success, because plenty of wealthy entrepreneurs crash and burn. The real secret to making it is knowing how to spend your money. You’ve got to maximise value by getting as much out of a rental as possible. This is something flexible options like virtual and serviced offices are great for, as they pack a lot of perks into very affordable rates.
  18. What is the blockchain? If you don't know, you should; if you do, chances are you still need some clarification on how it actually works. Don Tapscott is here to help, demystifying this world-changing, trust-building technology which, he says, represents nothing less than the second generation of the internet and holds the potential to transform money, business, government and society.
  19. Vitalik Buterin is a Russian-Canadian programmer and writer primarily known as a co-founder of Ethereum and as a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine. Join the Ethereum discussion:
  20. Bitcoin vs banks...A great documentary by Discovery Channel that explain step by step what is bitcoin and how it works as a financial asset.
  21. In this article, we will summarize the 8 most common beginner mistakes in the forex market and how you can avoid them. Most traders learn from their own mistakes over many years in the markets. However, many of them will admit that had they known about these before they started trading, it would have saved them a lot of money. Still, some rules are so difficult to follow that it seems the only way to learn the lesson is to make the mistakes yourself first. Whether this is the case for you or not, here are 8 typical beginner forex mistakes that hopefully can make your trading journey less painful. 1. Let a short-term trade become a long-term investment. This is something we often hear about, maybe more so from stock traders than forex traders, but it is nonetheless important to take note of. The trade you took didn't turn out exactly as planned, and to make yourself feel better you instead changed your perspective rather than admitting the loss. Admitting that you were wrong sometimes hurts your self-esteem, and it therefore feels better to hold on to your position while telling yourself that it will probably come right back next week…or even next month. Is this a good idea? NO! If the conditions for taking the trade in the first place are no longer present, you should get rid of your position as soon as possible and move on. There is no guarantee that your trade will come back in the future. 2. Use automatic stop-loss. Forex educators and experienced traders always talk about using stop-loss in your trading. An automatic stop-loss order simply sends your order to the market if the price of whatever asset you are trading hits a predefined level. This sounds like a good idea in theory, because it is supposed to keep you safe and lower your risk in trading. However, it’s not always as good of an idea as you might think. There can be sharp fluctuations in a currency pair within a single day, and what you will often see is the price dropping down to your stop-loss level before it shoots right back up. Instead, check the price at the close of each candle. In other words, if you trade on the 1-hour chart, you check the price after each 1-hour candlestick has closed. If you trade on the daily chart, you check the price at the end of each day. If the price then has crossed your predefined mental stop-loss level, get out of the position. This way, you remain consistent about when and how your trading decisions are made. 3. Watch the news. Well, watching some news is fine, but you should be very aware of how it impacts your decision-making. Unexpected news like Trump’s victory and Brexit tends to shake the forex markets, but it is almost impossible to trade these events for retail traders. When something unexpected happens, robots are the first to take action. Next, the professionals who may get the news faster than you place their trades, before the news finally reaches the millions of retail forex traders around the world. Therefore, instead of following the news, follow how the market is reacting to the news. 4. Get too greedy. If you have set a target price for your trade, let's say a typical resistance level where you were planning to take your profit, make sure you do just that instead of holding on to your position in the hopes that it will continue with the strong momentum. Stick to your plan! The same applies if you are tempted to take profit because you see that you are up a few grand, but still below your predefined target. Do not focus on the money; focus on executing your plan. 5. Get too scared. Lots of traders like to check news sites constantly in addition to reading discussions on various forums. It’s easy for these traders to get scared when they read negative news or opinions about the positions they are holding. Again, follow what the market is doing – the market is always right. 6. Focusing too much on not losing money. Yes, it happens. You can actually lose money on a trade. In fact, your position may take a dip before it goes back up. Visualize how much you would allow your position to move into the red before selling it. If the currency you are trading goes down to test the support once again, by how much will you be in the red then before you sell? Always keep an idea of this in your mind to avoid selling at the bottom. 7. Buying and selling without a plan. Buying and selling without any forex trading strategies, plan, or any system is the same as trading with your gut feel. It may score you a win when you are lucky, but over the long term it will lead to guaranteed failure in the forex market. Learn what works. Trade for a while just to learn how the markets work. Also, make sure to keep a detailed trading journal of everything you do so you can learn what works and what doesn't over time with real-world experience. 8. Not investing enough time. The more time you spend on studies, jobs, research, or whatever it may be, the better you get at it. The same applies to trading. The market pays you for the time you spend on trying to understand it and educate yourself. There are no shortcuts to easy money in forex trading – hard work is the only way. About the author: Fredrik Vold is an entrepreneur, financial writer, and technical analysis enthusiast. He has been working and traveling in Asia for several years, and is currently based out of Beijing, China. He mainly follows the stock and forex markets, and is currently supporting Learn to Trade forex training services
