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Found 54 results

  1. I am NOT the Admin or Owner of this program! Join my link :- https://optibit.cc/register?reference=petertrego START DATE : 12th March 2020 REGISTERED COUNTRY : UNITED KINGDOM COMPANY# 12513402 Plans Of Investment 0.25%to 6.00% DAILY PROFIT Minimum $25 Maximum $50000 Minimum Withdraw 5$ REFFERAL COMMISSION 10% Payment Method PERFECT MONEY, BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, BITCOIN CASH, DASH COIN, DOGE COIN, LIGHT COIN AND PAYEER FEATURES DDOS protection ,SSL encryption, Dedicated server/IP, Unique design, Online chat ,Advanced security ******INVESTMENT PLAN**** (1)BRONZE -Daily return 0.25% -minimum deposit $10 & Maximum deposit $65 -Get return 792 Days (2)SILVER -Daily return 0.50% -minimum deposit $70 & Maximum deposit $13960 -Get return 396 Days (3)GOLD -Daily return 1% -minimum deposit $14000 & Maximum deposit $25000 -Get return 198 Days (4)PLATINUM -Daily return 1.50% -minimum deposit $100 & Maximum deposit $499 -Get return 120 Days (5)DIAMOND -Daily return 2% -minimum deposit $25500 & Maximum deposit $50000 -Get return 66 Days (6)RUBY -Daily return 3% -minimum deposit $500 & Maximum deposit $999 -Get return 60 Days (7)ROYAL GOLD -Daily return 5% -minimum deposit $1000 & Maximum deposit $1999 -Get return 40 Days (8)KOHINOOR -Daily return 6% -minimum deposit $2000 & Maximum deposit $5000 -Get return 30 Days ABOUT COMPANY:- optibit is a global network of professional firms providing comprehensive range of investment services to institutional and corporate clients across the world. We draw on our wide range of services and provide our clients with inventive investment banking advisory solutions. Our investments services include Stock, Gold and Silver, Oil & Gas, Metal & Mining Trading, Currencies, Mutual Funds and Private equities. E-mail:- INFO@OPTIBIT.CC
  2. RFXSIGNALS USDJPY SELL- 109.821 today FOREX SIGNALS ALERT USDJPY SELL-109.821 SL-112.102 TP1-108.852 TP2-108.185 TP3-106.399 #mt4 #forex #forextrader #trading #forextrading #bitcoin #trader #cryptocurrency #forexlifestyle #entrepreneur #crypto #forexsignal #investment #business #binaryoption #passiveincome #daytrader #btc
  3. start trading in minutes how to open a new trade when the currency pair chart is open then click new at the top of the the chart to see a dialog box then select your lot size say 1or 0.1 and click buy or sell to enter the market.
  4. I think they do not open demo trade for the purpose of gain experience. They have no good knowledge in Forex trading.After all they have no any own trading plan and have no total Forex relating skills. So Forex is hard for them. If any another reason.Please shear me.
  5. This question is mostly for advanced traders that learned trading forex on their own. What advice will you give to people that want to start trading forex ? As I'm mostly an amateur trader, stopped doing forex for a living some years ago I'd tell them to learn about money management as much as learning about trading. Having a good money management rule will help you for big losing on forex, online investments, betting and everything that implies money, not only forex trading.
