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Found 13 results

  1. start trading in minutes how to open a new trade when the currency pair chart is open then click new at the top of the the chart to see a dialog box then select your lot size say 1or 0.1 and click buy or sell to enter the market.
  2. Remember that, everybody should have practice demo tread before real tread. It makes us expert day by day. If any beginner want to forex tread he must have practice demo tread at least 2 months.
  3. I am wondering if we really are earning more money in referring people out here and ask them to deposit money etc ... Since referring people are most likely give you more money if you do it in investing hyip not forex. I await your answers
  4. what is the minimum amount needed to trade in gold in forex-metal broker? it is very much important to know to me.i want to trade in gold but my capital is low..i want to know how much capital is needed minimum to trade i gold as well as what is the best leverage for that amount.suppose if my capital is 500$ then what leverage i choose in case of glod trading in forex-metal.
  5. I do not have much capital. as i'm a student & willing to earn convenience i'm posting comments. i'm practicing on demo please someone inform me on which capital should i start with.
  6. From my personal experienced in trading with Instaforex I can say that this is the only broker that can be trusted. If there is, still they can't beat Instaforex like in their promotion and campaigns, bonus and contests and to their fantastic trading services. Instaforex is very generous and an honest broker, also they know how to value their customer to remain trading with them. What is your opinion guys? Are you agree with me?
  7. I do believe Forex is an excellent profitable business, do you consider my personal comment is right??
  8. I think Forex trade for need various kind of skills. But i want to know that is Forex need a master plan?If need Please post for me.Thanks.
  9. Day be day popularity of forex is increasing very rapidly. people believe that forex can help him to get a better life and fulfill his all want and bring him a happy life. i also believe that forex bring to me a better life .what is your thinking?
  10. Forex can solve the problem of unemployment. You can earn money by Forex trading if you have something to invest. For starters 500 USD is enough to earn a good profit per month if you know how to trade. So trade Forex and make a better future and first not forget to learn it first. Unemployment is a big problem which can be solved through Forex.
  11. When u decide to trade in forex u should put all ur feelins away. The world of money is the world of numbers and bargains. So don;t make ur feeling corrupt ur work.
  12. Usually when I earn some money from any site, I feel really good. But forex is a popular trading market and people sometimes face in loss money and sometimes earn a lot of money in a single time. When you earn money after long time fighting with currency then how will you feel? Do you think that forex is your most favorite job? http://www.forex-metal.com/affiliate/47225/1
  13. Estocks Managed Forex Account Estocks fund managers consits of Professional Traders that manage your brokerage account on your behalf. Whether you are a small or large investor; we can assist you with your investment goals. Our years of experience int he market helped us to make an average 10% monthly profit to our clients. Estocks Managed Account Program's benefits: Tailored investment solution to meet the client risk and return requirements Professional account management Asset diversification through Foreign Exchange Trading Trading opportunities in both rising and falling markets Real-time account management and reporting Strict money management rules Low initial investment for a Managed Account starting at $5000. Excellent Customer Service Client has 24 hour access to all account information and trading activity No minimum timeframe; withdraw when you want For more info, please visit: www.estocks.com/Estocks-Managed-Account
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