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  1. If theirs such thing as 100% profitable system then forex will be gone by now. Just think of this. the reason that we earn is that some where other who also trade loss money. the more they loss money the more you earn. Now if theirs such thing as 100% profitable system then who loss? If no one loss then no one earn also.
  2. Just wondering what kind of forex robot is the best right now. I do manual trading but if theirs a robot that really a good earning. Then its good since I don't want to stress myself while trading online.
  3. I don't know how forex can bring down unemployment rate. As in reality. Its really hard to earn in forex. I think 90% of does who try forex in first month loss more than 50% of their money. Second if you earn money in forex. You must also understand that somebody out their loses. Because in forex if you earn it means someone loss.
  4. Always think that you can loss money in forex before thinking that you can earn money in forex. The reason is simple. Newbies usually become reckless because they think they can easily earn money in forex. What they don't know that its hard to earn money in forex but its easy to loss money in forex.
  5. Theirs a difference between planning and strategy. I think others think they have strategy but actually they have plannings. strategy is adopting in situation when its not going as you plan. For example. You expect the dollar vs franc to increase so you buy that is your plan. Then you realize that the market suddenly swing. Your next move is your strategy
  6. It does not matter if you earn or loss in forex. What matters is that after you earn and after you loss in your first few weeks of trading you have learned something. And that some thing will help you earn more later on and loss less.
  7. I think if you want to earn online its better to use LR than to use paypal. But if you want to earn money through some hyip. I guess you have to use LR than any other ecurrency and payment processors. But same time using LR is very risky as its prone from hackers.
  8. Right now if you invested in ap in hyip. I think its time to cashout and use other type of ecurrency or payment processors. Th reason I say that is that many hyip turn to scam become of alertpay limiting some hyip sites accounts that cost many to close down.
  9. Its nice that right now I renew my eoncard. Now I can cashout again using my paypal without any problem. I know I have hard time earning using paypal right now but for now its better to have paypal than having other else.
  10. Right now I don't recommend this site anymore. Theirs so many who complain about this site already. I think this site is either has the lousiest support or its really trying to scam its members. And the worse part is that they are popular in casino. But on other hand they are also strict on countries users that want to gamble in casino online that you can use MB. Because in the end they will lock your account.
  11. I guess I rather have HD than PM. I think PM is just an empty room. While HD is trying to fill its own room. Look at HD how aggressive it is in finding ways to get more shares of users. Unlike PM. PM don't do anything at all. It just their. But I'm surprise lots of hyip site uses it.
  12. I got paid again in CFF. CFF is the only site I have that I earn good amount of Okpay. Actually its the only site that I really earn using okpay. Because theirs no other way to cashout but okpay. And I keep cashing out in their but same time I just keep it on my okpay account. I don't exchange it or use it.
  13. I decide to stop thinking about earning using webmoney. I decide to keep only AP, LR, okpay and PP for now. I hope I make a right decision. I think over expansion will not make any good to me. What will happen is that I have some few funds in here and few funds in that. But if I keep all my funds in LR then I end up having good total number of funds.
  14. You can use perfect money without verification. Its usually easy to transfer and receive funds not only in perfect money if you want to but in other ecurrency and payment processor even if your not verified. The only importance of being verified in most payments processors is the increase of limits and the added features of deposit and withdrawals.
  15. Its really good information. But me I only use Technical Analysis and I don't use Fundamental Analysis. I only use Technical and Fundamental Analysis in stocks trading. But in forex. How can you use fundamental? the trading is so fast that its appropriate to use technical analysis. Beside theirs no stock dividend like in stocks trading. That why you can use fundamental analysis in stocks because even if price don't chance you can still earn via dividend.
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