  6. When the novice traders enter the market, all they care about is the up and down of the market signal. It is true that the up and down movement of the Forex market is where the traders of the market make their money. But it does not randomly move. It follows some strict principles and the expert’s traders of the Forex markets have been trying to figure out when the market will move or it will remain steady. All the techniques and strategies, including the price action trading of Forex, are built on this basic principle. When you are using price action strategy, it is important that you read the market and place your trade based on higher time frame. The lower time frame will give you many patterns and the whole chart will become a zig-zag pattern of clothing to you. Why should you use higher timeframe? Every forex masters in the Forex market, trade on a higher time frame. It is true when you are trading on a higher time frame, the market may seem still to you. It will take, sometimes hours, to show a movement. Most of the novice traders fall for this trap of little time and choose their chart based on lower time frame. Here are some important points to consider, before you think you start your trading based on lower time frames. The lower timeframe is inaccurate: Lower timeframe provides the market movement to the traders in every single minute. As a result, the traders get only a partial view of the Forex market. If you want to increase your chance of Forex winning, you should trade on a higher timeframe. It is better and more accurate as it shows the integrated information of the price level in Forex market condition of specific times in the signal pattern. The Higher timeframe may consume sometime of yours, but at the end, it will give you a quality result with more trades winning in price action trading. Most of the novice traders in the forex market look for trading signal in their IB broker platform by using the smaller time frame. They simply think that the more they will trade the more money they will make. But when it comes to real life trading they realize that in order to make a profit they need to execute high-quality trades in the market. Even most of the false signals are generated in the lower time frame and for this very reason, the professional traders don’t use the smaller time frame in their IB broker platform. The lower timeframe is also messy: the more you try to divide your pies, the harder it will get to keep your plate tidy. If you trade on a lower timeframe, the chart can get really messy. There will be many bars, patterns, candlesticks and what not. You do not want your trading chart to get messy. Chart pattern trading is considered to be none of the most profitable trading strategies in the world. Most of the time the large market movements are seen in the market after the chart pattern formations. So if you are relatively in forex trading don’t look for chart pattern in the smaller time frame since they are not at all accurate. The expert forex traders always look for the most reliable chart pattern in their IB broker platform by using the higher time frame. Once they spot the reliable chart pattern in the market they wait for patience for the breakout and execute their trade in the market by using the price action candlestick pattern. Managing the risk Trading the financial instrument is considered to be one of the most complex tasks in the world. If you truly want to become a profitable trader in the forex market then make sure that you trade the live assets by following proper risk management factors. Most if the novice traders in the forex market fail to achieve success in the forex market since they don’t follow proper risk management factors. Being a novice trader it’s very obvious that you will have consecutive losing orders in the market but you need to keep your losing amount small. Conclusion: Always try to trade on a higher timeframe. Be patient and observe the market. Focus on quality than quantity on your Forex trades. It’s true that the early part of your trading career will be extremely difficult but you need to overcome all the challenges with strong determinations.
  7. Today, We would be going back to the basics and understanding " How Forex works ?'' As you may know any other market demand and supply determine the price of an asset, in this case the asset is the exchange rate between one currency and another currency. Exchange-rate Regime This is valid for a currency regime with free floating rates. The other two main exchange rate regimes are: - the so called pegged float and - the fixed rate regime Currencies such as the Chinese Yuan are not floating freely as they are allowed only to trade within a limited range around a certain price level (pegged float). It is almost impossible to make money trading a currency like the Yuan which can only be traded in a fixed corridor. Other currencies are fixed completely to the value of another currency and are not tradable independently. Four Main Fundamental Factors If you trade the highly liquid major currency pairs which are available to trade via the Forexchampionship you need to be aware of the fundamental factors which influence the exchange rate between two currencies. The four main factors are: -Inflation -Monetary policy -Economic growth -Interest rates These factors are linked and influence each other. Furthermore the creditworthiness of a country and its status as a reserve currency play an important role. These are the most important fundamental factors which can influence a currency but certainly this list is not “complete”. Other Factors As we have seen lately with the tensions between Russia and Ukraine – geopolitical events can influence currency prices. The immediate reaction of the market after the events in Ukraine over the weekend was to buy the US dollar and the Japanese yen. The USD is still the world’s reserve currency No.1 and the yen is the favorite funding currency in the carry trade. In times of crisis investors seek the “safe haven” of the US dollar and carry trades get unwinded as they are considered risky. Conclusion If you are aware of what’s driving a specific currency fundamentally and if you manage to combine this knowledge with technical analysis you have a good chance to succeed in currency trading.
  8. StartFX is one of the leading financial platforms that make use of sophisticated technology to make trading more easy and convenient. You have a choice between several financial instruments ranging from stocks, shares, commodities, indices, futures and cryptocurrencies. Choose the best one for you and start trading now! For more info: https://startfx.com/
  9. Make your entry with trading only with StartFX. We offer a great coverage of financial instruments like: Stocks, Shares, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Indices and Futures. StartFX uses trading platforms like the MetaTrader4, WebTrader, ZuluTrade and more! After opening a trading account, depending on the amount deposited as mentioned in the terms and conditions, you are eligible for a gift from Apple. $/€5,000 – iwatch Series 3 $/€10,000 – iPhone 8 $/€20,000 – MacBook Air For further information check out: https://startfx.com/promotions/ Start Trading and reap the benefits!
