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  1. Hello @HyipListOrg. Welcome on Invest Open and thank you for such a nice introduction of your project. Keep up the good work.
  2. Hello @telvis - Anthony. Welcome on InvesOpen. I'm glad to see you a member of our community.
  3. The freelancing world is experiencing rapid growth and is now the place to be for any professional with an independent spirit. From simple essay writing services to advance technical engineering jobs, freelancing has become a top choice for many as it offers freedom of choice and flexibility of work. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always offer flexibility in terms of pay. The need to wait even two weeks to get paid or worst of all land a job is an insurmountable obstacle to a lot of freelance writers. A growing number of people are taking freelancing as a full time job due to lack of
  4. If you are someone who owns a small business, you must be feeling a lot of weight on your shoulders. If so, then you are not alone. How you manage your small business determines its success in the long run. Whether it is managing your employees, your business’s roadmap, your company’s finances, or simply your everyday tasks, your small business management decisions are crucial. In order to give you an insight on how you as a business owner can approach small business management for sustainable success in a competitive market, we have put the best tips across in this blog. Here t
  5. The technology field is a competitive and volatile one, with many companies succumbing to the financial dangers of the market every year. With about 50% of companies closing up shop permanently within 5-years, it’s easy to see why planning the growth of your business is so important. When it comes to functioning as a technology company in the modern day, there are an unsettling amount of variables you must prepare for, or at least consider, to ensure your tech company is successful in the way you envision it to be. From initial startup to international conglomerate, there are guidelines o
  6. Man of an hour, Donald Trump, won the election on the promise to reinvigorate the American economy. Since the recession after World War II, American workers and businesses are suffering through slowest economic recovery. The country has lost millions of manufacturing jobs, the middle class is dying, and poverty is exploding, millions of children don’t have enough food, and reckless spending has created the biggest debt bubble in the history of the planet. Republican candidate and 45th US president vowed to increase the economic growth, cut taxes, shrink the federal government and inc
  7. Few know the story behind the founding of one of America’s largest banks - Bank of America. In fact: Bank of America’s entire company could be attributed to the efforts of one man. His name was A. P. Giannini. Giannini was a man that fought hard for the common everyday worker. He even attempted to persuade the directors of his former bank to lend money out to common everyday descent hard working people. Their response? No, way would we lend money out to anyone other than the wealthy. No to be dissuaded, Giannini set out to start his own bank named the Ba
  8. No matter what area you want to take or investments, you are always available tools and resources to help you. And this is especially true with regard to forex trading.The foreign exchange market can be very overwhelmed and become a successful Forex trader is not just pure luck. Fxtrade777 provide its users to use the Meta trader 4 platform and there are many factors that can influence the direction in which the price of the currency moves. Here are two important facts to consider: Most beginners try to take Forex trading without the help or tools. (Most beginners lose all the
  9. Two things are always for sure in this life; Death and Taxes. Our focus is on the latter. As the tax season approaches the corner, everyone will be called to file their tax returns. Even when one is not earning any income yet, it’s still a requirement to file income tax returns. If you’re still a college or university student, this article will give you great tips on how to file your taxes. 1. Getting Familiar with the Tax process At first, many students are unfamiliar with the whole tax process. To get more information about this process, students can use the revenue autho
  10. Hello @Richard Lupton. Welcome on InvestOpen.com.
  11. Now it is easy to start your local liquidity ready bitcoin exchange in your currency, in your language, under your brand. BTCTrader has launched white label bitcoin exchange platform since 2013. Fully branded, customized & managed white label bitcoin exchange platform unites different markets on one screen. CFO of BTCTrader Alphan Göğüş says “Our platform allows our partners to start a Bitcoin exchange without having to invest in software development and without the need to funnel liquidity into the exchange. BTCTrader’s mission is to bring localized, high-quality, secure, compli
  12. Hello @Diwakarshukla75. Welcome on InvestOpen. How are you?
  13. Countries around the world — the UK, Russia, Canada, Australia, China and many more — are examining how they might mint their own digital currencies and put money on the blockchain. Efforts have intensified this year, although research is still at an early stage and many puzzles have yet to be worked out. But most agree on one thing: that the world is moving towards use of digital currencies. [...] Of course, money is already electronically held and processed, but blockchain technology could offer a far more sophisticated operating system, with the prospect of “smart” money. Source:
  14. "There's one certain winner of next week's presidential election, according to HSBC Holdings Plc: investors in gold. Although they deem a Donald Trump victory more supportive for the price of the metal than a win by Hillary Clinton, the bank's Chief Precious Metals Analyst James Steel says it'll enjoy at least a 8 percent jump whoever wins the race. " http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-01/buy-gold-no-matter-who-wins-the-election-hsbc-says
  15. Hello FAP, How are you ? Welcome on InvestOpen.com
  16. Great that everything was solved. Thank you for your review, Hashi.
  17. Totally agree with you. Persistence is the key.
  18. Daniel#MD


    Hello Lacan and welcome on InvestOpen. If you're into finance (forex trading, offshore accounts, bitcoints or online money making) then this is the place to be.
  19. "Apple has sent out invites to selected media to join them in San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on Wednesday September 7th. It is an open secret that the event will reveal the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus smartphones, and it is highly likely that a second-generation Apple Watch will also be revealed. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 will be a curious mix of new technology and stop-gap measures designed to break Apple’s smartphone business away from a two-year cycle that would see a ‘vanilla’ numbered handset one year followed by an upgrades ‘S’ handset in the following years."
  20. The server upgrade is now finished and everything works as expected. Thank you for patience. Have a great weekend everyone.
  21. Correct. Also money management is very important. EAs are not like wizards that will make you rich no matter what.
  22. I'm not trading Forex for few years already being busy managing my company but I remember in the days when I made some good money in Forex (not a fortune but a couple of grands monthly so I could easily get the bills paid) I was trading mostly on news mixed with technical analysis of the past trend.
  23. In the following 48 hours we'll do some maintenance work on our server including security upgrades and installing some new features. You may experience downtimes or errors on InvestOpen.com Please be patient till this is finished. Thank you, Daniel
  24. Well if you combine news with a little bit of technical analysis you can get some good money.
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