  22. Have you ever left picking up your student account, to the last minute? Panic not, here is your ultimate guide to getting the best deal. Yes, banks have been downgrading all the freebies you receive on student accounts, but what matters to you is the cost and size of your overdraft. But avoid borrowing too much, here we’ll explain why. If you’re one of the many who are going to start university soon, you may expect to see some of the banks crowding up those “fresher fairs”, simply jostling around for attention. Hold on! But, why do the banks try to court broke students? Well, they’ve specialised accounts specifically intended to appeal to youngsters and draw their attention at the earliest opportunity. Even after they get older and start making money, many banks will bother them to switch accounts. Put simply, they are money-spinning customers for life. It may not make any sense, bearing in mind how much easier it’s now to compare accounts and switch if required. But, most of them would be too busy or lethargic to do so, great news for banks, who desperately try to get new norms and keep it. So in the recent past, many banks have been keen on offering trendy things to kids to help entice them, like cinema tickets, free travel insurance (for when you wish to widen your horizons), etc. But, are we seeing the last of these freebies? Most of the banks are seriously downgrading the additionals offered with student accounts. For instance, some banks now only offer discounts on car breakdown, some no longer offer commission free travellers’ currency and check. On the other, some of them have pulled out the best and actually valuable freebies, a railcard that lasts for 5 years, etc. Without any doubt, there’s a stricter mood amongst banks these days, suffering as they’re from wobbly share prices and declining profits. Another possible reason for a cutback in the freebies is the massive number of students applying to university. Put simply, banks have more captive audiences and do not need to work hard to attract customers. But, maybe this development isn’t a bad thing, as it’ll majorly focus students' minds on what actually matters, that is securing an interest free overdraft and sticking to it, from day one. An interest free overdraft would permit you to borrow without paying anything extra. Banks could appear to be offering enormous overdrafts, maybe up to £3000, but students would be credit scored by banks, only when they first open their account and might be offered a lower amount in the first place. Several researches discovered that banks simply say that they offer overdrafts “up to £3000”, but most of the customers find themselves being offered less in the first year instead. Certain banks would then operate on a tiered basis, thereby increasing the limit every year, should you request it and prove that you can borrow sensibly, isn’t that fair enough? After all, majority of students would need to borrow to get by, as going to the university is becoming an even more expensive affair. So, it’s imperative to understand what the overdraft limits are, and accordingly negotiate a higher threshold if required. If you foresee going over the interest free overdraft, you might be approved a further “planned” or “authorised” overdraft, based on your bank. This will be approved well in advance with the bank, and you’ll be subject to interest and perhaps a fee. But, do remember that certain banks won’t offer this further sanctioned overdraft. For students who cannot have an “authorised” overdraft or who even surpass it, “unauthorised” overdrafts would kick in, with enormous monthly fees and interest rates. But, should you really have to take this last step, at least one or two banks might not charge as much on the “unauthorised” borrowing as others. However, your overdraft would be there only as a last resort, and not at all as an excuse to spend. Apart from the risk of incurring those additional expenses, overdrafts for grownups are seldom as generous as they are for students and graduates. So, you ought to master the art of budgeting in the first year and make sure you can keep a clean credit score; this way you will not go wrong and it’ll make the shift to adult banking easier. Do not wait until the fresher’s fair gets the current account sorted. You will only receive information from those banks that have bargained for a spot at the fair. Also, you cannot possibly come up with the best decision that way. So, get your current account in order before the campus life takes over. Here are some of the best student accounts that you can choose from: Long Distance Study/Best All Rounder If you’re able to make a deposit of around £500 per term, then you can opt for 1|2|3 Santander Student Account. This comes with a Young Person’s 16-25 Railcard for 4 years, which offers you 1/3 off rail travel, and also pays 3% on balance from £300, up to a maximum of £2,000. This type of student account also offers you an interest-free and fee-free “arranged” overdraft, up to £1,500 in years 1 to 3, and up to £2,000 if you’d stay for 4-5 years. But, unauthorised fees would be set at £5 per day, and up to £50 per month. Overdraft Habit? The HSBC Student Account offers an interest-free overdraft of £500 to £1,000, when you open your account. If you request, the amount can be raised up to £2,000 in the second year, and up to £3,000 in the third year. This overdraft comes with no fees; however, your account will be locked until your balance returns to an agreed limit. If you opt for this account, you’ll also receive a £60 Amazon Gift Card plus a year of free Amazon Prime Student membership. Likewise, even Nationwide FlexStudent offers the same policy, but they don’t offer freebies and simply provide interest-free overdraft, going from £1,000 up to £3,000, over a period of 3 years. The Ethical Choice The Co-operative Student Account is considered as the most ethical option. This is merely because it offers a free overdraft limit of £1,400 in the first year, which can go up to £1,700 in the second year, and up to £2,000 in the third. In order to arrange your overdraft you will have to pay £300 or even more, to activate the account. But, once you finish your degree, for the first year, your overdraft will be interest free and you won’t have to pay monthly account fees. Tips to Pick Up One of the Best Bank Accounts Do read on for some useful tips, which could turn out to be helpful whilst you pick your bank account. The Issue with Interest If you end up being one of those excellent students who can manage their finances, then you’ll be a bit dissatisfied by the interest rate offered on most of the student loans. If your bank is paying you a small amount of interest when you are in credit, there is nothing that could stop you from transferring your balance to an instantaneous access savings account, either with the bank or another one, whichever is the best for you. Try to Avoid Student Credit Cards A bank will always put in its best efforts to persuade you to get a credit card from them, but it’d be better that you stay away. Generally, the interest rate is between 15% and 40%, with a minimum monthly repayment that ranges between1% to 5% of the card balance, even before you’ll be charged. All these additional charges and interest won’t be worth it. However, if you’ve already taken a credit card from your bank, then it’s imperative to check for PPI. Also, if you find out that you’ve been mis-sold one, then it’s time to Reclaim PPI to get your money back. Hold onto any Approval Letter or Proof that You’ve got into the University There have been many students who have faced many hassles whilst trying to open a student account, as they threw away or lost important pieces of information. Every bank will ask for that important conditional or confirmation letter from your university. So, it is of utmost importance that you keep all the essential documents safe with you, to avoid such issues. Don’t be Afraid to Move to another Account When the Graduate Overdraft is Up If you ever find you ever find yourself borrowing less money or earning more income, there might be several accounts out there with better deals for you. On the other hand, if you still find yourself borrowing money, then your bank might become extremely draconian with those interest charges on your overdraft, and those peaceful days of interest-free borrowing will come to an end soon.
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