  10. I'm a forex trader with many experiences.
  11. StartFX StartFX - Regulated and reliable brokers with great service. We DO NOT charge any EXTRA fees for a deposit or withdrawal! We offer a variety of tradeable assets such as currencies, crypto-currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. Trading Platforms: Traders have a choice between a web-based trading platform and the MetaTrader 4. Sign Up: Here
  12. In this article, we will summarize the 8 most common beginner mistakes in the forex market and how you can avoid them. Most traders learn from their own mistakes over many years in the markets. However, many of them will admit that had they known about these before they started trading, it would have saved them a lot of money. Still, some rules are so difficult to follow that it seems the only way to learn the lesson is to make the mistakes yourself first. Whether this is the case for you or not, here are 8 typical beginner forex mistakes that hopefully can make your trading journey less painful. 1. Let a short-term trade become a long-term investment. This is something we often hear about, maybe more so from stock traders than forex traders, but it is nonetheless important to take note of. The trade you took didn't turn out exactly as planned, and to make yourself feel better you instead changed your perspective rather than admitting the loss. Admitting that you were wrong sometimes hurts your self-esteem, and it therefore feels better to hold on to your position while telling yourself that it will probably come right back next week…or even next month. Is this a good idea? NO! If the conditions for taking the trade in the first place are no longer present, you should get rid of your position as soon as possible and move on. There is no guarantee that your trade will come back in the future. 2. Use automatic stop-loss. Forex educators and experienced traders always talk about using stop-loss in your trading. An automatic stop-loss order simply sends your order to the market if the price of whatever asset you are trading hits a predefined level. This sounds like a good idea in theory, because it is supposed to keep you safe and lower your risk in trading. However, it’s not always as good of an idea as you might think. There can be sharp fluctuations in a currency pair within a single day, and what you will often see is the price dropping down to your stop-loss level before it shoots right back up. Instead, check the price at the close of each candle. In other words, if you trade on the 1-hour chart, you check the price after each 1-hour candlestick has closed. If you trade on the daily chart, you check the price at the end of each day. If the price then has crossed your predefined mental stop-loss level, get out of the position. This way, you remain consistent about when and how your trading decisions are made. 3. Watch the news. Well, watching some news is fine, but you should be very aware of how it impacts your decision-making. Unexpected news like Trump’s victory and Brexit tends to shake the forex markets, but it is almost impossible to trade these events for retail traders. When something unexpected happens, robots are the first to take action. Next, the professionals who may get the news faster than you place their trades, before the news finally reaches the millions of retail forex traders around the world. Therefore, instead of following the news, follow how the market is reacting to the news. 4. Get too greedy. If you have set a target price for your trade, let's say a typical resistance level where you were planning to take your profit, make sure you do just that instead of holding on to your position in the hopes that it will continue with the strong momentum. Stick to your plan! The same applies if you are tempted to take profit because you see that you are up a few grand, but still below your predefined target. Do not focus on the money; focus on executing your plan. 5. Get too scared. Lots of traders like to check news sites constantly in addition to reading discussions on various forums. It’s easy for these traders to get scared when they read negative news or opinions about the positions they are holding. Again, follow what the market is doing – the market is always right. 6. Focusing too much on not losing money. Yes, it happens. You can actually lose money on a trade. In fact, your position may take a dip before it goes back up. Visualize how much you would allow your position to move into the red before selling it. If the currency you are trading goes down to test the support once again, by how much will you be in the red then before you sell? Always keep an idea of this in your mind to avoid selling at the bottom. 7. Buying and selling without a plan. Buying and selling without any forex trading strategies, plan, or any system is the same as trading with your gut feel. It may score you a win when you are lucky, but over the long term it will lead to guaranteed failure in the forex market. Learn what works. Trade for a while just to learn how the markets work. Also, make sure to keep a detailed trading journal of everything you do so you can learn what works and what doesn't over time with real-world experience. 8. Not investing enough time. The more time you spend on studies, jobs, research, or whatever it may be, the better you get at it. The same applies to trading. The market pays you for the time you spend on trying to understand it and educate yourself. There are no shortcuts to easy money in forex trading – hard work is the only way. About the author: Fredrik Vold is an entrepreneur, financial writer, and technical analysis enthusiast. He has been working and traveling in Asia for several years, and is currently based out of Beijing, China. He mainly follows the stock and forex markets, and is currently supporting Learn to Trade forex training services
  13. Many trader depend on luck and open trade one by one without any reason. They depend on luck either the trade will go to profit or loss. I think it is bad practice and cause of loss. Before trading every trader need to learn and analysis before opening a trade. It is a business and there is a cause of increasing or decreasing the market. So why you will depend on luck?
  14. AMarkets Philosophy We believe that profitability of a trader can be determined solely by his trading decisions. The mission of the broker is to provide supportive environment for any trader's plan realization. 4 Reasons to choose AMarkets and stay with us for years to come Client’s success is our main priority. Raising trading standards while bringing the costs down. Trade any money, any style, anytime. Stay focused on your trading. We will take care of the rest. General conditions - Minimal spread of 0 pips - Leverage up to 1:500 - Minimal lot size of 0.01 - Floating Spread / Fixed spread - Instant execution / Market execution - 4th and 5th decimal price quotes - Level II Quotes and OneClickTrading - Expert advisors trading is enabled Trading Terms and Conditions You can learn more about the terms of forex trade folowing this link Description of our program «account levels» can be found here Link for opening a real account We also offer the largest collection of trading robots with the profitability of 20% (you will have them free of charge), a lot of analysts to help you understand marketing strategies, individual support and cool bonuses for active trading! www.amarkets.com
  15. Remember that, everybody should have practice demo tread before real tread. It makes us expert day by day. If any beginner want to forex tread he must have practice demo tread at least 2 months.
  16. Who are forex trader some people has another business besides forex. So why they do forex business, is it more advantage then other business?
  17. What is the importance of forex trading learning in this business. Many traders put extra emphasis to get complete your learning process before entering the trade. Please share your views.
  18. There is a well-known proverb in the forex market that the trend is your friend in the market. If you look at the professional traders then you will notice that every single one of them is executing their trades in favor of the long-term prevailing trend. Unlike the professional traders, the novice traders in the financial industry tend to trade the trend reversal in the market. They simply trade the market based on their emotions and thus lost a huge amount of money in their online trading account. If you look at the success rate in the forex trading industry then you will be surprised to see that most of the traders in the financial market are losing money due to lack of trading discipline and knowledge. In this article, we will discuss the key advantage of trading the trend in the market. Reduce the risk exposure: Most of the novice traders in the forex market consider trading as a simple task. They simply think that they can make a huge amount of money in their online trading account by executing random trades in the market. But in order to make a profit in the financial market, you need to execute high-quality trades in favor of the long-term trend in the market. Most of the time the market movements occurs in favor of the direction of the trend so if you trade along with the trend than chances are very high that you will execute profitable trades in the market. It’s true that if you are relatively new in forex trading then it will be a little bit difficult for you to understand the market basics but over the period of time, you can easily trade the trend in the market. Huge profit factors: If you look at the professional traders in the financial market then you will notice that all of them book huge profit in their online trading account from a single trade. Unlike the novice traders in the financial market, they don’t trade against the long-term existing trend. Every single expert in the financial market find the long term existing trend in the market and try to ride the trend in the market to maximize their profit factors in the financial market. Though this system is extremely reliable and profitable make sure that you are not risking more that 2 percent of account capital in single trade. Eradicate false signals: The forex market is an extremely volatile market and very often the traders incur heavy losses in the market due to the false signals created in the market. The experienced traders in the financial market know very well that the market exhibit lots of false trading signals and for this very reason they always trade in favor of the trend. However, there is no guarantee that you execute 100 percent profitable trade in the market. As full-time traders, it’s very obvious that you will often have some losing trades in the market so make sure that you accept the losing trades in the market. Summary: Trading is one of the most complicated business in the world and if you look at the professional traders in the trading community then you will notice that every single one of them is executing high-quality trades in the market in favor of the long-term trend. Unlike the professional trader, the novice traders tend to trade the reversal in the market and thus face huge losses. So make sure that you always trade in favor of the long-term trend to reduce the risk exposure in trading.
  19. Here we will be going to take a look what are the best months of the year and the best days of the week to trade forex. The foreign exchange market is open 24 hour for 5 and a half (Sunday) days a week around the whole year. But there are certain times when it is more attractive to trade. Best Months to Trade The worst months for trading are certainly the summer months of June (second half), July and especially August. Many institutional traders in Europe and North America are on vacation which results in less trading activity in general, drying up of trading volume and smaller swings in currency pairs. If you trade during the summer months you will have to take into consideration that prices will be range-bound for a long time and get rather unpredictable. Starting in September – usually after Labor Day in the US – trading activity picks up again as traders return to their desks. Then the best three months of the year follow until volume dries up again in the second half of December as traders take extended Christmas holidays. From January until May it is also very good to trade as we usually witness good swings during these months. Just be very cautious during the summer period and during the second half of December. What normally works in “normal” conditions might not work during these low volatility months. Best Days to Trade While the Forex market already opens on Sunday evening Central European Time (Monday morning in New Zealand and Sydney) it is not recommended to start your trading week on Sunday already. Unless there was major news over the weekend there won’t be much going on as volumes and volatility are usually at an extreme low on Sunday evening. Monday can also be very difficult to trade as many traders – especially in Europe – wait for economic news and macro data before they put up new positions. Trading ranges on Monday are usually smaller on average compared with the other days of the week. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are considered to be the best days of the week for forex trading. These three days are usually the days which get the most action. If you want to trade only three days a week and spend the rest of the week at the beach you should chose these three days. The first half of Friday is also pretty decent for trading but please be aware that volumes dry up in the second half of the day as traders head for the weekend. Be also aware of the fact that on Friday trends which have persisted for the whole week can be reversed on Friday’s as traders close their positions to avoid the weekend risk. You should be especially cautious on the first Friday of each month as this is the day when the non-farm payroll report from the US is due. This data usually leads to erratic swings in all major currency pairs, especially in the dollar related pairs. If there is a holiday in more than one major financial center such as Easter Monday or Christmas we usually also witness a drying up of volumes and sometimes erratic swings. Be especially careful on these major holidays as most of the big traders are off their desks. If you avoid these low volatility days you will usually diminish potential frustration and boost your performance.
  20. Most FOREX options share certain characteristics. They provide the opportunity, but not the obligation, to purchase (via a call) or sell (via a put) a specified underlying asset at a given price (the strike price) by or on a given date (the expiration date). European-style options can only be exercised on the expiration date;
  21. I am wondering if we really are earning more money in referring people out here and ask them to deposit money etc ... Since referring people are most likely give you more money if you do it in investing hyip not forex. I await your answers
  22. A man can enough earn by forex trading. with this he can afford his family need. he also can be established himself in society .
  23. Trading forex can be a challenging business. Despite what you may have heard, it is not easy making a living at it and 95 percent of people who try end up losing the money in their accounts within six months. However, that's not to say it's impossible to do; with the recent advances in software technology and with all of the trading services that are now available, making a living by trading forex has gotten much easier.
  24. For good or bad going to a Forex training course. Paid for. It might of been that I could of done for free !!? Though having paid it does give more incentive to make it work and learn. Anyone with any advice before I set off or start trading.
  25. International Financial Holding FIBO Group (Financial Intermarket Brokerage Online Group) is one of the oldest players in marginal internet trading. The first company of the holding was founded in 1998. From the first day of our work, we always adhere to the principles of transparent activities, to protect the interests of customers and strict compliance of observance applicable laws and orders of national regulators. Our customers and partners can be assured that all services, provided by any of the companies within the holding FIBO Group, meet the highest international standards and are under the control of national regulators. Details HERE
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